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#103548 Printer support package

Posted by oblio2231 on 10 March 2017 - 02:36 PM

I have had success in using CUPs with several different printers (photo, wireless and otherwise) in Bodhi...not sure if that is an option. 


CUPS is fairly straightforward, which is nice.  Possibly a fallback, in case...

#103230 Bodhi - Real Time Kernel?

Posted by oblio2231 on 13 February 2017 - 02:25 PM



An interesting thing is that I was suspecting a bottleneck in my system's performance due to running a powerful system but using integrated graphics...now that I have installed a video card, like magic, my XRuns are gone!


I was able to play guitar through Guitarix for roughly an hour last night with nary an XRun!


There is some chance that my XRuns were related to the segfault issue, but I'm not thinking so as I wouldn't be actively moving/resizing windows when the XRuns would occur.


Happy Happy!

#103095 Bodhi Case Badge?

Posted by oblio2231 on 04 February 2017 - 03:54 AM

Case badges showed up - pcs and laptops are lookin' good! 


Thank you, Jeff!

#103063 Clock is 13 hours early

Posted by oblio2231 on 02 February 2017 - 03:04 PM

Open terminology and run the command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

You will be prompted to type your password (which will not appear while being typed) press enter and follow the on screen questions. Note this is an ncurses screen so you will need to navigate it with the keyboard.

Hit any issues feel free to ask.

Welcome to the forums mate.


Jeff - I added this info to the Wiki...under the "configuring-your-new-bodhi-system"...seems to come up a fair amount on the forums.

#103056 Help Cleaning up the Wiki

Posted by oblio2231 on 02 February 2017 - 01:36 PM

I think that makes sense.


One thing I was thinking for our tracking sheet...we likely should include every wiki on it and the link, etc...then, hopefully we can identify items that are not pertinent anymore and just eradicate them.  I'm hoping to start on this today...we'll see how busy work is!


Thank you everyone for assisting!  This is great!

#102994 100k Forum Posts!

Posted by oblio2231 on 31 January 2017 - 02:56 AM

Hello Community,


Just noticed we cracked 100k forum posts recently - that's a pretty cool thing! 


A lot of information resides in these forums - thank you all who contribute and visit :)

#102987 Help Cleaning up the Wiki

Posted by oblio2231 on 30 January 2017 - 06:45 PM

Hello Everyone,


We have started a generic Google Spreadsheet to track areas of interest for updates...timelines, etc.  If anyone wants to take a look and/or add information, please PM me.




[Edit] - It was Jeff's idea! :)

#102919 Do we need a "normal" 32bit release?

Posted by oblio2231 on 27 January 2017 - 07:41 PM

The number of downloads may be some indicator, but is not a mirror of reality. I download a Bodhi 32-bit version just one time, and that 32-bit version has been installed in tens of thousands computers via Escuelas Linux.

If only schools and governments **cough, cough - US** would more openly accept open source.  I have been pushing at work to promote this...I have succeed in getting several Rasp Pis put into use in our production environment, which is nice I suppose, but far from widespread/large scale.


It's just crazy reading about how much of the world is adopting open source, governments offices or otherwise and yet here the US is...


Do schools in Mexico really openly embrace Linux?  Exciting and awesome news if so!

#102912 Do we need a "normal" 32bit release?

Posted by oblio2231 on 27 January 2017 - 06:12 PM

It seems like narrowing things down would allow a more focused development and support effort.  Despite the wording to "use 32 bit if unsure..." I have found myself gravitating toward the 64 bit releases figuring, "My system is 64 bit, why not utilize it?"


There are still plenty of systems out there that are 32 bit, but the same goes for ARM, etc.  Unfortunately it is hard to support ALL software.  


This is a difficult discussion...

#102766 TClock module new feature

Posted by oblio2231 on 17 January 2017 - 02:53 PM


You can now install this via the package manager:

sudo apt-get install moskha-clock-advanced


I was just about to ask, "Tell me Bob, how do we get this wonderful new product?"


If you call within the next fifteen minutes, we'll double your order - for FREE! :)


Thank you, Stefan!  

#102734 1 year plus

Posted by oblio2231 on 15 January 2017 - 03:40 PM

Thanks but years ago when i was 'into' the music thing and had my own studio i just had to run macs with Digital performer and all of the synths etc.   windows would not cut it and had way too many sound issues and glitches.


linux is possible but there are a few things that i would probably stumble over trying to set it up.


but since I am old and out of it now i guess i just do not have the time or patience to even try to get it working.

I used to record in Windoz - meh, so much $$$.  Everything you want, oh, just pay a couple hundred dollars...or thousand... "No thanks"


This is my first time setting up a recording/music production/DAW system in LInux - a lot of flexibility - but that also means a fair amount of learning curve.  Glad I enjoy learnings and thankfully there are active forums. :)


Glad to hear you have been on Linux a year!  Congrats!  This is roughly my fifth - basically, I could no longer stand the direction windoz was heading...subscription based everything (same thing that nailed Adobe's coffin shut for me).  No control over updates?  I mean, what is that?  Oh, an automatic update borked my WiFi...well, hopefully MS releases a fix otherwise, guess I'm out WiFi until I get another adapter, etc, etc, etc.


Basically, I made sure to nuke any windoz crutches I may have had around my house, booted Bodhi and said, "No looking back - if you break it, it is broken until you fix it".  That motivation worked for me.  I still don't know anything really, but I'm slowly getting somewhere.  Just picked up the Linux Bible - hoping to dive deeper.


Congrats again - it's a great journey to be on :)

#102670 Anyone have any experience with recording audio w/in Bodhi?

Posted by oblio2231 on 12 January 2017 - 02:19 PM

I do music production in Bitwig Studio as DAW, which runs awesome with Bodhi+Jack installed. I have it installed with some VSTs: u-he Hive and Glitch (which have native versions for Linux), Synthmaster and Sytrus (which are Windoze VSTs, but work just fine using Wine+Airwave). The Novation Launchpad S controller works without any problem.


My interest is EDM music. The most recent track produced was "Berserker", which was intended to be the background music for a walkthrough promo clip on the release of Escuelas Linux 5.0 (The Bodhi based education distro). Hadn't time to produce that promo clip, though.




Thank you, Astroboy, it's been a while!  You helped me out with some items a year or two back.  


Thank you for the information on VSTs...I was wondering what was out there for Linux.  I have heard good things about Bitwig.  I'll likely check that out with Ardour...nice thing with Linux is trying things!


Thanks for the link - checked it out - pretty rad!  One of my family members is super into EDM an drives like 10 hours each way every weekend to go listen to it!  While not exactly EDM (well, not at all...), there are a couple or retro-new-wave "bands" that I like - Megadrive and VHS Glitch...great music for coding/working to.  Electronic music nonetheless!   


https://megadrive.ba...om/album/198xad - 198xad is likely my favorite album to study to, work on pcs, etc.


Thanks again!

#102657 Bodhi Case Badge?

Posted by oblio2231 on 11 January 2017 - 07:44 PM

Hello Community,


I was going through some older posts on a profile and spotted a "Powered by Bodhi Linux" case badge and was wondering if these are still available, where to get them, if they are coming back, etc.




I mean, who doesn't love case badges for Linux, esp. Bodhi?!

#102616 Choppy youtube videos

Posted by oblio2231 on 09 January 2017 - 12:46 PM

 Also seems to me 11 to 20 Mbps is sorta on the (very) slow side. :( That is prob one cause of the issue. Does it help to let the video load before ya play it?


As someone who grew up with internet not even available in my area and then jumping on board with 28.8kbps and 56kbps connections (didn't have the "pleasure" of using baud rates :) ), I never thought I would hear the day where 11-20mbps is not enough!  However, having 120mbps or so available does put into perspective that times are changing!


@lostinburgh - I have an old Thinkpad that I also have used on Edx...short of letting things pre-load or really dropping the resolution, videos stuttered a fair amount...and even taking these steps didn't always ensure smooth playback.  


You may want to check your connection results on speedtest.net and pingtest.net - any results showing high latency (ping) or jitter could indicate your connection needs some assistance from your ISP.  I have encountered issues due to bad lines to places I have rented previously...being armed with some hard data before calling your ISP (if needed) can be helpful to assist your "case".  It may be worth looking at!

#102573 Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Stable

Posted by oblio2231 on 07 January 2017 - 03:57 AM

I set up an old IBM Thinkpad for my kids running Bodhi so they can play Frozen Bubble, some NES Emulators, "break" a PC without me worrying too much physically and content wise, etc...still pleasantly surprised at how well that system runs.  Considering it was "designed" early on for XP, out of the gates EVERYTHING worked on Bodhi (USB, DVD drive, CD Burner, audio, audio outs, VGA out - even G-WiFi) and again, relatively snappy.


I've played around with Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Mint, Suse, Arch, Puppy, Slackware, Gentoo....none have grabbed me.  Arch almost did, but wow that is a learning curve!  "Hey, here is a command prompt...do what you want..." Me, "ummm.....ok?!"...  I think I ended up getting a blank window to display and a clock...that was about it for quite a while!  :)  ...someday...someday... 


I do run Debian (Raspbian) on my Pi and it seems to be a decent distro.


Overall, Bodhi keeps hitting the middle ground.


And I will say, now running Bodhi on my Xeon system.  Swoon.  It makes me feel like I'm running a Falcon Northwest! ;)