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Today, 03:30 AM

This clip I did on Facebook is a few months old by now, still, it summarises the agricultural paradoxes that my island country Singapore faces. I farm less to donate or sell, but because what I farm I can actually eat. The catch 22 about Maslow Theory is that 95% of Singaporeans are not directly involved in any form of consumption farming, and the local producers produce less than 20% of our daily needs. What I want to say, yet cannot complain, is that the economy of Singapore is based almost entirely in high employment figures, such that as an independent existence only 5% or so of such natives perform the sort of tasks that are truly a facet of basic humanitarian needs.


In other words, when everybody wants to own a factory or a company, but nobody wants to run it, the country ends up with farmers like me as well as cleaners and undertakers that is akin to building a pyramid upside down. The joke is that I operate all three lines of businesses in one way or another, i.e. what comes to me as bodhi is that all the 50% of graduates in Singapore make for good fertilisers in my farm whether from their manures till their inconvenient truths. Besides, if burial is not their cup of tea, surely they need a clean room environment where they may be rested upon the expiration of their life expectancies.


I am planting vegetables and herbs this month at a new plot. Most of the fruits that I plant in Singapore are not common in the northern hemisphere. Biodiversity is rarely a challenge here along the equator.

In Topic: Is Chromium "calling home"?

Yesterday, 07:31 AM

Midori which is the default browser on Bodhi is programmed via Webkit and presently not yet in version one. The default search engine is Duck Duck Go.


Seems it prob does 'phone home' : See the bug report on this issue


All the comments in that thread are a bit dated and I have not checked the current version of Chromium. You can check it yourself if you want to.


I am unsure what you mean by "If so, then why'd you guys put it there??" It is not like I or other Bodhi Team members put that code in there. 


Probably a super newbie that has never used Debian and Ubuntu at all much lesser the Bodhi Live image. No offence please.

In Topic: Just Curious ...Ever Wonder about supporting an Additional WM?

Yesterday, 05:24 AM

esudo is the least of my concerns. Now that Moksha is out, a lot of the past challenges that I faced with Enlightenment have already been reconciled. Bodhi 4.1.0 works fine on my computing environments, in fact the least bells and whistles such as back then we had the ARM experiment iirc, the better. I personally prefer Midori over Firefox, and esudo is a good to have as long as we keep Terminology around handy somewhere. As my zen roshi Adam Genkaku Fisher taught me approximately, what scares people is not what is wrong with the world (and Bodhi), what scares people is that the world (and Bodhi) is perfectly alright.

In Topic: I think i broke Midori

19 April 2017 - 02:38 PM

Midori is designed with crashing as an unspoken objective. It is in version 0.5.11 after all i.e. it is not even complete as a browser. Still, it is one of the several open source products that do Webkit justice, I like Webkit very much but I never figured out the environment. Besides, Midori and the Duckduckgo browser is one way in which these non profiteering start ups like Bodhi Linux monetise. Assuming you have installed Firefox which also comes with Ubuntu, you probably notice that it is missing some support of certain video formats. I have no comments about Windows 10 at this juncture since like Bodhi Linux, lots of folks on Windows 10 actually got it as a free upgrade.

In Topic: FujiSiemens ESPRIMO C5900 i915GV new bodhi install

19 April 2017 - 02:27 PM

Mothers usually make or break bodhi since Nepal 2,500 years ago. Throughout my lifetime I have never heard of the Buddha having a mother-in-law though he did have a wife. He had two mothers i.e. a stepmother as well. If you can trust me even the slightest, if a fresh install of Bodhi Linux is unsatisfactory when you booted it up, your mother-in-law and you probably will not get any happier even with Firefox and Thunderbird installed and all those pop outs and emails start appearing. If Bodhi is too light for your marriage, you probably are safer with the human technology of Ubuntu instead.