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In Topic: Digikam 5.5.0 and Rawtherapy

15 December 2017 - 02:47 PM

Now you can put IRC on the backburner, same as learning to compile from source -- those will come in handy at a later time.


Maybe troubleshooting would be the skill required for the present. So here is what I would suggest, and running on a separate netbook/laptop might be ideal. If you can run the live version of Mint or Solus or MX17 far enough as to run digikam right up to the point where  the database gets created, go for it. I would try locating that database, noting its exact location e.g. $HOME or /usr/something-or-other, then saving a copy of the file on a stick so that when you run digikam on Bodhi the application need only add records to the file instead of creating a new file from scratch, which seems to be failing at the moment. If the application determines that the file already exists, then it merely has to add records to it.


Run digikam from terminus if you can manage that so that error or warning messages can be viewed, in addition to the messages in the system logs. 

In Topic: Digikam 5.5.0 and Rawtherapy

14 December 2017 - 04:05 PM

Val, I found encouraging news on the digikam website -- the digikam program is still actively maintained, and they listed these steps to get support:


  1. Go through the documentation.
  2. Read the FAQ
  3. Join the mailing list
  4. If you have done those steps and believe you have found a bug, use bugzilla to report it.

As a long time user there have been many instances when reading the manual could help solve the problem. To this day, newbies still ask, for example, why isn't conky reading my very own config file. This query still has a million-plus hits on search, and I can relate or understand when the developers get fatigue from repeating the same answer over and over, asking themselves, do these people even follow instructions


So now that you have installed digikam successfully on Bodhi, it is time to switch to the digikam support people, with this question you have. The Bodhi devs will be ready when you have been advised that the problem lies with the distro that you are using. You may not need to run it from the app image; this could be one of the reasons why the program cannot proceed. Why do you need the app image, when the source code can be obtained from the digikam website? I am curious about the need for special handling like this, (what is an app image; is that like special parking for the handicapped--you can tell that I did not get the memo) when a guy using Slackware or Gentoo can compile the thing and get going after a few minutes. Having been around the block, I can tell what a tar.gz file is, and what to do when it is available. All I need is access to the command line, and get to work.


Please understand that there are different approaches to the problem, and using an app image you were able to get further until you ran into an obstacle. The best people who would know where the problem is would be the digikam developer team, or a fellow Bodhi user who attempted the same thing, and can share his input through this forum. I would not want this thread to sit here idle -- really why I prefer discordia and IRC rather than forums

In Topic: Every Login, CapsLock Light is On

13 December 2017 - 04:42 PM

for spankmon, you may have to search for an x tool that puts a tiny graphical representation that functions as setleds does i.e. a row of 3 leds that can be placed in the corner of your screen. It might work and could be a replacement for the physical leds on your computer.

In Topic: Every Login, CapsLock Light is On

13 December 2017 - 03:53 PM

Oblio - re your OEM keyboard issue - has to do with other USB devices competing with resources. Although you may not have anything else plugged in, no coffee cup warmer nor turntable or mini colored disco ball or some other accessory, sometimes upon viewing the boot log messages there is a listing of a USB controller in there albeit an internal controller. I would question the choice of USB for the "old school" clickety-klack keyboards because the originals came with PS/2 connectors when PS did not stand for Playstation or something else. You may want to try something else, but that might need a new forum thread, so we can pursue the LEDs issue until it performs correctly before our user grabs a hammer, regardless of his username.

In Topic: Every Login, CapsLock Light is On

12 December 2017 - 06:36 PM

You may want to get familiar with this little tool known as setleds especially since you say that you are typing in lower case but the light is on.