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In Topic: Discussion of e21

14 September 2017 - 11:25 PM

Thanks for the quick replies. I appreciate your diligence and understand your reluctance to deal with the buggy systray.  Except for the nm-applet/systray problem e-21 seems to work pretty well. For the moment I just restart enlightenment once to get the nm icon to show up on the desktop, though oddly now and again nm will show up in that corner of the desktop without the restart. The Bryce thing seems to work pretty well too, but at the moment it will only contains a start menu drop down icon and a digital clock. At any rate, e21 works well enough that going back to e17/moksha seems like too much trouble. Thanks again for your hard work.

In Topic: Discussion of e21

29 August 2017 - 04:48 PM

I've also been trying e21 with ylee's modules. I believe there's a problem with the systray under e21. I usually put the systray on a self hiding shelf in the top left hand corner of my screen. Under e21 if I position it there I can right click on the shelf and get a drop down with systray, shelf, and begin moving gadgets entries. Expanding the systray entry reveals the expected automatic scroll contents, look, etc. entries. However, no icons ever appear in the tray. Like graywizardlinux my network icon disappears. The nm-applet is in my startup list and HTOP shows that it is running, but no icon appears in the systray. However, If I restart enlightenment I find that the network Icon is revealed on the desktop in the top left corner when the top left shelf retracts to the hidden position. This icon on the desktop is functional and executes the proper drop down on a left click and properly controls network connections. Neither Systray nor any other gadget show as selected under the Layer Configuration of the Background or Overlay Layers. My password keeper (keepassXC) allows me to minimize it to the systray. If I select this option the keepass icon appears superimposed directly over the network icon on the desktop, but not in the systray on the shelf. As you might surmise I've been playing with this for a while now.

In Topic: Renaming / Reorganizing the Top Level Main Menu

22 October 2016 - 12:16 PM

Thanks Jeff. I didn't realize that the top level options were so deeply embedded, but that explains why I could never find them. I have 4.0 running on my desktop and 3.2 running on my laptop. Based on their hardware these machines should perform about the same, but 4.0 is much quicker. Kudos on a job well done.

In Topic: Renaming / Reorganizing the Top Level Main Menu

18 October 2016 - 01:41 PM

I don't see any problems with the upper level menu entries as you've outlined them. In fact, I think they cleanup and clarify the menu considerably. However, I sort of like to shorten entries in my desktop menus so as to limit the size of menu boxes. For instance I'd like to display "Screenshot" rather than "Take Screenshot" and "About OS" rather than "About Operating System," and maybe "QuickLaunch" rather than "Quick Launcher. Using these entries would reduce the width of the upper level box by about half. There are several ways that I've found to make these sort of Name edits for individual applications and the application types menus, but I've never been able to find any editable text file(s) for the upper level entries. Could you tell me where I might find them? This is purely for my own customization. I'm not suggesting that my shortened entries be adopted in any release. Thanks.

In Topic: Is Google Chrome a pig?

16 October 2016 - 05:09 PM

I've been using Firefox for many years (never been a fan of Chrome), but the most recent update broke it's integration with "KeepassX". I prefer KeePassX to "KeePass2.0," because it doesn't require "mono" or any other MS code. Basic "KeepassX" isn't capable of integrating with any browser, but there are some branches (https://github.com/k...reboot/keepassx) that interface through "PassIFox." Updating to "Firefox 49" broke this integration (ie username and password no longer automatically loaded on opening a site's login page). I tried several other browsers like "Chrome" (again) and "Seamonkey," that would support KeepassX, and finally settled on "Palemoon." Palemoon is fast. It seems to load pages pretty much as quickly as I can press "enter."


In addition to supporting "KeepassX " through "PassIFox," Palemoon also supports the other security add-ons I use either through Palemoon versions like "Encrypted Web" (HTTPS Everywhere) and "Decentraleyes X.X.X-palemoon," or through regular Mozilla add-ons like "uBlock origin" and "Disconnect," It also accepts "Startpage" as an alternate search engine. Once I added "Palemoon Linux 3.0" and "Foobar," transferred my bookmarks as a saved HTML, and futzed around with "preferences" and "about:config" for a while I ended up something that looks and acts very much like the secured "Firefox Australis" I was replacing, with the advantage of being much more responsive. I've been using it for about a month now and I'm very pleased. I'm so pleased I'm thinking of  moving from "Thunderbird" to Palemoon's "FossaMail."


I have to admit that Jame's earlier comment , "There is some debate on their security level as being ran mostly by one guy, but a whole team does contribute." was something that gave me pause when I first considered Palemoon. However, I rationalized, "couldn't I say the same about "Bodhi?"


If anyone wants to install a reasonably secure version of Palemoon to replace Firefox or Chrome you could probably use this post as an outline. I'd also suggest that you consider subscribing to a secure anonymous VPN. If I move to FossaMail I'll try to write a similar post on the install and customization. I'm also considering moving to Palemoon's sync service. I find the fact that (in addition to username/password credentials) palemoon sync both encrypts synced data before sending and decrypts that synced data only on my machine with a key that remains on my machine is very attractive from a security viewpoint. I'll also let folks know how this works out.


I suppose my emphasis on security might make me appear like a member of the "Tin-Foil Helmet Brigade," but since Snowden we do know that they're watching all of us at least generally. None of the add-ons I'm using are difficult to install, nor do they adversely affect my browsing. I can't see any reason that I should make it easy for the various Business and Government busybodies. If everyone made the snoopers job just a bit more difficult, then mass surveillance might become prohibitively difficult and expensive. End of Rant.