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hello from deep in the heart of texas

16 May 2017 - 09:29 PM

just wanted to take a moment or two to say hello from san antonio :) my name is cord


probably a decade or so ago my brother was kind enough to pass on his used A+ computer repair book. i can still remember my trepidation as i opened the case on dad's emachine to replace the cpu fan with the squeaky-grindy sound. now i like to help out friends and neighbors with their computer woes in part because i like to help, but also because i like a good puzzle :)


bit by bit i figured out how to do a thing or two from the command prompt and that intrigued me even moreso. it was probably hanging out in the forum over on professor messer that i met my first linux systems administrator. mint didn't seem to want to play too terribly friendly with the aging laptop i was working on at the time, but i was even further intrigued by the open source concept and determined that one day i would find a flavor that worked for me.


last year i was lucky enough to find my way into a good deal on a nice used laptop. come to find out that was because the win10 install was a mess to say the very least. i figured i might as well add a distro to it in case i wasn't able to sort out the window issues. in all honesty ubuntu mate is just fine and runs with a fairly light footprint as well, but there was something about the name bodhi and the simplicity of the moksha desktop that i quite enjoy :)

installing bodhi on a gpt disk

14 May 2017 - 08:32 PM

anybody know why when i install bodhi from a live usb, the partition table gets switched from gpt to msdos? in all reality it doesn't matter too very much :) i just like to play with new gadgets and methodologies and whatnot and thought being able to have more than 4 partitions would be fun to play with.


thanks, cord