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Bodhi Youtube channel

24 April 2017 - 05:17 PM

Hello Community,


I was going through some fairly old forum content...and discovered that we have a Youtube channel.  Is there/has there been any thought on updating or utilizing this?  It looks like most of the content is two plus years old.  I personally do not use Youtube from a content creation standpoint, but from working on our Wiki, I could see this being a complimentary tool for users.



Fun with another OS...oh wait, not really...

17 April 2017 - 04:17 PM

So this past weekend I had the (dis)pleasure of working on my parent's computer that is running another OS...we here at Bodhi do not distro/OS bash so I will not name said OS...


~*cough cough windoz 8.1*~...


...needless to say, this poor PC, though poor browsing habits had picked up a virus...well, 10 of them.  Through some work, I was able to find out what had been blocking their anti-virus, remove their present firewall/anti-v, update with fresh, attack said viruses and remove them.  I was able to clean out their browsers and start fresh as well.


(Some background...my father is not very good with a keyboard and mouse, so he uses the "features" of his OS to use the touchscreen on this machine.) 


So while re-running the new anti-virus after completing my work, I happened to notice that the virus scan was taking HOURS on this one random folder...in back-tracing, it was some sort of cache for a MSN News app... this "cache" folder had 265,000+ FILES in it an occupied a space of roughly 52 GIGS!   This is a relatively new machine (two to three years) running an i3, etc...


In searching online, this is a known bug that a certain company doesn't want to take care of (surprise!!!).  I promptly removed the offending app to find that the cache stopped collecting files (again, surprise, oh wait, not really...).  My father, however, was not happy using the MSN browser based news page and requested that I add the app back to his system. 


In just one day, the app had cached 650+ files at hundreds of megabytes. 


I really can't believe that is even remotely ok!  Over time, this app will eventually fill my parent's hard drive until the machine is rendered useless (until my next visit).  Searching online doesn't seem to offer a solution or workaround...people with this OS and App just have to deal with it.


How unfortunate. 


I am certainly glad that Bodhi doesn't cache files and try to hide them buried deep within the OS...or cache them to the extent that this folder was, as it is many times the size of my OS.  Just really sad.  I wish I could convert my parents, but they are really afraid of change. 


Anyway, three cheers for Bodhi!   I honestly have not been that frustrated with a PC since I dropped the mainstream OS many years ago...good reaffirmation of why I did and never looked back.

Possible to have outbound Gmail appear to come from Bodhi Linux address

06 April 2017 - 05:18 PM

Hello Community!


I have an email alias (blahblah@bodhilinux.com) that was setup by our very own Jeff - this points to a Gmail address - I was wondering, is it possible to have emails that I send from my Gmail appear to have come from this bohilinux.com address (sort of, spoofed, if you will - nothing nefarious, promise)? 


I was planning on using the whoopiewoo@bodhilinux.com address but realized that any received email that I reply to, would stem from a different address...which may confuse people, etc.


Anyone know a workaround?


Thank you in advance for any advice!

100k Forum Posts!

31 January 2017 - 02:56 AM

Hello Community,


Just noticed we cracked 100k forum posts recently - that's a pretty cool thing! 


A lot of information resides in these forums - thank you all who contribute and visit :)

Bodhi - Real Time Kernel?

16 January 2017 - 02:10 PM

Hello Community,


I have been attempting to setup a DAW on my Bodhi system and have been reading about using a real time kernel or some type of "overlay" - does anyone have experience with this and does Bodhi support it?  Playing with the kernel is not something I do on the regs.


That said, basically I'm experiencing a fair amount of Xruns in Qjackctl and am trying to eliminate them.  There are about 10k different "opinions" for things to try from adjusting buffers, sample rate, to not using USB 3.0 ports with USB 2.0 interfaces, to running a real time kernel, locking out memory, setting pulse audio not to run, routing jack through ALSA, etc, etc, etc....nothing very concrete I am afraid. 


Any suggestions would be phenomenal!  Thank you all!