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In Topic: The EDI IDE

Today, 01:05 PM

Am importing a Windows evaluation .ova virtual appliance as I type, because a user elsewhere requested me of pro bono Microsoft Windows support. The Edi IDE is something we can perhaps give a miss. Checking out the project website shows not the project being defunct, but the entire Codeplex project management platform by Microsoft closing down. Codeplex accompanied me briefly over several years, in essence any project that shows up on Codeplex is mostly good in terms of academic or personal home use. :)


Yet, in terms of commercial purposes, Visual Studio as an IDE these days is already a lacklustre branding. Perhaps, without Xamarin and Mono keeping a substantial portion of the .NET community interested, Visual Studio as a development platform itself lacks the punch, much lesser projects inspired by .Net. If you simply must do .Net development on Bodhi Linux, imho Atom, Xamarin, Visual Studio Code are some environments that come to mind more prominently the past year. I personally liked Facebook Nuclide very much, but did not find it commercially profitable.

In Topic: Bodhi 4.x.y in the News

24 May 2017 - 02:25 PM

A somewhat recent review this month: http://www.linuxandu...eek-bodhi-linux

In Topic: Hello from England

23 May 2017 - 03:38 AM

Imho, ordinary folks like me from the Commonwealth condemn what appears as a terrorist incident in Manchester a few hours ago. Human life is precious. Please refrain from harming onself or others. http://www.bbc.com/n...hester-40007967

In Topic: Hello Bodhi, Zagreb calling!

21 May 2017 - 07:27 AM

Peace and imho, welcome Croatia. We are happy making Bodhi friends. :)

In Topic: New here and of course I have question , install, mbr ,partition

21 May 2017 - 07:14 AM

:) In the longer run let us say you come ever back desiring old windows usage beyond Linux, ReactOS just released 0.4.5 on GNU GPL this week. I still prefer sticking with Linux given a choice, but where I am coming from is that Windows XP is really history. It was a good OS when it lasted back then, iirc.