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#106651 Bodhi ranking

Posted by Flymo on 12 September 2017 - 11:36 PM

Around Bodhi 1.1 launch (iirc) Bodhi did briefly hit the top of Distrowatch!  I have the screenshot somewhere, but where?


Yes, it is a click-thing. 

And an established stable Bodhi/Moksha is prob'ly not as exciting or clickworthy as shiny new Bodhi 1 was back in the day.


Keep doing what you like to do, Jeff.   We love it!

#106650 Bodhi 4.3.1 Released

Posted by Flymo on 12 September 2017 - 11:05 PM

Thanks for that, Sef.

We bought a bargain price Win8.0 box when they announced Win10, just so as to have the experience of installing Win10. 

I must be a masochist.

After a couple of days of downloads it eventually installed, rebooted, rebooted, rebooted  and we then wrestled with all of the above to dual-boot Bodhi.  <grumble>

@ Jayan Tashi  -  You have our sympathies! :)


Win10 was about as grim as we  feared.  Kept it on there for most of a year so we could watch it struggle to update itself and show it to the gullible who were planning to "upgrade" their Win boxen.  Then we'd show them Bodhi, with a selection of demo user accounts to quickly showcase the configurable nature of Moksha. 


The box has been wiped and as a reward it now has a new SSD with nothing but Bodhi installed. Goes llike a hose!

@ Sef

Thanks for those useful pointers, will be taking a look at "Rufus"

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#94489 Additional Moksha Modules

Posted by Flymo on 22 September 2015 - 01:00 PM

Well done, Waiter!   :D


eepDater picked up your improved "Forecasts"  today, and our desktop now rejoices in multiple weather forecasts.


Cannot see any problems  - the text is correctly placed, the slider selects different values for 'days',  so we are happy bunnies and impressed by your skills and effort.  Our best regards to your wife and our thanks, too.


NB It is entirely normal for a minute (or two) to pass when awaiting new weather data after moving the slider.  It always comes good for us.


Thank you, one and all!  Ben

#94432 Additional Moksha Modules

Posted by Flymo on 18 September 2015 - 12:31 PM



Some text seems  to be in an unexpected place  - the legend "Partly Cloudy" is overlapping the 9C temperature for the next day.

Think that the "Partly Cloudy" belongs higher up on the left - nearer the "15C" and "Bedford".


Looks like we may have lost some pixels from the descenders in "Partly Cloudy", too.

I've tried expanding and contracting the widget, but no significant change. 

Other locations tried have a similar problem.


Otherwise, it works very well, thank you!



#93789 Gotta luv how microsoft works...

Posted by Flymo on 14 August 2015 - 11:49 PM

Hey, thanks for the beer, Sir Creeps-a-lot! 

Very tasty indeed...

Mmmmm.... beer! :D


Re-reading my post, it does seem a bit troll-baity.  

Wasn't intended that way, sorry folks.


To put it into perspective, it does represent the kindest feelings  I've expressed  about  

smiling Billy Gates' mob  of crooks  since my first encounter in the late 1970s.  

Our kids were young,  money was pretty tight.  


In an attempt to earn a bit extra,  I spent some hard-earned gelt on a (tape) copy of 

MS EDTASM for the TRS-80 so's to be able to code in Z-80 mnemonics rather than hex

(as recommended by my friendly neighbourhood software store).


It cost about 4~5 weeks beer money, iirc. A truly serious investment.


MS EDTASM  was specified to run on my machine, and it did load OK, but...

...as soon as I tried to assemble a few lines of code, it ran out of memory.


So I had to beg a rail of RAM at work, piggy-back the new chips by soldering onto the old ones

with a lifted leg and hand-wire the lifted leg and an address line to an unused inverter on the

mobo for chip select.


I'm a danger to myself and others with a soldering iron - better with gas welding/brazing, or

schematic/PCB CAD -  so it was the cause of much muttering in our household.


I do feel for those having to use MS at work - 'cause I did  too....

For too many (Australian epithet) years!


Even  in the mid '90s when we had our own consultancy I decided reluctantly to go with MS Win/Office.

But I did have Mark Williams Coherent to do my code stuff - one reason I was late getting into Linux.


Still recall the first time I booted Coherent on a 386. 



No more paged RAM, just one whole continuous Megabyte of it.

The freedom!





#93416 Things Moksha Could do Better

Posted by Flymo on 29 July 2015 - 10:08 AM

Many good thoughts here, folks - interesting stuff.

I've 'Liked' the ones that  appeal to me.


This thought may seem like an 'old codger eyesight' issue, but I've checked with some of the young'uns in our posse, and it  met with agreement. 


It's this:  easier re-sizing of all windows/dialogue-boxes/whatever.


I have long  suffered from computer rage (since Win 3.0) when dealing with Windows because of this issue - they'd only give you the size of box/window thing  that they deemed adequate, so you'd end up peering through this tiny aperture on your screen trying to scry the entrails of some operation by panning-and-scanning with scroll bars, if you were lucky.  

Keyhole surgery with a blunt axe if you were unlucky.


So easily fixed with a sticky re-sizable window/box/whatever.


Bodhi has been wonderful in this regard - in Bodhi 1.0 I'd just go into Settings -> All -> Settings-> Dialogs and then tick the  "Remember size and Position of Dialogs" box.


Then as we'd use our newly installed system varii boxes/windows would get resized for our use case until everything pretty much fitted when launched. Great!


Then one day, with a(nother) fresh ISO installation, Hooray!  

Some wond'rous person had arranged that this was pre-ticked on installation.  

Thank you, Jeff! :D 



I do struggle with the current Enlightenment box/window re-sizing tool.  It's very pretty, but if I'm honest, I prefer that little arrow-angle in the corner (is that a GTK thing?) which is less pretty but so much easier to work.          


I've searched the forum & wiki on 'sizing' and 're-sizing' with no luck so far. 


Turns out that  it's not just bespectacled geriatric beardies peering at 32" screens  that  feel this way, some of our teens (now  flying solo) also find the re-sizing tool annoying, but had never mentioned it until asked.


So, could Moksha have re-sizeable windows/boxen *wherever* possible, and a 'less-tricksy'  sizing tool, please?               

#93413 Default File Manager for Bodhi 3.1.0

Posted by Flymo on 29 July 2015 - 07:24 AM

@benevolex - I am sure you are right! 

Gnome does tend to be bloaty, and (compared with E) XFCE is not a whole lot better.

But I like Thunar, it used to be our favourite.


Just attempted a one-on-one comparison between EFM and PCmanFM on a 200-odd photo folder on my HDD.


I set PCmanFM to view thumbnails, and clicked on the folder,  which would scroll seamlessly at any speed I chose. Not something I do often - quite exhiliarating on the 32" TV screen!


I pointed EFM at the same folder, and then could not find the thumbnails option.  

Could not find _any_ relevant option until I navigated to an empty folder and could right-click on the empty space and bring up the appropriate menu. 

Aaarrrggh! <_< 


So I tested it on my (tiny) icons, and it was slightly slower (~15%?) scrolling these icons than PCmanFM was when scrolling all the fat thumbnails.


Surprised me. :o 


This is on the current fully-updated Moksha running on a puny K325 with nVidia C77 (aka 8200) shared-memory graphics, Nouveau driver, 720p display via HDMI, 1.7GB available RAM (~600MB used), and 3GB swap (unused).


This is clearly not definitive, but it suggests that PCmanFM is pretty good for our use case.

#93407 Default File Manager for Bodhi 3.1.0

Posted by Flymo on 28 July 2015 - 07:29 PM

EFM speedy?  Never noticed that, at least not when compared with PCmanFM. 

And this aging AMD K325 is only very slightly superior to an earlier Atom.

I do so love cheap PCs!


...just tried a few things with them both (right here in Moksha 0.1.0) and they seem similar, or am I missing something?


What I did notice regularly was the (to me) 'alien way' it would work when (eg) it was finding a place to put a screenshot.

Yes, it's not that different, I know!


...but  EFM did/does niggle me, despite trying very hard to like it. ;) 

#93399 Default File Manager for Bodhi 3.1.0

Posted by Flymo on 28 July 2015 - 08:37 AM

PCmanFM, please Jeff. 


It just works better for me (and for most of our posse), it seems to do what is needed and no more.

I moved to it from Thunar (my previous favourite) several years ago.

Still use Thunar occasionally (yes, it has improved, but...), on other peoples machines mostly.

It's OK, but not my favourite any more. I could live with it, but it  annoys me subtly.


Last time I tried SpaceFM (2014) we did not get on well with one another - it fell into an 'uncanny valley' too close to PCmanFM for me.

Looks like it may have morphed into something entirely different now.  <shudder>


It'd be a real relief to have something other than EFM, which I try -so- hard to get used to, but eventually give up.


Moksha! With PCmanFM!  Yes please....

#93113 E17 vs E19 - Which are you using and why?

Posted by Flymo on 01 July 2015 - 07:56 PM

E17, please!  


...and Moksha is a truly wonderful move.

Been trotting around my many less-than-perfect Bodhi3/E19 installs and loading the E17 desktop.  



W00t! :D 


....uses nearly 30% less RAM on boot, and everything runs snappier on our (puny) hardware.

Looks *really* good, and segfaults are far, far fewer.

All my old E17 favourites work again, and much of the new stuff seems to be there too.


More power to you,  Jeff.

I'm off to the donations page now - hope others are simlarly motivated.

(c'mon folks!)





...am about to install Bodhi 3.0.0 on this puny K325, serene in the belief that it will work well after installing E17, and I'll be using the new partition to test Moksha and provide feedback.

This comes to you from Bodhi 3 Live.

#93112 The end of the search.

Posted by Flymo on 01 July 2015 - 07:35 PM


Welcome Ripomac!

Keep up the good work.  

With your insight into what is needed for your art, you will seek (and find) solutions that we will all benefit from.


All the best!  Ben

#86648 E19 Themes

Posted by Flymo on 27 October 2014 - 06:48 PM

Wow, folks.... seriously tasty eye-candy! Well done. :rolleyes:

#83603 User Testimonials

Posted by Flymo on 20 June 2014 - 08:48 PM

Is it really that long since Bodhi Linux 1.0?
Well that's when I stopped being an inveterate distro-hopper - never satisfied with the (then) mainstream distros.
There's a special quality to Bodhi Linux - yes, it's minimalist, yes, it's beautiful, yes the forum support is superb, the website an elegant jewel...
The list of ticked boxes is long and illustrious.
Booting into 128MB of RAM, with bling! Ridiculous, but true. Running happily on a 350MHz P3 - amazing!
Stunning the kids with style and speed, and keeping grandpa happy (that's me) at the same time. All remarkable.
But there's something about Bodhi that is far more than just the sum of its parts, or even the wonderful people who create and/or enjoy it.
And don't let me start raving on about the wonders of Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC1 - so much that is new and shiny! And it works!
All praise to the devs, for they are truly mighty....

#78534 Bodhi rocks on AMD APU!

Posted by Flymo on 26 December 2013 - 01:24 PM


A few months back I had a request from my excellent neighbours on behalf of their son, who wanted an 'adequate' gaming PC for Christmas that would do Steam stuff (TF2, eg) and Minecraft OK, with an upgrade path to heavier stuff, for as little money as possible.

The idea was that I build it up as my gift to him, and the money for the hardware would be provided, as well as an old but well made 1280x1024 LG screen. It was a great chance to check out the best possible deals here in Australia.
After a lot of research it looked like the AMD APU series showed the best promise for the future combined with adequate performance today, and we budgeted for an AMD A10 6800K (Black) on an FM2+ mobo with 88X chipset.The Asrock FM2A88X Extreme 4 motherboard seemed best..
We had a look at the CommCentre web site, and did our best to build something similar - came to AU$630 in round figures, but with the older type mobo, limited to slow RAM, no SSD and so on. NOT satisfactory.
After a truly abortive online deal with a casual mob in NSW, we were running out of time, but PC Case Gear in the Melbourne area were a great help - informative and helpful on the 'phone as well as prompt to ship the package.

Paradoxically we were not buying a case from PC Case Gear, since I had an old but fancy clear-sided case that suited, as well as other bits and pieces (keyboard, mouse, etc) I'd been given over the years. But on their advice we did get a decent PSU - an Antec High Current Gamer 520, which may be overkill, but we might end up adding a monster graphics card or cards to this system eventually - as well as overclocking it.Old PSUs have a habit of dying, and I did not want to risk killing the system that way.
On advice from other users of the A10 6800K (and a few benchamrking sites too) we went for the fastest available DDR3 RAM we could afford - 2400 MHz G. Skill Ripjaws X 8GB.

The SSD was bought in a batch from the UK with this project (and others) in mind, a bargain-priced 60GB Kingston V-series.A 7200 rpm 1TB Seagate Barracuda and a Samsung SH-224DB DVDRW completed the kit.
The build was straightforward, and it fired up first time.
The UEFI BIOS thing is colourful, but without the need for Microsoft rubbish, the secure boot was not enabled. RAM speed was set to 2400, and the boot sequence was tinkered with.
Then we installed Bodhi Linux 2.4 (32-bit) to the SSD, with some swap and a data partition on the Seagate HDD.
O M G . . . this thing boots in 6 seconds, without any attempt at optimisation at all! W00t! Posted Image
It shuts down in less than 2 seconds, so a complete shut down and reboot to login takes around 8 seconds. Amazing.

We did have a hiccup when getting Team Fortress 2 running under Steam....
We were using the standard Mesa driver but the error (an S3Graphics Texture requirement) was cleared somewhat obscurely by installing Jockey-GTK, attempting to use the 'Upates' proprietary driver offered, which failed, and then rebooting..
It -seems- that the failed driver installation had added enough critical files to the slew of ATI/AMD video driver packages installed. Perhaps someone can correct me on that?

Long story short, it runs TF2 and many other more intensive games smooth as smoke - everything we have tried so far has gone well.

Bodhi was chosen for being the least likely to slow down the gaming engines in a Linux context, and we believe this has worked exceptionally well. A complete collection of Humble Bundle Linux games is on the data drive and we are working our way through installing them - some need a startup script to get them going - and some of the older favourites (such as Angry Birds) are being addressed in Wine.

The young owner is discovering wonders such as Liquid War from the Linux games library, and altogether we are more than happy with the result!
Came to AU$620 in the end. Not bad value for a new build (with some old bits). Once again, Bodhi Linux Just Worked, out of the box. ATI/AMD drivers are a minefield right now, but we took that risk knowingly, and it seems to have paid off.
Dual booting with Steam OS is planned for the future - we have a 600GB partition waiting for it on the Seagate. AMD will be sorting out their ATI drivers for Steam OS Linux PDQ, I reckon.Posted Image

#78358 Offcial statement and installation manual of program Linux schools [Spanish...

Posted by Flymo on 19 December 2013 - 12:50 PM

Belated rough translation, please forgive my errors....

Dear comrades :

You will surely have noticed on the film billboards these days that there is a Spiderman reboot . So why restart this story? As explained by one of the creatives involved in this :

"Appropriately referred to as " retroactive continuity" - when developers look back and review aspects of a story that has a previously established continuity. For example, cartoons are a unique medium that have been around for a long time, under the supervision of different creative people. Thus, the team of writers and artists who created Superman in the 30s have different ideas and sensitivities to those of the 50 's, 80 ' , 90's and so on."

"Constant change can make characters stay fresh as long as the characters are relevant and connected to the generation of the time.
But there is a danger that some ideas can become outdated so it all becomes unsustainable, or fixed in the context of a social era that no longer exists ."

Why do we bring up the notion of the need for ' reboots ' here? Because these reasons are also perfectly valid in other contexts, including our own Linux Schools program "Escuelas Linux".

Currently Escuelas Linux is the operating arm for the implementation of free software in basic education in our State. It is the program that aims to fulfill one of the guidelines of the State government digital policy .

The program is not new, but certainly it never was predicted that today it would be State policy : several dozen schools operating with Free Software, and hundreds of teachers trained in the paradigm through an online diploma with participation in the International Congress of Free software made ​​in the Conference Center .

However, there was a problem in the making.
While Linux and Free Software programs in general work well on less than new equipment, gradually in the course of the years free software programs grew, requiring better computers . While your requirements are not so burdensome compared with recent versions of Windows , it is evident that more RAM was required to function properly.

Unfortunately, free software programs grew, but computers at the Centers for Teachers and schools did not. They have been the same or more than 8 years.

So far it seems to be heading into a dead end. Recent versions of Linux distributions have increased their requirements to more than 512 MB ​​RAM. But the vast majority of educational institutions in our State average 512 of RAM or less.
Does this mean that dozens of sites have to freeze time in those computers, unable to run recent versions of both Windows and Linux ? Would it mean having to use a Linux GUI that is outdated and visually unpleasant , but light on memory usage ?

Problem solved . Meet the ' reboot' of Escuelas Linux.

Over a year ago a project called " Bodhi Linux" started. And a problem was tackled: how to make a Linux that is light on memory usage , but visually appealing and easy to use? They achieved the solution. In our tests, for example, LibreOffice and Firefox simultaneously occupies 300 MB of memory less than Mageia Linux.

The secret of Bodhi Linux is in not using a desktop environment that occupies a lot of memory . Bodhi Linux uses an unfamiliar environment in our country so far, called Enlightenment . And that makes the difference. As Jeff Hoogland , the project creator explains :

"There is no doubt that all modern desktop environments have advanced features and functionality. But where Enlightenment shines is its focus on remaining light and fast while having new features. Do not believe me ? KDE 4.x requires 512 MB ​​of RAM to be happy , Gnome 3 recommends slightly more than 768 MB, and the Unity desktop Ubuntu requires 1 full GB !"

Someone always comes out and says " but our computers are so powerful now that it does not matter " when discussing the requirements of this era. But the fact is that it does matter: a desktop that works fast on a slow computer system: resources are for the programs for your use , not for a desktop environment .

For the above reasons, we decided to do a ' reboot' of Escuelas Linux, making the following decisions:

1. On computers that have 512 MB ​​RAM (such as in the Centers for Teachers) Mandriva / Mageia Linux is replaced and Bodhi Linux will be installed in a version preconfigured specifically for use in our educational environment.
2. In places that already have schools and Linux computers with 2 GB of RAM or more, continue using Mageia Linux. The 'reboot ' does not imply not to use what we already had , particularly in places that are not affected by memory limitations . However, schools with more than 2 GB are very few , so predominately Bodhi Linux will be the new face of the Escuelas Linux program.

We hope you enjoy our proposal to adopt Bodhi Linux, a distribution that , in our view , is super quick , visually elegant and fantastically beautiful . Apart from the above attributes , they may also have other advantages they already know in using the Linux operating system: virus -free environments , hundreds of programs available and over 8,000 learning objects.

HTH, belatedly. Ben
(E & OE)