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100k Forum Posts!

31 January 2017 - 02:56 AM

Hello Community,


Just noticed we cracked 100k forum posts recently - that's a pretty cool thing! 


A lot of information resides in these forums - thank you all who contribute and visit :)

Bodhi - Real Time Kernel?

16 January 2017 - 02:10 PM

Hello Community,


I have been attempting to setup a DAW on my Bodhi system and have been reading about using a real time kernel or some type of "overlay" - does anyone have experience with this and does Bodhi support it?  Playing with the kernel is not something I do on the regs.


That said, basically I'm experiencing a fair amount of Xruns in Qjackctl and am trying to eliminate them.  There are about 10k different "opinions" for things to try from adjusting buffers, sample rate, to not using USB 3.0 ports with USB 2.0 interfaces, to running a real time kernel, locking out memory, setting pulse audio not to run, routing jack through ALSA, etc, etc, etc....nothing very concrete I am afraid. 


Any suggestions would be phenomenal!  Thank you all!

Swappiness and Trim - Recommendations?

12 January 2017 - 02:50 PM

Hello Community,


I was reading through another user's post and some discussion came up about swappiness, which got me thinking about the TRIM command, SSD performance, etc.


My current PC set up a 16GB swap during install due to having 16GB of RAM...I personally think this is incredible overkill, as filling up 16GB of RAM, esp. in Bodhi, would take a fair amount of processes/services/etc.  And even if my RAM were to max out, I would have bigger issues going on if I were to utilize a full 16GB of swap...I mean, that is a HUGE amount of space (for swap)!  


That said, I used to run closer to a 4GB swap (still overkill IMHO - my system *never* swaps), would set swappiness to 10 and go from there.  Since my new system has 16GB vs. 8GB of RAM, inherently would there be less chance of swapping, so even if I left my system at 60 for swappiness, it wouldn't swap?




Regarding TRIM, my old system used a first generation SSD - evidently these drives were known to not do very good "garbage collection" and as such, many forums recommended running TRIM on the drive every so often.  Out of habit, I would just run the command everyday, since I was always in my terminal.  


Does anyone know if this is a worthwhile practice with modern drives?  I'm suspecting that my Samsung SM863, which is an enterprise drive, wouldn't need someone to trim it everyday in a production environment - is this accurate?  It doesn't seem like setting up a cron job would be needed, but thought I would ask in case anyone is an expert in all things drive related.


Thank you All!



Bodhi Case Badge?

11 January 2017 - 07:44 PM

Hello Community,


I was going through some older posts on a profile and spotted a "Powered by Bodhi Linux" case badge and was wondering if these are still available, where to get them, if they are coming back, etc.




I mean, who doesn't love case badges for Linux, esp. Bodhi?!

Anyone have any experience with recording audio w/in Bodhi?

09 January 2017 - 06:58 PM

Hello Community,


I was wondering if anyone has any experience using Bodhi as an OS on their recording rig/studio/DAW?


I recently made the purchase of a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 due to reading a lot of people stating they have had a good experience with it working will in Linux.  Now I need to find some software...


I use to run Steinburg Cubase back in my windoz days...so I'm looking for a similar DAW so there isn't a huge learning curve.  


https://ardour.org/features.html  - Ardour - seems neat?  Any experiences?  


I also used to run Native Instruments' Guitar Rig...so having something like that for plugins or even a stand alone amp modeler would be great.


I would love to get a conversation going about music rigs in general...


Any suggestions?