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#107809 Bodhi Linux

Posted by SRYoung on 08 January 2018 - 12:02 AM


12) Is there a front-end / back-end package mananger? If so, describe both the frontend and backend.
13) Give an example of this package manager:
- how to install a program
- how to remove a program,
- how to remove a program including configuration files
- how do you search for a package?
- how do you update the system, how do you upgrade the system.


There are a couple of major packages in linux RPM for red hat and co Deb for debian and co Yast for Suse and co they all have a front end and backend for debian/ unbuntu it is synaptic (frontend) and apt-get (backend) even though we have a app center it is a front end to apt-get upgadeing is done by a dedicated app (but you can use apt-get also of course) the rest is for you to try


14) does your distribution use an x-server + x-windows or is it different?
16) What is the display manager?
17) What is the window manager?

 yes x11 not wayland Jeff has made it clear that he does not intinded to jump into wayland as x11 is better (even though unbuntu now comes with wayland) I think he is right and this  imho comes from wanting to have a stadle goood dristro ( the reason why no upgrade in EFL)


15) Which is the default desktop environment that uses your distribution?

16) What is the display manager?
17) What is the window manager?

as said before Moksha a fort of enlightenment but you can gt E21 in the repositories also it is all inclusive see the enlightenment website https://www.enlightenment.org/


18) What is the graphical configuration system used in your distribution?

as said above we don't know what you want but if it is to contrast gnome and kde we use GTK (gnome)


the key to understanding linux and especially Enlightenment Moksha is to try it

#107808 Bodhi Linux

Posted by SRYoung on 07 January 2018 - 11:43 PM

ok Let me help a little  understand that not all of the questions are related to this distro rather are general questions I am not the father of this distro so some answers will be my opnoion (or all) this is long sorry


1) What is the purpose of your linux distribution, for which target audience is the distribution made, what are the

main applications of this distribution.

From what it seems this is a bare bones unbuntu distro with some changes based on a very customazible and fast X11 wm Moshka based on  enlightenment the target audiance can be anybody as long as you want to choose everything yourself and have olny what you need as said before this is a bare bones distro while thier is a app pack release it is not the focus the basic apps are ones that run on enlightenment and the app release is fairly basic it terms of linux however as said before this distro is for your apps


2) What is the history of creation, of which other distribution is it a fork, which is why
the fork is made.

it is a unbuntu fork with a little chainges ask Jeff, I think the main reason was to make a stable enlightenment distro based on enlightenment 17


3) Tell a little more about the original distribution, describe the biggest differences between the
effective distribution and the fork

this I already answered above but in short Unbuntu chooses for you at the start here it is a blank state (for example try hardining a system in unbuntu you need to turn off a lot here because you olny have what you neeed thier is almost no reason to)


4) Which software license is chosen for distribution (open source / free software etc ..). Briefly explain
what this license stands for and what the opinion of the FreeSoftwareFoundation about this license is.

It is GNU 3 as far as I know differing from Debian we do not seem to concerned with fully free (ie. icefox) the rest is homework which I think they ask on the linux + exam check out GNU website https://www.gnu.org


5) what are the minimum system requirements for your distribution

I think 500mhz and 256 ram but never tried it (my 400mhz box is ipcop) tested tried and used with 1ghz 512 ram no PAE dell laptop with full apps and it runs fast


6) Describe the installation process. (If your distribution allows it, try it out on a virtual one

well download (torrent) and try but it is a unbuntu install


7) What is the default bootloader? Describe where you can adjust the configuration of this boot loader

GURB 1 ( I would really like grub 2 with tmp support) this is a general linux question google it


8) Which is the default file system that is used by your distribution, explain briefly what is happening
specific to this file system.
9) Which other file systems are supported?

as a unbuntu fork this is just unbuntu answers

#107439 AutoBacklight

Posted by SRYoung on 11 December 2017 - 09:35 PM

fixed sorryit has nto been a good day /long night

#107318 Enlightenment and slow laptop

Posted by SRYoung on 28 November 2017 - 10:21 PM

Moshka on a dell D800 (lets just say no pae...) working fast from startup (beats win 10 in a dual xeon2660 hp workstation 16 gb ram) to regular use

#107194 New Direction

Posted by SRYoung on 16 November 2017 - 12:15 AM

I am trying to start a project in a school I administer computers for students high school to college plus). It might have donations but for right know it is only me doing the work (long time linux /enlightenment user from dynabolic days). The idea is to create a os that is as nice as mac with the programs of windows and the flexability of programs like anadroid has, and sell the students a computer with subsidising with the software they need (every thing at once) and then during the install be able to choose. The idea behind this is to enable them to see what open source can do for example valentina is a good and easy to use sewing program (no I didn't try it but my wife did). Add that to having templates made for them ex libreoffice with footnotes on the bottom. The donor wants that the laptops (or netbooks rather) cannot access online as not to disturb the student (this is for education only). I have started with a chinese laptop the ONDA  obook 11 plus. I will try to post more info as to drivers ect as i go along. Just giving you a heads up that this distro was chose to be used.