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Major issue today... bodhi uninstalled itself. What happened?

29 January 2018 - 04:59 AM

Hi guys,


today something quite weird happened. It was about 9:30am (GMT+11, so it must have been 22:30 UTC), when I had the idea to do a "apt update" and then "apt dist-upgrade". I did not pay much attention to whatever apt wrote on the screen, and just clicked on "yes"...


And then, apt removed all the bodhi packages! And even more: it also removed all the  I could not start X any more. A search on "bodhi" wouldn't even find the package "bodhi-desktop"... As a temporary solution, I installed ubuntu-desktop :(


Later during the day, the package bodhi-desktop was again available, so I reinstalled it. I still had some warnings that I was using some unsupported enlightenment modules...


Overall, really weird. Any idea of what happened?