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Electronics Workbench PSU with Multiple Outputs from an old PC PSU - random electronics fun!

PSU Electronics Lab Bench

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Posted 02 December 2017 - 05:50 AM

Hello Community,


For anyone interested in electronics, I semi-recently turned an old Antec 500w PC PSU into an electronics lab power supply...sort of a fun/cheap project for anyone with a desire to play with electronics that possesses some soldering skills.  Total project investment was around 4 dollars - not bad!


A great part of this project is that between the rails, you have the flexibility to use 3.3, 5 and 12 volts and any combinations of those...with protection circuits and with a decent amount of amperage (ok HIGH amperage - enough to cook projects and be quite lethal if not careful!!!).  If you are a PC enthusiast, likely you have several PSUs in your basement...I sure do!  If you need a lab PSU, this may be of interest to you!


I also recently built a signal tracer as well...the body of the device is an old toothbrush (lols, I know...super "ghetto", but it IS insulating :))...another budget project I can walk anyone through that is interested.  The benefit of this tracer is that it can connect to a battery powered speaker and use a cell phone for a signal generator...this avoids any possible ground issues that could blow up the devices in question...sort of neat!




I'm trying to diagnose a kit PAiA 5760 Roctave Divider guitar pedal that was gifted to me several years ago that has never worked.  I have schematics and have corrected several issues from the initial build, but still "no go"...not sure if anyone here is familiar with op amps, etc...but I have a feeling that the initial build errors either cooked some op amps or transistors.  Anyway, this could be an interesting thing to diagnose.  Any assistance would rock...tave!


Keep rockin' everyone!  Cheers!



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