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Conky in the Sticky notes? Why not :)

28 April 2017 - 05:47 PM


This post should be related to the thread where I announced my little project called StickyNotes but a brand new feature was added and I think it deserves a new one.


I realized I need a day calendar on the screen (we here in Slovakia have a weird habit to celebrate persons first name) not to forget to call my relatives or friends. I knew there is a nice terminal utility called "calendar" which shows day events according your setup. I made this feature possible but suddenly a new idea emerged. Why not to make it universal? We can put any linux command and we will have the outcome on the screen. Then another idea appeared. What if I add a timer for outcome refresh? Why not? OK, I will not bother you any more with this uninteresting story. Lets see the picture :) :

As you can see there are 4 StickyNotes and 3 of them are "animated". Date and CPU/Memory sticky resfresh every second and ncal every hour (hour is max in the settings).
Conclusion: Of course this is not a real Conky substitution but I think this module could be nice and useful for some of us and I hope you will like it. At this state of the project I need some testers to check the functionality etc.


Enjoy :)

PS: Use ncal -h if you want the day name and day number highlight (extra bonus for you :) )

Sticky notes module

16 March 2017 - 09:51 PM



I want to introduce you my new little project for Moksha/E users. The idea is very simple. I miss something like Sticky note gadget on the screen. I know there are some apps like xpad etc. but I wanted something binded with desktop thus very low in resources. I also wanted it to be transparent with elegant look. I took it as edje layer (edc scripting) introduction which I always wanted to understand and make some code for fun.

Module is based on the skeleton module which needed lots of modifications and fixes.


It is very young project (just 5 days :) ) which needs some further work. So it has got some limitations. This way I want you to ask for contribution if you are interested.


Module behavior is the same as other gadgets. Actually the best will be show the screenshot:





Gcompris 0.7 qt

07 February 2017 - 08:54 PM

Hello fathers (or better parents) :)


Just info for you. If you know Gcompris game collection for your kids and have installed it from repo, maybe you face games freezing or even system freezing. Today I found, there is a new version on the main Gcompris site based on QT, with completely redesigned menu, new games and mainly not freezing. Just tested with my both kids and it worked OK. I had some troubles with installation and running, as the sh file just extract files to some folders and I needed to run app from terminal as a script. I also faced troubles with sounds. After a while everything was OK. If you need more info, just let me know. In the meantime I will look somewhere for deb packages in order to be placed in our repository.


PS: Sweet evening today. I had so much time for myself, lol :)





TClock module new feature

15 January 2017 - 10:17 PM


There was some criticism related to default moksha/e clock. Not a big deal from my POV, nevertheless we have another module TClock which is nice featured. Let me tell you some pros:
  • rich format possibilities
  • possibility to add a text
  • time shift for another time zone
  • and since today possibilty to change font size :)
Maybe I will try to add the color picker in the future. No promises though...



PS: okra thx for help

Moksha translating

23 November 2016 - 11:01 PM



After all evening work I managed to get moksha po files ready for translating (still learning on the run). Now it is about you as volunteers if you want to help your country fellows to use this wonderful distribution.


Be aware! This is not a job for everyone. There is a lot of text (hundreds lines) in some languages which needs to be translated. Maybe work for some days or weeks.


all source you can find here:



Anyway, the best way to send me po file is via pull request. Ofcourse you need a git account. Secondly you can download po file as raw file and send me the file for this purpose created mail address



And now the state of current po files


ar.po: 1974 translated messages, 57 fuzzy translations, 20 untranslated messages.
bg.po: 696 translated messages, 1047 fuzzy translations, 308 untranslated messages.
ca.po: 2024 translated messages, 17 fuzzy translations, 10 untranslated messages.
cs.po: 1997 translated messages, 42 fuzzy translations, 12 untranslated messages.
da.po: 220 translated messages, 1426 fuzzy translations, 405 untranslated messages.
de.po: 1992 translated messages, 50 fuzzy translations, 9 untranslated messages.
el.po: 1936 translated messages, 79 fuzzy translations, 36 untranslated messages.
eo.po: 1916 translated messages, 17 fuzzy translations, 118 untranslated messages.
es.po: 1968 translated messages, 59 fuzzy translations, 24 untranslated messages.
et.po: 5 translated messages, 1543 fuzzy translations, 503 untranslated messages.
fi.po: 971 translated messages, 822 fuzzy translations, 258 untranslated messages.
fr.po: 1828 translated messages, 16 fuzzy translations, 207 untranslated messages.
fr_CH.po: 671 translated messages, 989 fuzzy translations, 391 untranslated messages.
gl.po: 2023 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 10 untranslated messages.
he.po: 484 translated messages, 1242 fuzzy translations, 325 untranslated messages.
hr.po: 973 translated messages, 822 fuzzy translations, 256 untranslated messages.
hu.po: 971 translated messages, 823 fuzzy translations, 257 untranslated messages.
it.po: 2023 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 10 untranslated messages.
ja.po: 1194 translated messages, 603 fuzzy translations, 254 untranslated messages.
km.po: 45 translated messages, 200 fuzzy translations, 1806 untranslated messages.
ko.po: 1997 translated messages, 40 fuzzy translations, 14 untranslated messages.
ku.po: 5 translated messages, 47 fuzzy translations, 1999 untranslated messages.
lt.po: 1154 translated messages, 16 fuzzy translations, 881 untranslated messages.
ms.po: 12 translated messages, 1535 fuzzy translations, 504 untranslated messages.
nb.po: 520 translated messages, 1199 fuzzy translations, 332 untranslated messages.
nl.po: 1341 translated messages, 462 fuzzy translations, 248 untranslated messages.
pl.po: 878 translated messages, 909 fuzzy translations, 264 untranslated messages.
pt.po: 2015 translated messages, 24 fuzzy translations, 12 untranslated messages.
pt_BR.po: 1993 translated messages, 43 fuzzy translations, 15 untranslated messages.
ro.po: 143 translated messages, 1411 fuzzy translations, 497 untranslated messages.
ru.po: 2008 translated messages, 25 fuzzy translations, 18 untranslated messages.
sk.po: 895 translated messages, 903 fuzzy translations, 253 untranslated messages.
sl.po: 1258 translated messages, 539 fuzzy translations, 254 untranslated messages.
sr.po: 2023 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 10 untranslated messages.
sv.po: 571 translated messages, 1162 fuzzy translations, 318 untranslated messages.
tr.po: 1552 translated messages, 16 fuzzy translations, 483 untranslated messages.
uk.po: 977 translated messages, 819 fuzzy translations, 255 untranslated messages.
zh_CN.po: 1894 translated messages, 67 fuzzy translations, 90 untranslated messages.
zh_TW.po: 1004 translated messages, 104 fuzzy translations, 943 untranslated messages.
Enjoy your translating work :)