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In Topic: Bodhi ranking

22 September 2017 - 04:03 PM

Wayland imho is a bottleneck where Enlightenment inspired Linux distributions are concerned, which is why imho it has not been a bad idea that Jeff got started with Moksha sometime back.


My take on ranking matters.. eight worldly winds: with praise comes blame, with success comes failure, with pleasure comes pain, with victory comes defeat. Take ladders with a pinch of salt perhaps, and enjoy the good natured linux community here. :wub:

In Topic: Total NOOB running into a roadblock

22 September 2017 - 03:55 PM

Throw the laptop and watch your breath instead. Breathing in, look at the greens outside the window and be glad that you do not need that laptop. Breathing out, find a couple of beans, throw them into the nearest soil that you can lay your hands on, spit on them daily, and observe day after day and develop your own insights about why I told you to throw that laptop.


Hint: You can't even grow mould on that working 3.5" drive, in the past we could at least grow mould on 5.25" floppies. :P .

In Topic: hello from deep in the heart of texas

07 September 2017 - 11:34 AM

I wanted to joke but I couldn't. My prayers and goodwill instead. :wub:  Am on standby most of the past week with United Nations Volunteers while watching the news.

Hurricane Harvey in Texas is probably over by now, but since I have been a humanitarian volunteer the past 10 years I always can feel my anxiety tics when a major natural disaster is coming. The past month or two seemed ridiculously "exciting" from a geopolitical perspective. One moment I thought hell at the Korean DMZ was breaking loose, next moment the Russians were gathering magic around Belarus and Kaliningrad, then before anybody knew it Harvey had struck. I was actually still grappling with an accident at Pedra Branca involving USS John S. McCain that suddenly put Singapore in American news. My condolences for the bravehearts that died in the tragic accident. Just when I thought Singapore was back to normal business, suddenly I learned that one of our battleships was deployed guarding Guam alongside the US 7th Fleet against the North Koreans nuclear arsenal. I was flabbergasted because Guam is in the Pacific Ocean when Singapore is nearer the Indian Ocean, the second Korean War suddenly seemed erupting. Again before I knew it, my heads activated our choppers based off Texas and our boys are probably still in Houston delivering chow. All that action packed Red Crossy news seems never ending as just this morning I read that Irma is hitting Puerto Rico and arriving at Florida next it seems. Irma seems monstrous, what is scarier is that another two hurricanes are already accompanying Irma, one reaching Mexico and another not sure where. Scenes from Day After Tomorrow came back to my mind, I could neither meditate nor complete my assignments. Phew. 

In Topic: Hello Guys

07 September 2017 - 11:18 AM

Welcome from East India, err, Indonesia. ;)


Your big boss is in town here in Singapore today having a retreat with mine.  :)  Security is so tight the entire day, I practically am going nowhere the entire afternoon. When Modi of India visited Singapore I could at least still breathe! 


The Singapore government detained another two terror suspects today.

In Topic: Bodhi 4.3.1 Released

07 September 2017 - 05:57 AM

Am holding one's horses as Debian seems rather fuzzy imho as of late, possibly might or may create a spare partition on a Windows netbook, install Debian 32 bit, then port in either Moksha or Enlightenment. This is rather necessary in my case as the complexity all these years have neither been Moksha nor Bodhi Linux, but because the variety of newer machines are still stuck with that UEFI BIOS setting that makes life cumbersome recycling post-warranty Intel or AMD machines in bulk with Linux. In the past, when the older Windows Vista machines ran out of warranty, I would just go ahead and install Bodhi 2.x.x or 3.x.x on them overridding any factory defaults, but these days with UEFI, it is administratively troublesome if - let's say - one user comes and wants Bodhi Linux replacing Windows 10 on an "outdated" laptop, and after removing all the factory defaults and turning on Legacy settings in specific BIOS then all out of a sudden this user wants to reinstall Windows 10 on it. In the past if all they wanted was to dual boot Bodhi Linux with Windows Vista I could get it done on the same machine with OEM images from vendors, but these days even dual booting - while not impossible - is a tiring chore explaining the nitty gritty details of why UEFI has affected how operating systems boot.  -_-