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Black screen after GRUB, recovery mode doesn't work

07 December 2017 - 12:06 AM


I'm attempting to install Bodhi on an old laptop. The Live USB seemed to load fine and there weren't any apparent problems with the installation, but after it restarted and went through GRUB, it simply showed a black screen. All keystrokes I tried did nothing, and pressing the power button shut it down immediately as if it was in the BIOS or GRUB.


I've tried:

  • Hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1/2/3
  • Removing quiet splash and adding nomodeset to the boot line (either showed a black screen or a black screen with a blinking cursor, I can't remember)
  • Booting into recovery mode (showed a black screen with a blinking cursor)
  • Reinstalling Bodhi
  • Installing a different version of GRUB
  • Looking at logs using another OS (none were created)

Also installed on this laptop are Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, and WinXP. It's a Dell Inspiron M70 (with a larger hard drive and 1 GB of RAM). According to lspci, it has the Intel 915GM integrated graphics. I'm trying to install the latest version of Bodhi (4.3.1) and it is a 32 bit computer so I picked the legacy version. I've confirmed that the MD5 is correct.


Any ideas on what has gone (or I've done) wrong here?