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Regarding Xorg/DM whats the difference between Bodhi and Debian?

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#1 bababab



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Posted 12 April 2017 - 08:59 PM



I have an not-too old UMPC (Willcom D4; Intel Atom, GMA500) for which I was trying different distros.

Bodhi 2.4 had problems, 3 and 4 are just running fine.


I understood that Bodhi is based upon ubuntu and ubuntu upon debian, right?

I also tried installing Ubuntu (also worked fine), and I tried installing Debian (Xorg crashes).


I was wondering why I cant get the debian installer running on the same computer. It keeps trying to start the installer, which in turn tries to start X, which seems to be unable to find a screen and crashes (segfault).


Anybody have a clue? Is X the problem, or maybe the display manager? The kernel? Graphics drivers?

Trying to boot with xforcevesa or noplymouth doesnt do anything.


PS: Hope that my question isnt posted in the wrong place.


Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who contributes to Bodhi Linux

#2 Randy



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Posted 12 April 2017 - 10:01 PM

Debian Stable? It sounds like your machine needs a newer kernel. You might try debian testing.

Randy Fry

Linux Addict!

#3 DOOMguy



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Posted 13 April 2017 - 09:10 AM

Maybe you could try asking in debian.org, but you should set your display to something like 1024x768. I've seen some installers that will run off the console in text (I don't know if Debian does that, but older redhat did)


Have you tried asking Debian folks as well? (This is where logging in irc as guest will get you a better answer, almost like picking up the phone)


RE noplymouth or xforcevesa Look to this post

Unsolicited advice for learning linux, that won't cost you anything

#4 林榮祥



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 02:05 PM

I am replying for nothing much, just keeping myself updated as well.


The X.org server is what we will find in several present day linux environments. As a matter of intuition, I smell a faulty graphics or motherboard hardware somewhere. Bodhi and Debian are just names of the packaged operating system. While you usually get Gnome on a Debian installation, you get Moksha instead when you install Bodhi. In both cases, they run on the X Window System. Since it is an Atom device you are troubleshooting, I suggest you give live cds or live usb sticks a try until you figure out what works on your machine. Get the correct versions since you are using an Atom processor, let us say that i386 is what your machine is suited, get them.


Both Bodhi and Debian can be quite slow on Atom machines such as netbooks, even though Jeff and his team markets Bodhi as minimalistic, Atom processors can be really fussy imho till the extent that even loading Youtube on Midori which ships with Bodhi Linux can give you a hell lot of headache.

#5 Jeff


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Posted 10 May 2017 - 12:24 PM

We literally recommend replacing Midori with a fuller featured web browser in the quick start guide. 

We just don't ship one by default because I don't want bloat the default install with Chrome / Firefox when people are fairly split on which they prefer.


As to the first post in this topic - all of those things you listed could effect the ability of the OS to run on your system in question.

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