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Moksha Emergency

18 February 2017 - 09:14 PM

Hi everybody!


I was  playing  with  iBars,  Shelves and Gadgets (following instructions from Roger Carter's Guide btw) and something went wrong ...

My Desktop started blinking and that's basically what it had been doing ever since ...

I mean the desktop is constantly blinking and the system is not responding. Reloading does not help.

This is relevant only for my default profile.  Guest profile is alright.


Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Trouble with connecting to wifi network

18 January 2017 - 07:46 PM

Hi guys!


First let me thank all of the Bodhi team for introducing myself to the exciting world of Linux!


Now let's get to my problem :)


I am trying to use a Zyxel G-320H EE pci wifi card which does not appear to have native linux drivers and wasn't recognized by Bodhi.

After some research made I was able to fire it up with ndiswrapper and Windows drivers. Now lamps on the card are blinking just like they are supposed to and I can see available wifi networks in the Bodhi Network applet.

The problem is that when I try to connect to my home wifi network it looks like it does not recognize the password I am entering. "Authentication required by wi-fi network" window keeps popping up again and again notwithstanding the fact that the password is actually correct (which I am 100% sure).


I suspect the trouble is caused by ndiswrapper and Windows drivers. Thus I am almost ready to give up on this wifi card, but decided to give it a last try and ask you guys for some help.


Any ideas? After all, the card is not completely dead: it detects nets but just can not connect. Its pretty frustrating to give up being so close to the target ...