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FujiSiemens ESPRIMO C5900 i915GV new bodhi install

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#1 henry66



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Posted 14 April 2017 - 10:35 AM


hi, from all that i read everywhere Bodhi should be perfect for an old (8 years ?) desktop like this - the live version works 99% already.


so installation should be no problem, and later getting it adjusted and tweaked too.


the main problem will be my mother-in-law (82, sorry, mom!) who all this will be done for. she is not in a stage of mind where she can learn or adjust much more, or simply doesnt want to. somehow i understand her, taking in mind the speed things develope these days. getting her used to computers at all some 10 years ago was tough enough.


she is used to certain progs, and will want ot EXCATLY those on her new setup too. some of this might be against the philosophy of Bodhi,

but i ask your understanding on this. any of you out there has Mother-In-Laws?


many of the progs she knows are already there or easily installable, like VLC, LIBRE OFFC and FIREFOX. on THUNDERBIRD i will transfer her old default settings from the previuos setup - should also be no problem.


does anyone out there know of any problem or caveats i might have with these? might be useful to know this in advance, rather than running into a wall later.


 - Firefox

 - Thunderbird

 - Google Earth (installed with the DEB pack on their homepage?)

 - Google as a search engine (sorry!)

 - any suggestion for a simple scan-to-pdf program?


any tips highly appreciated.


greets      - henry


A big thank you to everyone who contributes to Bodhi Linux

#2 Randy



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Posted 14 April 2017 - 01:08 PM

First, part of Bodhi's philosophy is being minimalistic.  But that is in part, to allow everyone to install whatever they like, and not what someone else thinks you need.  So you won't upset anyone here.  You should see how bloated my install is.


I suggest simple-scan for easy scanning. But make sure you install xsane with it to get all the scanner drivers. You might want to test her scanner, or look it up on google to make sure it will work in linux. Simple Scan  has 2 choices and saves them between uses. (text or image).  The text option saves to pdf.


As long as that machine has enough memory, and a decent processor, I don't see any issues with the programs you wish to run, but not knowing the specs of your box, It is a guess.


You can test smaller apps like simple scan in the live cd.  You may be able to test them all depending on the memory you have available. But at worst you can test them 1 at a time, rebooting between. Of course, once you reboot the previous install will be gone. 



Hope this helps!

Randy Fry

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#3 Charles@Bodhi


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Posted 14 April 2017 - 06:08 PM

Hmm, for scanning to pdf I use Foxit Reader. They have a (free) version for ubuntu 16.04, the base for current BodhiLinux. Of course you need to have your hardware (scanner/All-in-One) correctly installed.


The download page provides a handy installation guide. There is no ubuntu deb-package available.


Oh, and welcome to the forums. 




#4 DOOMguy



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 02:12 PM

Maybe two different approaches, maybe three or more implementations are to be compared.


Here, let's say the common ground is enlightenment, which may be the window manager


Bodhi may be too minimalistic for a mother or parent. For somebody who has a technical gene, and has some time, one can build upon it; this is a significant investment, still; time is not spent on other things.


Sparky Linux has a little more. A few more applications, sure, but support will depend on the community, unless you speak the language (I forgot which country) Same thing with Austrumi, and I believe both of them have moved to different desktops. Same with PCLinux OS. One could always go back to older releases, and start taking out applications to reduce their footprint. Or in the extreme case where your HW spec gives a hard time with current releases (which version of Windows was on it--Win98/95) and only something like Plop lets you boot from the USB slots

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#5 Rongxiang LIN

Rongxiang LIN


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Posted 19 April 2017 - 02:27 PM

Mothers usually make or break bodhi since Nepal 2,500 years ago. Throughout my lifetime I have never heard of the Buddha having a mother-in-law though he did have a wife. He had two mothers i.e. a stepmother as well. If you can trust me even the slightest, if a fresh install of Bodhi Linux is unsatisfactory when you booted it up, your mother-in-law and you probably will not get any happier even with Firefox and Thunderbird installed and all those pop outs and emails start appearing. If Bodhi is too light for your marriage, you probably are safer with the human technology of Ubuntu instead.

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