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#104423 Hello Bodhi, Zagreb calling!

Posted by cordx on 20 May 2017 - 05:41 PM

welcome zagreb :)


i am fairly new to the joys of opensource os and linux as well. looks like we made it just in time :)

#104383 installing bodhi on a gpt disk

Posted by cordx on 17 May 2017 - 10:45 PM

for the win :) again, thank you all for the helpful suggestions


edit: i used both suggestions. i created the live usb with dd and made sure to boot in uefi mode specifically so i don't know which was "the" answer, but had to pick one for the solution so :)


now to figure out what to do with all 128 partitions :P

#104364 hello from deep in the heart of texas

Posted by cordx on 16 May 2017 - 09:29 PM

just wanted to take a moment or two to say hello from san antonio :) my name is cord


probably a decade or so ago my brother was kind enough to pass on his used A+ computer repair book. i can still remember my trepidation as i opened the case on dad's emachine to replace the cpu fan with the squeaky-grindy sound. now i like to help out friends and neighbors with their computer woes in part because i like to help, but also because i like a good puzzle :)


bit by bit i figured out how to do a thing or two from the command prompt and that intrigued me even moreso. it was probably hanging out in the forum over on professor messer that i met my first linux systems administrator. mint didn't seem to want to play too terribly friendly with the aging laptop i was working on at the time, but i was even further intrigued by the open source concept and determined that one day i would find a flavor that worked for me.


last year i was lucky enough to find my way into a good deal on a nice used laptop. come to find out that was because the win10 install was a mess to say the very least. i figured i might as well add a distro to it in case i wasn't able to sort out the window issues. in all honesty ubuntu mate is just fine and runs with a fairly light footprint as well, but there was something about the name bodhi and the simplicity of the moksha desktop that i quite enjoy :)

#104363 Bodhi 5 etc

Posted by cordx on 16 May 2017 - 09:01 PM

Hi, The waiter,


Thank you for the reply. After reading your reply I found this article written by Jeff https://mokshadesktop.github.io The article makes me read more about  Moksha and Enlightenment.


I've never used previous Bodhi releases before, so Bodhi 4.1.0 is my only real experience (I tried to install Bodhi 3.0 via Parallel's Desktop 10 on MacBook Air in December 2015 and something did not work). So far, my experience is all positive.


All the best.




my personal takeaway from that post: if the wall will not stop being so hard just because you persist in banging your head against it, fork the darn thing :)