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#64072 Dual Monitor - iBar/Shelf placement

Posted by oqbqbodpdpo on 03 January 2013 - 03:35 AM

I got similar shelf placement errors initially when I acitvated my dual screens via a saved 'arandr' setting. My right-hand screen is primary by defualt (I think due to my choice of gpu card ports) and so desktop items and intial shelf appeared on the left of the right-hand screen and would slide into the right of the left-hand screen when trying to hide. [Like a hermit crab w/o a shell, lol.]
My solution was to place the original shelf in a new location (tried right-side of right-hand and then for aesthetic & accessibility reasons went with bottom of right-hand) on the right-hand screen on which ihad appeared.
However, I've been freely able to add new shelves to the left-hand screen by opening 'menu > settings > shelves' from the left-hand screen and one could manually recreate the original shelf there by recreating the same gadget arrangement if I so desired.
Perhaps this will reflect on your situation.