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In Topic: Swami Control Panel Priorities

Today, 01:37 PM

At this point once I get some time I think just making swami a system control panel will make the most sense. This means handling things like Date & Time and user permissions and the such - leaving things like wallpaper and themes to the C core of Moksha.

In Topic: Rage Video Player

Today, 01:36 PM

It is still in the repos today, but the lack of a file navigation in the application feels like it would be a turn off for many users. 

In Topic: Bodhi 4.x.y in the News

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

A somewhat recent review this month: http://www.linuxandu...eek-bodhi-linux


"Reviews" like this are so awful. They lack depth and this one has the gall to close with:

The only negative is that there are still a lot of bugs in desktop


No software is perfect, Bodhi included, but the reviewer doesn't mention hitting any issues and then closes with this blatantly false statement. Really annoying. 

In Topic: Keyboard and Mouse issues with Moksha

10 May 2017 - 08:47 PM

There should be a "mouse bindings" in your settings to control what the mouse buttons do.

In Topic: Moksha not so stable.

10 May 2017 - 08:40 PM

Perfect. Thanks for checking. I thought I had toggled that off at one point. Couldn't remember though.