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Ever heard about Crackberg?

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#1 Centauri39



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Posted 13 July 2017 - 10:11 AM

On my netbook with Bodhi 4.2.0 32-bit, there's the Fiberlamp screensaver, which is running after the netbook is idle for a while.

Then after some more time has passed, the screen gets black.


Sometimes, when the screen is black, I noticed some orange text, mentioning something about Crackberg and below this the folders of my personal folders are listed.


This is visible for only a few seconds (so it's almost impossible to take a picture of it) and then the screen gets black again.


Then wehn I touch the touchpad I'm asked for my password to unlock the screensaver and everything is as usual.


Have you ever heard about Crackberg?

What is it all about?


EDIT: Looks like it's a developer of a group of screensavers, isn't it?

I really was worried about this, because according to the name it might have been some sort of cracking having happened.

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#2 DOOMguy



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Posted 13 July 2017 - 08:09 PM

xscreensaver brings you several screensavers in the set, but if one of them fails, the next piece in the set will proceed. You are given a glimpse of the reason it failed, and you can look at .xsession-errors to determine the cause. Most of the time you can figure out how to fix it; you can then run crackberg on its own to see if you fixed it. There is no need to be alarmed; it is only a screensaver after all, and this page confirms your finding.

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