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In Topic: Bodhi Youtube channel

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

You may have noticed I have "created" a few quick clips showing how something is done. You are more than welcome to them. I don't mind generating them if/when I can.


I did indeed notice ;)


I really like the idea, wondering what it takes to keep content available, fresh, etc on Youtube.


If I were not horribly mediocre at life, I would attempt something.  I'm very thankful for those that are good at things.

In Topic: Screen Saver on New Install

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

Hmm, I could not detect a question for support in the original post, so I did not bother to answer. Why feeding the trolls?

The legacy version is fine with me and works A-OK on my 8 year old netbook. Nobody else wants to throw it out the window.

BTW, should this be moved to the feedback section?





Sorry and true true...I thought there may be a possible chance for support...suppose with the PC in the garbage, we can't do a lot. 


(Hopefully the battery was removed and safely recycled first...well...all of the electronic components...)


"Feedback" seems appropriate.


Thank you, Charles.

In Topic: Lenovo Thinkpad T460p

Yesterday, 05:45 PM



misread and entered a stupid reply...dah

In Topic: Is Chromium "calling home"?

Yesterday, 04:45 PM

Is there some way to get *Chromium* to stop?? :(


What's "Palemoon"?


...just guessing, but Chromium with any relationship with Google, is likely not able to be complete stopped.


Pale Moon is a fork of Firefox/Mozilla.... https://www.palemoon.org/...another browser to test drive, if you please.

In Topic: farm life

Yesterday, 04:40 PM

...here I was feeling accomplished planting two junipers and a lilac this weekend... ^_^ ;) :D