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In Topic: Something for coders :)

Today, 03:59 PM

I can imagine good kids doing Harvard CS50 after their first lectures dropping out of class and converting a datacentre as a metallic band.

In Topic: No internet after kernel update

Today, 03:54 PM

Sorry, imho thread starter does not seem unskilled with Linux or computers but the way in which the symptoms are being communicated are tantamount to solving one's parents. What he / she needs is to do is take a walk, catch a breather, have a look at his / her surroundings such as the trees and water, birds and bees, then come back another time. If Bodhi Linux charges moolah over such incidents, I would recommend instead that Jeff and team start billing for professional services, In which case a helpdesk ticketing system is recommended here, otherwise, like I have said, because it's good natured open-source you see, consider my suggestion instead. It's not that I avoid solving the technical problem at hand, what I am pointing out here are life skills: if we do any decent course in an engineering or science school they will usually make the student do some soft skills as well, tell yourself Daniel that you are human. Computers often have a lifespan shorter than a cat. In economics, Daniel's fifth reply is known as marginal disutility.  :P 

In Topic: Something not to do on a holiday weekend

Today, 03:38 PM

Happy New Year one and all at Bodhi too!  ^_^

In Topic: Basilisk Web Browser

Today, 03:35 PM

Saya tidak tahu - it's Bahasa for I don't know.  :) 

In Topic: Bodhi Linux

Today, 03:31 PM

Thank you Charles. I was going to say that I wished homework was this easy when I was in school.  :)  I'm afraid that if an answer is 'given' the lesson may be 'forgotten'.



@ ramanio


I have to ask, what class is this?

Have the same question too, my campus laboratories used Redhat as an undergraduate, I tinkered with Mandrake on my desktops, throughout my academic life I have never saw anybody using Bodhi Linux as a lab workstation though I have seen openSUSE and Ubuntu on students' laptops.