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Bodhi Linux #1 distro for old computers in 2018 according to Fossbytes

05 February 2018 - 11:32 PM

Hi, guys,


According to the Fossbytes, Bodhi Linux is the best distro for old computers in 2018.




If someone has posted this link before, sorry for the duplicate - it is a one month old link. I was glad to see that acknowledgment.


I think that the developers deserve to enjoy a moment of glory and appreciation.


Have a good night,



LibreOffice 6

31 January 2018 - 08:36 PM



I have installed LibreOffice 6 on LinuxBodhi 4.4.0. On the attempt to launch it, a window "Moksha had error running libreoffice6.0 -- writer."


Any suggestions how to fix it?


Thank you,



Swapping hard drives

23 January 2018 - 11:41 PM

Hi, guys,


Last night I watched an informative video on how to build a PC


I've never built a PC by myself before, so I have a question: when I build a PC and install an OS on the hard drive, will installation of the OS make any changes in the BIOS?


I am considering the following plan:


1. Build a PC


2. Install Windows on the HDD (to run photo editing software)


3. Take the HDD out and replace it with another blank HDD


4. Install Linux on that HDD


Linux will be used for daily use, and Windows will be reserved exclusively for photo editing.  Will this work? Part of me says that it should while the other part says that there might be some problems with BIOS or whatever?


Maybe someone who has build PCs before can advice?


If the answer is that there will be no problem, I will need to find a way to easily swap drives, Are the drives prone to shortcuts with static electricity too? Do I need to ground myself each time when I swap HDDs? Ideally, I would love to have a flip switch to select from which HDD to boot but I am not sure if this solution even exists.


Thank you in advance,



MintBox Mini - Bodhi Linux 4.4.0 vs Linux Mint 18.3

11 January 2018 - 03:20 AM

Hi, guys,


I mentioned in the previous posts that I planned to switch from Linux Mint to Bodhi on my little desktop MintBox Mini.


I planned to make the switch in March but I had an occasion to do it today. Please see the screenshots below.


Linux Mint 18.3 - RAM usage was 960 MB




Bodhi Linux 4.4.9 (CPU and RAM usage - see below), actual CPU usage was 2% (it spiked a bit during taking the screenshot).




Bodhi has CPU usage SIX times less then Mint! WOW! RAM usage is about FOUR times less! YES!


The user experience after the switch is night and day. 


Everything flies. With Linux Mint, it took about 15-20 sec between clicking the Synaptic Manager icon and actual opening of the application.


With Bodhi, Synaptic launches within a fraction of a second.


The only thing that is not smooth is watching YouTube videos - but this is not because of Bodhi but because of the slow processor in the MintBox Mini (CPU usage goes as high as 70% while playing YouTube).


I am very impressed with Bodhi again (I've been using it on the Lenovo ThinkPad for about 8-9 months).


Last time I had this level of satisfaction from using a computer was in 2008-2009 with Snow Leopard running on a MacBook Pro (my experience with Apple had a constant decline since that time, and I am step-by-step phasing out from using ANY Apple products).


I wish I switched from the Mint to Bodhi earlier - I could have a fully usable desktop rather a crippled handicap. 


Big thanks to the Bodhi team. Keep up your excellent work.



Citation manager for Bodhi

08 January 2018 - 09:59 PM

Hi, guys,


What is a good citation manager that works with Bodhi and LibreOffice or Abiword?


I've seen BeGo requested Zotero support several years ago. I've never used anything else other than EndNote and MS Word, so I have to rely on your recommendations.


Thank you,