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Switching between full screen game clients

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#1 insurgio



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Posted 09 October 2017 - 10:50 PM


I'm sorta a returning user as I ran Enlightenment until around 2003, when it seemed it'd never update.  I'm very pleased with Bodhi Linux.  I did search for an answer, and I hope this is the right subject to ask under.

I play Ryzom using 2 clients at the same time in full screen mode, what I desire is to alt-tab (or another key combo) between both running clients and stay in full-screen mode.  Currently, when I alt-tab the clients return to windowed mode.  Which means I have to reset the window mode, which could be costly.  I only installed 2 days ago (getting nvidia correct took a day), so I'm still looking around.  I was running neon and it did so by default.   But, I've gotta get my game on :) .

Thanks for reading, and thanks to the dev team.  It's great to be able to return to an Elightenment desktop, which was my preference before e17 which seemed to take a decade to complete, somewhat.  It's snappy, and so far pretty solid.  :)

A big thank you to everyone who contributes to Bodhi Linux

#2 Jeff


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 02:57 AM

This should actually be a setting inside your game client that you should be looking to change. Moksha only assigns window borders to applications that ask for them so it sounds like when you alt+tab from Ryzom it is changing itself to a windowed application from full screen. In the graphics settings look for a "windowed borderless" option. This is what I had to toggle on in Left 4 Dead 2 to get the behavior you are saying you are looking for.


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#3 insurgio



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Posted 10 October 2017 - 09:29 PM

Well I found fullscreen mode, which is on by default.  Ryzom start-up windowed and then goes to fullscreen mode, which might be what's causing  the issue.  For now,  I'll just play in windowed mode, which is not an issue.  I post in the technical support Ryzom forums, and see if I can find a solution.   If I am successful, I'll post here just in case someone else loks here for an answer.  Thanks for answering so quickly.  :)

#4 Rongxiang LIN

Rongxiang LIN


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Posted 19 October 2017 - 09:57 AM

Yes please try the respective games' forums. In my case I chose Bodhi Linux over Ubuntu because I need no games. The most exciting game I play on Bodhi Linux is breath counting: Breathing in, I am alive. Breathing out, I undertake the training precept not to harm oneself or others even within my mental fabrications.


If I had to go back to soldiering which I were, I can conduct an entire discourse on dukkha i.e. suffering for you instead if moksha is too emancipating for your comfort. :wub:

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