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Touchpad hung on new install (Dell Latitude)

12 August 2017 - 06:46 PM

I just installed Legacy on my old 32-bit Dell Latitude D810 laptop (previously running Xubuntu until 16.04 got too slow for it) because I'm an Enlightenment fan, and this seemed like a good opportunity.


Installation went fine, but on reboot I could not move the pointer using the touchpad. I don't have a mouse here, so this is pretty much a showstopper, as the system is inaccessible. I can log in, as the password box has focus, but thereafter it is not usable.


This machine has had a dozen Linuces over the years, and never a second's problem with the touchpad or pointer (and it's working fine if I boot from the USB stick; just not from the HD installation). Has anyone got a suggestion, or am I going to have to use Point or Mint or something?