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Using Bodhi 4.0.0 64 Alpha 2 - some observations

18 September 2016 - 11:07 AM

First - thanks to Jeff and the team!  Marvellous job.


Alpha 2 (64) is now installed and running well on two different machines. 


One is a fairly new HP 455 laptop (AMD A10-7300 quad-core APU with integrated Radeon R6 graphics, 10 compute cores, upgraded to SSD), the other is a six-year-old Acer Aspire Revo (Intel Atom 330, dual core, dual thread, Nvidia ION graphics).


So, about as different as we could arrange.  The Revo is (I think) the original machine on which we first tested Bodhi Linux 1.0, and then installed it alongside Xubuntu LTS, back in the day.  We bought so many of the Revos we got a quantity discount.


Live testing and installations were done using CD and DVD - the latter runs faster on our hardware, the media were burned using K3B on the HP 455.


We tried using the only spare USB stick in our bag, but the connector is a bit flaky, hence the optical media.  The USB stick  mostly booted to Live OK, but did not want to risk using it for installation.

So the installations took longer than we are used to nowadays, especially on the snail-like Atom with its original spinning rust hard drive and external USB DVD/CD drive! 


But I'm using it now to write this, and  Bodhi 4.0.0 64 Alpha 2  is just as nippy as the (updated) Bodhi 2 installation that happens to still be on the Revo.  Starts up a bit faster and the desktop feels slicker - we've not done any benchmarking but it is clearly superior in our use case. Brilliant!


Once up and running we ran eepdater - and it objected - we  discovered on running "apt-get update"  that  : 


W: The repository 'http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi xenial Release' is not signed.

....so we then had to do this to get a successful upgrade :

 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y --allow-unauthenticated  

Been downloading and installing assorted software via Synaptic and" apt-get install stuff"  that seemingly Just Works.  Great!


The Appcenter is still (unsurprisingly, this is an Alpha release!) a bit patchy -  themes seem to disappear after a suspiciously short download and the need to click on the "Refresh" button before it actually  happens,  but the "Chromium" Browser worked perfectly first time.  


The Revo with its puny Atom and spinning rust drive is still fully usable for our simple use case.  It has yet to be tested doing musical instrument synthesis (using AMS etc) or CAD, and it still clogs up if I have 27 Amazon tabs open in Firefox - the page data eats up the available RAM on this small machine that shares video RAM with its Nvidia ION. 


The HP 455 on the other hand with its multiple cores, 8GB RAM and SSD eats up the interwebs (and everything else) with great aplomb, so we'll expect it to synthesise music without a glitch, and all that.


Will try to keep you posted!


PS Want to try this elegant new "Screenshot" being discussed by Jeff and The Waiter here