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Anyone using live USB (not to install)

14 October 2016 - 11:48 AM

I have managed to get 4.0 alpha AND 4.0 beta on separate USB sticks, to "try before you buy" or to test drive, pretending to be a newbie (not a complete newbie) in the process; in other words, as someone planning to do a complete wipe of MS from a laptop.


So please take this as constructive criticism, and the questions come from the newbie mentioned above. A friend(s) told him to try Bodhi out, but he is hesitant about "complete wipe" or as his friend likes to tell him, to nuke all the stuff that came with the gear. But if his friend managed it, and is quite happy playing with his new toy (some iphone or other); I figure I can do it as well.


I am greeted with the Quick Start that tells him to run eepdater after setting esudo? (getting confused- what password? Is it bodhi? Was there a password somewhere?


But the quick start proceeds to describe all about getting software and applications after the big check mark appears, indicating the update/reload/eepdate concluded successfully.


This is the 32bit version, but I don't think the Win7 Dell latitude E6400 is a UEFI laptop, although the familiar BIOS setup is GUI-fied now instead of the normal plain text on blue-tinted screens a la DOS. (I did not have to choose a legacy mode if that helps.)


How can I proceed to get Thunar or PCmanFM? I must be the only one toying with live sessions; everybody else with install. The choices for distros with e are rather few, and I want to make sure that Bodhi is a cut above the rest, if I had that password.

Rename run everything to run anything (SOLVED)

02 October 2016 - 01:45 PM

I get a visual of the computer or laptop fan kicking into high gear as the computer launches all the programs simultaneously in an unannounced torture test to see whether the cores can handle all programs running at the same time, and cars parked in the basement switch on like in the Highlander movie. Run anything is more accurate.

Black Nostrum theme lives! (closed)

27 September 2016 - 12:19 AM

I crossed the desert, climbed the highest mountain, found a PClos Release on a server in China, ran alien to convert a src.rpm file, installed this bad boy tonight, so that I can announce a la Professor Farnsworth GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!! Agust' theme was previously unobtainable, but now you can have it. Ladies and gentlemen, your desktops will look new once again. It is my pleasure to bring to you Agust's Black Nostrum theme:


PM me an email address so that I can send the deb package to you using my gmail address. I have tested it only on e17. Anything other than that, well, if it breaks, you get to keep the pieces. Don't ask me any questions--I will assist when I can. But all credit should go to Agust, just the same.

Here is a guide to installing the theme:

Put the deb file in /usr/src or some common place

cd to that directory

as root, gdebi e-theme-complete-name

Go into 

Go into the Themes dialog, assign Black Nostrum to the BaseTheme; finally click Apply. That should do it.



Not everything has to be fullscreen, please (SOLVED-FINI)

21 September 2016 - 12:52 AM

Remember that the desktop *is* the start button for enlightenment and the other *box window managers (Blackbox, fluxbox, openbox et al). When the tutorial called QuickStart opens, there is no space left to hit the desktop and keep going/working. And there is no way for the new user to find out that clicking on the desktop is the beginning of everything. I had to cough up an xrandr to start desktop panning, put a little margin on the sides. One doesn't need to bring that cursor to a very small corner, simply to "start" getting productive. What's with that bar stretching all the way across the bottom? Looks too much like LXDE or cinammon or something; it seems to want to block you from shoving windows out or below, when the desktop allows you to go past those artificial boundaries, and into the next adjacent workspace.


There is a reason that the number one operating system is called "Windows"; not "Walls"--the latter isn't quite catchy. (/me takes off curmudgeon hat) This is Moksha, and there is no need to make it look like the old stuff.


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After unetbootin, 'Choose first hard disk' fails

19 September 2016 - 06:19 PM

I am using Bodhi 4.0.0 32 bit and burned to a USB stick using unetbootin. I was able to boot and run Bodhi live, so I decided to reboot to my current Bodhi 3.0.0 on the primary hard drive. It just "raises the grub menu box" by an inch or so, issues the error message file isolinux/W32COM is not a com32 file or something similar, and stalls. It should let me boot to my existing Bodhi instead of stalling.