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Escuelas Linux 5.4 released!

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Posted 21 June 2017 - 12:08 AM



Escuelas Linux, the Bodhi based distribution serving educational environments in 97 countries, released its version 5.4.

We dubbed this as the “Get it Right” release, because of the number of fixes and features that make us think this is our best well rounded version.

New and updated software

  • Firefox 54, which its new multiprocess feature, is now faster than ever.

  • Google Chrome 59 in 64 bits, Chromium browser 58 in 32 bits. If using 59, now you’ll have access to its settings in a gorgeous Material Design environment.

  • LibreOffice 5.3.3, with over 70 patches and fixes.

  • Vivaldi 1.10 web browser, with the ability to set custom Speed Dial thumbnails, the use of options to run commands using a keyboard shortcut, and download sorting.

  • Softmaker FreeOffice receives a point update in its office suite. Remember that you’ll need Internet access to be able to activate this product.

  • Geogebra bumps to 5.0.366.

  • Adobe Flash is included with its most recent release to date.

  • Skype is dropped from our distribution. As the native app will cease working on July 1th, and the electron-based release is still in a beta stage, didn’t make sense for us to include it. If you want to use Skype services, you may want to try the web based version.

  • We included new graphical front-ends to configure SMB and NFS shares, change time and date, and to admin local network settings.

  • The drivers folder in the 32 bit edition now includes the package necessary to have running properly the video on computers with old VIA graphics chipsets; In the debs/other/kernel4.10 folder for the 64 bit edition we include the packages with the most recent release to date of this kernel series (4.10.17), to be easily installed in places where it would be needed.

Fixed bugs


  • On some computers there was a short but frequent restart in the graphical environment that, if indeed innocuous, was not on par to our quality standards. In our 5.4 version the settings that could trigger it were deactivated, and also our distro was updated to use the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 1.19.1, which insures a rock solid desktop experience.

  • Our updaters and switch language packs now detect if there is a process locking the package database, so there would be no more failed setups because of that.


  • Our graphical installer showed the message "Escuelas Linux setup is going to finish soon" a mere few moments after the install process started on computers set to a time in the future. Bug fixed.

  • Escuelas Linux 5.4 now uses by default the date and time provided by Internet servers. If Internet is not available, it will use the CMOS data.

  • GParted was omitted in the 32-bit edition. Now it is included.

  • The SMB GUI app was not working. Replaced with the “Shared Folders” app.

  • When opening Firefox after an update, there is not going to appear anymore a dialog box asking which profile do you want to use. Fortunately, Escuelas Linux is going to continue including two versions of Firefox: the most recent one and the Extended Support Release, in which is still possible to run legacy Java apps.

  • Our Install Manual contains numerous changes, made to explain in a better way some documented procedures.


Where to get it?


Escuelas Linux 5.4 (32 or 64 bits) can be downloaded from:

The package to switch Escuelas Linux 5.4 to its English language edition (32 or 64 bits) is available in:

The package to update Escuelas Linux from 5.3 to 5.4 (32 or 64 bits) can be obtained from:

The PDF Install Manual in English language is here:

A big thank you to everyone who contributes to Bodhi Linux

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