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#89580 Free eBook on Bodhi Linux 3

Posted by JollyRoger on 21 February 2015 - 07:13 AM

I have today published an ebook on Bodhi Linux 3, covering both E19 and E17:


Bodhi Linux 3 for Beginners


It is an updated version of my Step-by-Step Guide to Bodhi Linux.


Please note that it is aimed at beginners, not experienced users.


#104634 Bodhi Linux introduced in my company

Posted by SmartDuck on 31 May 2017 - 04:49 PM

I work for a company that builds and monitors installations for water transport and refinement.

The IT company that manages our network wanted to throw away 6 MSI systems (1GB memory, Atom 230 processor) we use to give courses in our telemetry software, to old for a update to Windows 10. I've persuade my manager and installed Bodhi! My colleages where suprised :)







#102032 Bodhi Linux ebook published

Posted by JollyRoger on 04 December 2016 - 08:06 PM

I've just published the free ebook 'Step-by-Step Guide to Bodhi Linux 4'. You will find it here:



It is aimed at new users of Bodhi Linux.


Good reading!





#96238 Escuelas Linux nominated to UNESCO Prize

Posted by Astroboy on 14 December 2015 - 08:32 PM

Escuelas Linux, the Bodhi-based educational distribution, has been nominated to the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of ICTs in Education, in its 2015 edition. Funded by the Kingdom of Bahrain, the prize was established in 2005 to reward innovations in teaching and learning that leverage technology to improve educational outcomes.  

It is UNESCO’s only prize in the field of ICT in education and seeks to recognize the organizations and individuals that are embracing ICT as a pedagogical ally and, in turn, make learning more effective.

Two prize winners will be designated by UNESCO’s Director-General on the basis of the recommendations of an international jury. Each winner will receive a diploma and a monetary award (USD 25,000).

The Mexican Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO (CONALMEX) endorsed this nomination, as they consider Escuelas Linux “a program that promotes the use of a free and open source software in education and provides a friendly environment for teachers and students, who can enjoy the use of ICT to improve teaching and learning”.

CONALMEX also stated: “This Commission supports the aforementioned proposal, taking into consideration that its development fosters the training of top students in Mexico. The CONALMEX considers that this nomination benefits students and teachers by increasing their skills on the use of ICT's to attain their specific needs”.

Wish us luck once again! ;-)

#103633 Sticky notes module

Posted by The waiter on 16 March 2017 - 09:51 PM



I want to introduce you my new little project for Moksha/E users. The idea is very simple. I miss something like Sticky note gadget on the screen. I know there are some apps like xpad etc. but I wanted something binded with desktop thus very low in resources. I also wanted it to be transparent with elegant look. I took it as edje layer (edc scripting) introduction which I always wanted to understand and make some code for fun.

Module is based on the skeleton module which needed lots of modifications and fixes.


It is very young project (just 5 days :) ) which needs some further work. So it has got some limitations. This way I want you to ask for contribution if you are interested.


Module behavior is the same as other gadgets. Actually the best will be show the screenshot:





#94985 Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 AppPack Release

Posted by Jeff on 17 October 2015 - 05:54 AM

Something new we are going to try out -> http://www.bodhilinu...pppack-release/

#104421 Hello Bodhi, Zagreb calling!

Posted by bodhi-buddha on 20 May 2017 - 05:25 PM

Namaste, my Bodhi friends!

I'm just your average 23 y/o student doing stuff that nobody really cares about. 


When did you start using Linux?

About 3 months ago.


Why did you start using Linux?

I'm not really sure. I was a Windows one trick pony who knew nothing of the miracles that open-source OS can provide. If I had to name one reason why I prefer Linux over Windows, its probably because I feel like I'm not just clicking on cute little icons or using a setup wizard (next,next,finish), I feel like I'm really computing.


Why did you start using Bodhi?

My first distro was Kubuntu. Now, don't get me wrong, I liked it very much and it helped me figure out this whole Linux thingy. I think, as a transitional distro, Kubuntu is pretty good. After a few weeks, I grew bored and surfed distrowatch.com all day. After a few really REALLY interesting weeks of literally downloading every single distro I could lay my hands on, I settled for LXLE. And it was fine, for a certain amount of time. After some time, I thought to myself: "Bodhi-buddha, surely you don't need a lightweight distro of this proportions, you can probably find something better". So after a few days of thorough searching, I found Bodhi. The first thing I probably saw was the word ENLIGHTENED. I cracked a smile and though to myself, this is probably the distro for me. I feel like Bodhi is a perfect combination of a distro that's capable of doing everything you want, but without all the clutter. So far, so good.


Transitional distro? You think you've transitioned your simple Windows mindset into the great Linux master race in only 3 months?

Actually, I don't think I have. I'm pretty beaten up about the fact that I didn't start using Linux at an early age, and now I'm trying to make up for lost years. I know my Linux proficiency is sub par but I really like learning about it. Got a good recommendation for literature? Send it my way :)


So you're from Zagreb?

Yeah, I live in Zagreb, Croatia. That little country in Europe that kind of looks like a dragon.


You're a student?

Yup, I have a bachelors degree in IT and I'm working towards masters. 


Favorite IDE?

Visual Studio


Favorite language?

C#, no doubt about it.


Favorite Bodhi feature?

Gotta be the AisleRiot Solitaire. I'm seriously hooked. I vaguely remember playing it when i was a kid and not understanding what the hell I'm doing. I spend an hour a day playing Solitaire.


Can I be your friend?

Sure, add me up and we can chat all day buddy.



Yeah, I'm not as active on this forum as I'd like to be, but I'll check it out a few times a day.


So, that's about it.

Cheers to all my Buddhas!

#96358 Hey There - I'm the Bodhi Manager!

Posted by Jeff on 23 December 2015 - 03:50 AM

Welcome to the introductions section of the forum - feel free to create your own thread and share as much or as little about yourself as you'd like!

As for myself - I'm a father of two currently residing in central IL. I started using Linux with Kubuntu 7.10 back in early 2008 and haven't looked back since. I started using Enlightenment in early 2010 and started the Bodhi project a little over a year later towards the end of 2011.

My software experience development experience is largely with python, however I've also got some background in C, bash, and shivers VBA. 

My primary job currently is a stay at home father, but in addition to contributing to Bodhi and some other software projects I also work as adjunct mathematics faculty for a small college. To top all of that off I moonlight on the weekends as a semi-professional card game player for a game called "Magic: the Gathering".

#94531 Classic-menu module for Moksha

Posted by ylee on 24 September 2015 - 06:08 PM

A few of you know this but most don't. I have created a new module for Moksha. The Module, Classic-Menu restores some menu items to Moksha's main menu that used to exist in previous versions of Bodhi and one still finds in current versions of enlightenment. This is the first enlightenment/Moksha module I coded and was an educational experience for me which has made me somewhat eager to learn more about enlightenment module programming.
But anyway some of you may have noticed the main menu for Moksha differs somewhat from the previous menus found in Bodhi or in Enlightenment. I am referring to the missing menu entries for Desktop and Windows. I first looked into this because of Elw3's  forum post, Windows entry in menu?  It has also been mentioned a few other places on the forums, see an even earlier post, Desktop settings missing from menu?
I actually use the Windows menu item alot and btw don't mention alternatives here to me as I know them and I know my way around e17, e19, Moksha very well and plus they are documented here on the forums and should be somewhat in our Bodhis guide to Moksha/Enlightenment. So to make a long story short I followed Jeffs advice:

This is a menu entry most people have no need for so it was removed. If someone wants to pack it up as a third party module that would be OK to include in the repos.

You can create key bindings for showing a current window list or just use a taskbar like a normal person :P

and tried my hand at created a module to restore the missing menu items. Earlier today I added debs for the module to the main repo so if you wish to try it, test it, use it simply install it by the usual:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install classicmenu-moksha

Load the Module as any other and you are good to go :)


The module is sorta pointless if you are using Enlightenment and not Moksha. So I added moksha as a dependency  so it shouldn't install on enlightenment or at least give you a chance to 'chicken ' out.


Currently the Module is english only but I hope to eventually add support for other languages :) Anyone wishing to translate stuff for it don't post here instead IM or email me.


But please report any problems or successes here.


I hope this module is of some use to those Bodhi users that miss these menu items B)

#92286 Moksha - An E17 Fork

Posted by Jeff on 28 April 2015 - 04:37 AM

I've put a repository up on GitHub this evening that will contain the changes/improvements we make to the existing E17 code base. You can find it here -> https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha

We can use this GitHub page to file/track bugs the current E17 base has so we can get this really tuned to perfection. This way we can have a central repository for all the changes/improvements we make to E17 as opposed to having them simply stored in series of patches that get applied to Enlightenment source code.


As for the name, Moksha, like Bodhi, is a Sanskrit word that means "emancipation or liberation". Seemed fitting since this will be taking more work onto ourselves to ensure we have a quality product as opposed to waiting for other people to fix our issues.


I will be introducing a "moksha" package into the Bodhi 3 repos shortly that will eventually replace the "e17" package we have now. The goal will be to have this be the default desktop for Bodhi as we work towards our 3.1.0 release at the end of the summer. 

#92002 Personal Bodhi ISO Image

Posted by Jeff on 14 April 2015 - 02:07 AM

So something I shared back during the 2.x days was a "family and friends" ISO image. Basically it was an ISO image that made my life easier when installing on computers for "real people". It contained a bunch of software I generally installed after the fact on new Bodhi systems for folks like my parents and wife.


Wanted to share a fresh ISO image I've created for 3.0.0 with a similar idea. You can find it here.


Default Desktop:



Default software:



This is not an official ISO image, thus why it is hosted on its own source forge page. Some notes about this ISO image:

  • Built on Bodhi 3.0.0 64bit
  • Uses the E17 desktop
  • Has ecomorph and some basic effects enabled by default - this means it runs a bit slow by default on virtual hardware, but is super snappy on anything with even a basic opengl graphics card

You will get a segfault when you first browse the applications menu on the live CD and on the installed system. Hit f1 and everything will be fine afterwards. Maybe I'll officially package the profile this uses, but until I find the effort to do that, hitting f1 isn't a big deal.


Quick FAQ

  • No I will not be making a similar ISO image for non-PAE or 32bit
  • No I will not make a custom ISO image for you with the software you want
  • Yes you can make your own custom spin by using the bodhibuilder tool that comes pre-installed in Bodhi by default


Like it. Hate it. Use it. Don't use it. Like I said I find this disc useful for personal usage and figured some others out there might find it a small time saver as well.



#91834 E17 vs E19 - Which are you using and why?

Posted by Jeff on 07 April 2015 - 11:42 AM

Which are the improvements that we are going to make to E17? I've though we just package E.

E17 is considered old, in my opinion, if there's no updates, no bugfixes and no features adds. Do you know if there's others E17 updates?


I am thinking of changing this. For the sake of improving the end user experience I am considering taking a more active role in the desktop we are maintaining (instead of just churning out what the E team releases) because of the quality of recent E releases. As for non-Bodhi people working on E17 - there was activity in the E17 git branch as little as 6 days ago -> https://git.enlighte...ightenment-0.17


As someone who has been filing E bugs for awhile now, I have become increasing frustrated with how many "won't fix" issues there are with E19. None of the E developers actually use E19 (they use git - which is VERY unstable these days) so they have little to no incentive to test or fix the release tarbals. I feel like if they Bodhi team is going to start making bug fixes to a desktop, the E17 core gives us a more reasonable start.

There aren't many bugs with E17 as is. If we started working with it I would want to start making small improvements like back porting the improved pulse mixer (or writing a better one) and ripping out things like the "useless dropshadow module that makes conflicts with the composite and similar stuffs". Starting with something stable like E17 could really allow us to focus on new features as opposed to chasing down new bugs every release.


The big difference between E18+ and E17 is that E18+ are fairly large rewrites that were churned out over the course of less than a year, while E17 was 10~ years in the making and time was taken to get things right as opposed to making release dates.


Part of the reason I took a break from Bodhi last year was that I became so increasingly frustrated dealing with E19 that I stopped using Enlightenment all together and picked up KDE as my daily desktop. Dealing with tickets the last month was driving me towards similar feelings again so I took a deep breath and reinstalled E17. After doing this all thoughts of KDE went away as E17 "just works" for me in such a nice way.

There isn't an ETA on E20 as far as I know. Which hopefully means it might be reasonable again. The only problem is that again the E team is spending all of their time on back end rewrites. When all the developer time goes into backend features and no time is spent on end user features - it feels like there is no progress made.

#104665 Bodhi Linux 4.2.0 Relased

Posted by sef on 01 June 2017 - 04:48 PM

Bodhi 3.x will be supported until 2019.

Bodhi 4.x will be supported until 2021.


Bodhi 5.x will come out some time after April 2018 and will be supported until 2023.


Do what you will, but you could wait until 5.x comes out to upgrade / reinstall if you don't want to mess around with OS re-configurations.


( ps. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from installing Bodhi 4.x !!! Just laying out the info here. )   :)

#102710 1 year plus

Posted by graywizardlinux on 14 January 2017 - 06:38 PM

meant to post this a few weeks ago.  just way too busy.  as of 12/24/16 it has ben 1 year (now plus) using only linux with no mac to fall back on and more specifically Bodhi.  It has been a sweet experience; just wish i did not have such a bad crazy year so as to learn more about a couple of apps and to try to figure another 1 or 2 that i needed for various uses.


Intentions were good but time was limited for experimentation and growth.


anyway - that is the name of that tune.



#105271 Theme fixing

Posted by The waiter on 25 June 2017 - 04:03 PM


After a week of hard work (at least for me), let me introduce fixed theme which I like a lot: Moksha Moonlight theme. This theme has got elementary and GTK support, so don't forget to apply them in the settings.
After new EFL changes many bugs appeared and frankly, many bugs were there also before. The biggest change was my aim to have this theme with window controls on the right and app icon on the left. I hope it is not bad news for users which want it vice versa. If yes, just let me know.
The list of changes is so long I won't show it here. You can see it under commit section of my git hub

During the fixing I came across a few weird issues which couldn't be done without help of okra (e-dev) and Ylee. Thanx guys...
I assume there could be some bugs I did not track down. Please let me know after Jeff will create the deb and put it to the repository.


#104850 Bodhi 4.1 menu (from desktop) doesn't flip when click on right side of sc...

Posted by Charles@Bodhi on 11 June 2017 - 05:48 PM

Hmm, we are the only desktop in the world that brings up the main menu where ever you click on the screen, I mean everywhere outside a window or shelf. 

Should we change that as well? 


The other desktops I know all have a menu icon somewhere you need to click on, most of them were using the bottom left corner. Even Bodhi provides that facility to its users. From there it expands to the right as expected. You only need to ask your bunch why they are clicking not that icon but elsewhere. That feature has the side effect that you describe as little annoyance. Which I personally find a much more elegant solution then asking myself whether the submenu will expand to the right or to the left, sometimes that are surprising choices.


And no, this has not changed in 4.2.0. And don't use the word fix in this regard as there is nothing broken. This is by design and I hope it stays that way.




#103729 This is a "totally boss" system

Posted by bob rashkin on 25 March 2017 - 11:50 AM

By the way, for anyone under 60, "boss" was slang in the 60's for "very good".


I don't say this enough, but Bodhi is as close to the perfect platform for me as I can imagine. I am reminded of this every time I use it. I'm not a particularly exotic computer user. I don't play games. I'm neither particularly skilled, nor particularly interested in tweaking Linux or otherwise getting under the hood. I do a little programming in Python and Javascript. I do a lot of data analysis and processing. Of course I do a lot of email and browsing, too much really. What I do on my computer I consider pretty important and I can no longer imagine doing it any other way.  Bodhi gives me what I require without any hassles. I can install the software I need without cluttering up either my disk or my desktop. It's intuitive to use and as stable as a rock. The little bit I need to know about how Linux works was not hard to pick up and Bodhi makes even that mostly unnecessary.


So, thank you.

#102743 Substitute to Ecomorph

Posted by Jeff on 15 January 2017 - 10:40 PM

Alright - had some time to look at this again for the first time in a long while and I have ecomorph packages in the Bodhi 4.0 repos now for the first time. Install them with the command:


sudo apt-get install ecomp ecomorph


Then load the module and log out / log into Moksha - Ecomorph session just like in Bodhi 3.x

Let me know if you hit any snags and will try to help where I can.

#102742 TClock module new feature

Posted by The waiter on 15 January 2017 - 10:17 PM


There was some criticism related to default moksha/e clock. Not a big deal from my POV, nevertheless we have another module TClock which is nice featured. Let me tell you some pros:
  • rich format possibilities
  • possibility to add a text
  • time shift for another time zone
  • and since today possibilty to change font size :)
Maybe I will try to add the color picker in the future. No promises though...



PS: okra thx for help

#101802 Escuelas Linux 5.0

Posted by Astroboy on 16 November 2016 - 06:19 PM



We did it again!
Escuelas Linux 5.0 (Berserker) is out!

Once again, Escuelas Linux, the world acclaimed educational distribution, is back with a shiny new version, the fifth mayor release in our history.

These are the novelties:

Escuelas Linux 5.0 (Berserker) is based on Bodhi Linux 4.0.0. It implies that we are using the most recent Moksha desktop to display our graphical interface. It also means that we are now using the newest Long Term Support Ubuntu 16.04 repositories and, as usual in Escuelas Linux, we also carefully selected packages from third parties to be a part of this ride.

As always, Escuelas Linux offers an educational all-inclusive experience, in which every app is preconfigured to be at it max potential for its use in schools; it offers a lot of educational and general use programs that let teachers and students to have learning experiences in a whole new level; it offers exclusive apps to ease the administration of our system in public environments.


This version includes the most recent versions of popular Free and Open Source apps (such as LibreOffice 5.2.3, Chrome 54/Chromium 53, LiveCode 8.1.2, Kdenlive 16.08.2, etc.), and also includes some veteran and proven programs (such as Gcompris and Kompozer). You will find in Escuelas Linux very polished implementations of the office suites, web browsers, audio and video players and editors, drawing apps, educational programming environments, web development, ¡even useful games!

Escuelas Linux 5.0 offers a revamped graphical look and feel. We had to let go our classical desktop in order to have a more modern and appealing face. Nevertheless, you can still use Escuelas Linux with the same level of easiness that is usual in our distribution.


We currently have support for Spanish and English languages and, as such, our distribution has reached 91 countries. The English language package is revamped too, with bug fixes such as that CmapTools and JClic opened in Spanish language, and now every program in the Moksha menu shows a description of its functionality. We hope to have new language packages very soon, with the help of educators and volunteers around the world.

We are aware of the current state of things with AMD graphic cards and Linux, in which AMD is redesigning their drivers and there is only a few graphic cards supported at the moment. All the others are currently not supported by AMD.

If your AMD graphic card works fine with the included open source drivers, give Escuelas Linux 5.0 a go. If not, wait a few days for the release of Escuelas Linux 4.6, which will be still based on the older Ubuntu 14.04 repositories and thus will have full support to the legacy AMD drivers.

Another reason to use our soon to be released 4.6 version is that our current previous version (4.5) cannot be updated to 5.0, you need to install it from scratch. If at the moment you can’t wipe to Linux partition to install 5.0, we will have an update package from 4.5 to 4.6, without need to format nor wipe anything. 4.6 will update only the most popular apps in our distribution to a current release.

A small new Escuelas Linux command that is available in 5.0 -and will be in 4.6- is a simple way to update Flash.
Tired of the too frequent security patches of that pesky program, and having to do a lot of clicks in Synaptic or typing a lot of command lines to update it? Or -worse yet- you don’t know how to update that? Be at ease: when needed, just open Terminology and type "sudo updateflash".

Escuelas Linux 5.0 32 or 64 bits, as well as the Bodhi 4.0 installer, can be downloaded from:

Escuelas Linux 5.0 32 or 64 bits English language pack can be downloaded from:

The English language Install Manual can be downloaded from:

A Spanish language Install Manual can be downloaded from:

Welcome back to the revolution in education! :-D