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Black screen on boot after Legacy install

legacy video black VGA mga

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#1 fudoki



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Posted 20 December 2017 - 07:24 PM

Having problems on an old Dell 2.4GHz Celeron box with 2Gb DRAM, built-in Intel VGA (with max 8Mb of shared system memory for video - max 640x480 screen size in 16 colors!!!  Unusable.) with a Matrox Millineium II VGA card added with 64Mb dedicated VRAM, as "plain vanilla as it gets.


This box ran Ubuntu 10 reasonably well, no install or other video problems, runs all variants of Puppy Linux just fine, the MGA card is detected and used, as selected in BIOS, just fine.


Bodhi install disk runs fine and looks good when Option 2 (software rendering) is selected.  Install went without a hitch.  But have two BIG "show-stopper" probs.  1) Black screen upon boot, and 2) If I boot into "Console mode" to try and correct the first [who knows how many] section of available scrolls offscreen and cannot be accessed.  The "| more" argument is not available to cause pagination, as in >help | more


Inspection of the X11R7 config file shows correct identification of the MGA card and the "mga" driver is called first, but the code appears to lack an exit point when a video driver successfully loads, which appears to be loading the Intel video driver as well!  I only have one monitor.


Bodhi is a great looking product, well designed, thoughtfully put together - one of the most polished distro's I have ever seen and I have been "on board" with *nux OS's since the late 1970's (Berkeley Unix 1.8), NeXT box in 1984 (Berkeley Unix 2.0) and later Linux - all flavours.


Any suggestions?  Many thanks!


A big thank you to everyone who contributes to Bodhi Linux

#2 birdmun



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Posted 20 December 2017 - 09:18 PM



 2) If I boot into "Console mode" to try and correct the first [who knows how many] section of available scrolls offscreen and cannot be accessed.  The "| more" argument is not available to cause pagination, as in >help | more

section of available what? To view a text file in the console/CLI I typically use cat filename and if need be | less (more should work). Obviously, text editing would require something like vi, emacs, nano, joe, etc. Nano seems to be pretty easy to use. If you are editing something requiring root permissions you will need to use sudo ahead of calling the editor and text file.

#3 DOOMguy



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Posted 20 December 2017 - 10:13 PM

Let us continue your training; if there were problems with the X11R7 config, these would show up in the log /var/logs/X11whatever (by now you should be well versed with tab completion to fill the necessary whereabouts of the log file -- it would have been the first place to determine the root cause of the errors, despite entries for the Matrox card being present in the config file. The log would also list resolutions available, and the monitors it has found -- you say you have only one.


I will not question the use of more vs. less, as birdmun has said, they each accomplish the same thing (with the pipe symbol). available what, like he asked. Is there a problem with your input? What code are you looking for, that is expected to have some sort of exit? It is merely a configuration file, with EndSection after each item.


For Video problems, I prefer to use IRC (maybe in combination with pastebin.com--post your X11R7 error log in there, would be a great way to start for one and all), which works well in console mode, using the time-tested weechat or irssi. You can use discordia. It is my weapon of choice, rather than dealing with forums and their clutter. People seem to think we need to be there at the same time -- missing the point of the word relay; paste that URL with for example Hey this is fudoki from the forums with the Matrox video problem; the URL is pastebin.com/1234567 but this is only an example -- you can use your own words. You can paste the link here in the forum as well. Check IRC first when you get back to your console. I tend to post there first, syntax errors and typos and all, before coming to these forums. 


After you have found the error log, put it up in pastebin.com, then that website will give you a URL. Paste that link here, I will grab my cup of Earl Grey, then I will reply to your input, with my suggestions. And the others can contribute as well. It is a popular card, and you haven't had problems with that HW under other distros. It is well known for multi monitor support, yet it cannot even show the GUI desktop on ONE display. Time to find the weakest link. 

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