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#101122 Share your Desktop

Posted by staind on 17 October 2016 - 04:14 AM

And the final xRandR brings a thing of beauty on two screens. No panning, and one can guess which one is LVDS1 (or the laptop screen), and where the laptop screen ends. Now try to imagine the monitor on the right, being this huge thing weighing down on a desk jutting out on flimsy supports:


Now go fullscreen with chromium​ and the glare lights up the room. I suppose Mediterranean Nights or lo contrast GTK themes are more suitable for nighttime work. There is one guy testing these extreme cases, though not from a checklist, and certainly not in a lab.


And he would make a mental note of his report. Everything is functioning perfectly, with two screens acting as one. No problems found years ago on a discrete nvidia graphics card; certainly no new problems reported using onboard Intel.


edit: Added last few lines



#100974 Screen across Desktops

Posted by staind on 06 October 2016 - 04:11 PM

my 2 cents. Do it differently, even the slightest bit, and you will get the bug that Elw3 knows about. I do not have a hybrid card; it was more of the kind you now find in the clearance corner for about US$5, give or take.


You will load the nvidia installer. It will list the chips supported by the driver.


The configuration tool gives a gui to set up multihead. The nvidia tool is all that matters. You can set up panning with it. You will end up with an xorg.conf. If you have done your homework, you should know what it is for. If you know only Ubuntu and/or recent distros, you can live with the automatically detected and self-configured xorg.conf. It will work--for the main display. While the other attached display will mimic the first, or stay blank. And you then tell the others, multihead doesn't work.


So you take the new xorg.conf, and place it in its proper location, in /etc. But you have to enter additional features. The important thing with this xorg.conf is that it knows you have two displays. This is your new starting point, or it is the end-of-the-line for the faint of heart. You can start using xrandr on the command line now to try out different configurations.


With the right approach, or by accident, you will end up with the displays you need--a desktop that spans, instead of twin workspaces. Good luck


If you figure things out correctly, or configure things the proper way, and a simple xrandr not only lists both displays but even lists each monitor's available resolutions, you should be able to 'pivot' one of them 90 degrees, or even add a third display. If you have gotten this far, and have a screenshot or photo of your rig running all displays, I think it's time to get a t-shirt. Heck, get two. The third t-shirt is for that guy who thinks you only use Windows to set up two displays :) He ought to buy you the water bottle (or a decent lager) since he lost the bet.

#100945 Rename run everything to run anything (SOLVED)

Posted by staind on 02 October 2016 - 01:45 PM

I get a visual of the computer or laptop fan kicking into high gear as the computer launches all the programs simultaneously in an unannounced torture test to see whether the cores can handle all programs running at the same time, and cars parked in the basement switch on like in the Highlander movie. Run anything is more accurate.

#100938 Screen across Desktops

Posted by staind on 01 October 2016 - 11:44 PM

I had the same setup, in fact it will always be my setup whenever I get a chance. Desktops that span, with shortcuts or keybinds that spin that massive desktop. And movies on 16:10, with enough space left for an IRC window. In between, I have to put up with one screen. It just isn't the same.


The changes are subtle; make sure that you pick the appropriate key bind. Pick the one that says Switch to Desktop Left (All screens), not just switch to desktop left. There are the usual regulars like Switch to desktop nn, but pick Switch to desktop nn(All screens)


All of the above is from memory; I have used the desktop for so long that I cannot pick any other desktop. The same shortcut keys always programmed to do the same job. Feel free to ask more questions; trust me, they are no problem at all.


But you have to remember that the spanned desktop is configured even before you get to enlightenment, with tools such as nvidia's own configuration, heck even a good old fashioned xorg.conf if you know your way around it. xrandr comes in as a testing tool. Time to watch those screens with both eyes.

#100624 well - been one strange year!!!! good and mostly bad...

Posted by staind on 16 September 2016 - 06:03 AM

Wish you both good fortunes for the rest of the year.


I am not like either of you, not a man of the soil, and the closest I can approximate being associated with "garden" in any way is when I would order a crisp green garden salad with blue cheese salad dressing.


I was able to make money with my Bodhi linux 3.0.0 laptop, courtesy of some firm that merely asked me to stay online after installing team viewer (found a standalone deb package), installing Bodhi on this beat-up old laptop, and making sure I had a working paypal account. Opportunities abound if you search well.


(The first payment is already in there :) It's like this friend o mine who does everything on his smartphone--getting paid in small doses for answering surveys. It may be small, said the wise man, but just you wait. In a month that small acorn will be a full grown tree.


I'd like to thank the Bodhi team for making this possible. And my friend for challenging me to do the same on my big laptop what he does on his teenie-tiny gizmo.

#100607 Renaming / Reorganizing the Top Level Main Menu

Posted by staind on 14 September 2016 - 02:36 PM

I was thinking that having QuickStart Bodhi should stay there, but the addition of the video tutorial prepared by one of the Bodhi users, as an alternative to simply reading about Bodhi. Some might want to watch it in action; and might be quicker than quick start.


Here is one of the HOWTO's contributed by one I'm sure you will all recognize :)

#100569 Where is on Bodhi Linux the terminal for Commands?

Posted by staind on 13 September 2016 - 02:10 PM

there's all terminals accessible via ctl-alt-F1 thru ctl-alt-F7 too in case your GUI had to give up on you at the worst possible moment, or you never knew "terminology" was the magic word, but you sure as heck knew you had to enter sudo dpkg --configure -a somewhere that had a command line to type the words in and continue with the rest of the stuff you had to do

#100465 Adjusting width of minimized windows

Posted by staind on 03 September 2016 - 05:36 PM

I think it's a "rolled-up" or "shaded" window; minimized is when it has become a mere icon in the icon box, just to clarify things. It is rolled up and that is why you can "unshade" it vertically.


You can however widen an unshaded window, that is, when there are borders on the sides that can be grabbed with the mouse, or by pressing ALT+mouse button.

#100350 Share your Desktop

Posted by staind on 24 August 2016 - 07:32 PM

 my good comp is making strange noises, so it looks like its sink or swim time.


Don't install anything; in fact, this would be ideal to run liveCDs for test drives instead of making install plans that could go either way. I especially try the other desktop window managers, but I'm already biased. If one of them ever runs as lean as this, I'd make sure to store some persistent data and preset configurations

#100339 Black screen within browser--have to restart X

Posted by staind on 22 August 2016 - 01:47 PM

Also don't force your browser to do hardware acceleration; see if the choice here matters a little or a lot.

#100310 eepDater and eSudo password error

Posted by staind on 20 August 2016 - 11:10 PM

There aren't any blanks in the password now, are there? If I recall correctly, you may have a special character in the password, and somehow the sytem is misreading it(I don't know if keyboard language preference has anything to do with it). You can try and figure it out, but that will depend on how much time you have to kill (and how important that time is to you) before you decide to reset it.

#100144 Gray Screen After Grub

Posted by staind on 02 August 2016 - 12:39 PM

If I remember correctly (you can scan through the forum archives) legacy mode should be enabled, not disabled. Then try to boot. Make sure that the hammer is safe in the toolbox and is nowhere near expensive electronics. Don't be too quick in blaming grub.

#100100 Default shell in Bodhi

Posted by staind on 31 July 2016 - 07:03 PM

It's bash, even in Debian 7 - here at Stack Exchangeit is explained in full

#100053 No Wireless Connection

Posted by staind on 30 July 2016 - 03:12 PM

Maybe a little bit of history will help, but to answer your question YES, it refers to that usb posing as a CD.


Back then burning ISO images to CD was all the rage, and trying out a live CD was a popular way of "test driving" a linux flavor. If I were to "test drive" say, Fedora or Debian or Puppy Linux, I had to go through several steps. It meant downloading the ISO or image file and "burning" that to a CD or DVD or optical media. This also led to a few wasted CDs when 1) the distro had one problem or another 2) the image downloaded did not arrive intact although it appeared to be the right size (mind you, we did not have fast internet a few years ago) So the idea of live USB was born out of necessity; here we have the ISO image on some other media that for all intents and purposes could pose as a live CD. You are using one right now, and the fact that you have managed to do this much in a forum bodes well for an install with a successful internet connection. So go for it. It's the weekend after all. Here too, across the pond, hexie.


EDIT: one of the advantages of the laptop at the public library is having two browsers: Safari and Chrome. So I can be on IRC in one, and follow your posts in the forum using the other. 


when you sudo install hexchat you can keep an eye on any more replies to your post in the browser, and hexchat will be devoted to IRC

#99988 Couple of annoyances

Posted by staind on 28 July 2016 - 02:25 PM

you should open a new thread for this issue; other people might be interested in a solution to just this particular one. You could mark the previous thread as 'answered' or 'solved' instead of lumping them all together  as 'annoyance'. Otherwise, this thread would remain open ended until you hopped to another distro.