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chief oren lyons - a mnetor of mine

Today, 05:59 PM

found this older video on you tube.


hope you enjoy it


hardware varibales= variable boot/shutdown times?

Yesterday, 06:03 PM

just curious.  i have 2 older thinkpad x series - the x220 with 8gb ram and ssd HD is much faster overall than the 4 gb reg drive x201.  but they are generally pretty fast for turn on and shutdown.  my wife's newer dell inspiron has reg dr. I guess and not sure about the ram and it loads slower to start and shutdown takes longer.  startup is rather slow.  The older r500 thinkpad is definitely slower all around but made me start to wonder why in re: to my z series TP's vs. the Dell?  Thanks.

So Far harvest season has been extremely good

26 June 2017 - 04:49 PM

harvested around 250-270 garlic, 275 onions, beans, slad materials, herbs, tons of potatoes, and still more to dig, tomatoes already and peppers enough that i am making a big pot of spaghetti sauce right now,  strawberries and blueberries for fresh eating and jams that i made, cukes, raspberries, figs are all over the tree, carrots, bunching onions, chinese cabbages, and a few more.


earliest we have ever gotten tomatoes and the onions yellow candy and red candy - the yellow candy a lot of them are the size of a softball and even bigger.  what a year for my onions.  3-5 eggs everyday.  apples and asian pears are doing nicely.


some ales and porters i have made and a decent looking binch of grapes n the vineyard for wine!


I am smiling!

get flash enabled in chromium?

25 June 2017 - 06:59 PM

how do you do it?  i looked all over and nothing.

Bodhi mention

25 June 2017 - 11:58 AM



just found it - haven't read it yet