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In Topic: Upgrade procedure when new Ubuntu LTS comes out?

Today, 04:58 PM

Maybe you are also new to the concept of NOT upgrading? Elsewhere in this forum we discuss running Bodhi on fifteen year-old machines, and even on machines that other deluded factions might call low-spec. Maybe it is time to review those old "rules of thumb". One doesn't need a speed demon custom rig to run Linux; netbooks or chromebooks will do nicely. If the hardware runs the applications you need at a decent speed, save your money for later when the real need arises e.g. upgrade for the RAM, or whatever to improve performance. Don't be stuck on an "upgrade cycle"; make that a thing of the past.


I *would* upgrade for example, if there were a security update. But this isn't the other OS that is used to all forms of ailments. Mr Rashkin has made things easier for you or anyone that has been thinking about the same thing. Thank you,Bob (and the rest of the hardworking Bodhi team).

In Topic: Midori Browser and GMail

Yesterday, 05:16 PM

Google has modified their login but only a little bit. It works for somebody with mutiple gmail addresses, and I can choose the id to use for a session. It may have unintended effects on the other browsers, or it advises you to 'upgrade to a supported browser'. "Supported browser" is 90% always the browser you dislike the most, or hate the least, but it plays Flash without blinking. Of course, it will never work for a guy who likes ad-free browsing via a browser that's made in Japan aka w3m, and who wants to view his email with mutt.

In Topic: So Far harvest season has been extremely good

26 June 2017 - 08:19 PM

no need to apologize, mates


This is the Lounge, after all, and 'off topic' is the order of the day


No stress --- carry on. I recognized the fripp name from when my brother borrowed a friend's CD and he was in this certain phase of exploring guitar music and he showed me who the Paul was in les Paul

In Topic: Neophyte help for installing Bodhi 4 Appack

25 June 2017 - 10:14 AM

Thank you for sharing this. I was thinking it ought to be pinned in some forum, like a HOWTO disable the annoying screen blank during install (among other annoyances) OR HOWTO get the third party stuff and Updates after an install

In Topic: Can Bodhi decently revive 15 years old computers?

24 June 2017 - 12:27 PM

For folks on a budget where a computer really isn't a must-have but has been placed as a nice-to-have instead, maybe you don't need a speed demon desktop with all the bells and whistles. I don't even have to settle for a netbook, although there is nothing wrong with that. But why, when just a casual glance through the online ads yields a bunch of used Thinkpads and Dells from businesses or individuals who have found them unable to run Version 10 fast enough. Somebody was willing to part with a laptop for $75, as an example. And for $50 a person can get a complete desktop that was good enough for corporate. These folks are stuck in the "upgrade cycle" which is really analogous to a hamster running on his spinning wheel.

Now we can look at these items with  a more discerning eye, knowing what we know: you don't really need a lot. For some of us a fast connection is all we really need to get started. For a few of us, a fat pipe and a 4G stick will get more results. XP expired/EOL? That's okay, make it run something better.