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  1. Trace McVear

    Forum Downtime

    The database and forum migration is complete. If you notice any anomalies please send an email to me.
  2. Trace McVear

    Forum Downtime

    There will be approximately 30mins of downtime for the forums as we migrate the database to a new server. This work will be scheduled to start on 2012-07-09 05:00 UTC (00:00 CST) If you experience any problems with the forums after this time you can email me at: forum@bodhilinux.com
  3. Trace McVear

    [SOLVED] Cannot Connect To Windows 7 Shared Folder

    a few things to note. The windows user should have a password set. Both 'network discovery' and 'file and print sharing' should be turned on for the network profile you are using on the windows machine. The user should have permission to access the shared folder under the sharing options AND have permissions set on the file systems security options as well. (there have been a few times where I've given a user privileges for the share, but forgot to give them file read/write access). If you are still having problems, there is a setting in 'advanced sharing settings' to use 128 bit encryption or the older 40- 0r 56-bit encryption, you may want to try setting this to allow the 40- or 56-bit encryption. This should not be a security concern if running on a local private network or through a VPN.
  4. Trace McVear

    [SOLVED] Tab instead of space

    Thanks for the reply back on how you solved it, I'm sure that it'll come in handy for those who haven't used, or don't even know about, sed.
  5. Trace McVear

    (SOLVED) Switching to su in the terminal

    sudo su should also work
  6. Trace McVear

    Rank your Linux-Nerd Level

    I really don't have the time for these quizzes and things, I'll get around to looking at it after I finish compiling this code for a software patch I'm working on. oh wait... one doesn't simply compile python
  7. Trace McVear


    This is a very interesting development. I can't wait to test drive the thing. I have not kept up on their more recent news, but (correct me if I misunderstood) they seem to have a very open development platform. It looks like this little bugger will consume most of my free time this summer. And from the looks of things, we have a pleasant surprise coming to all of us waiting for these... looks like I'll be pulling another very long night as I don't want to be asleep at 2012-02-29 0600GMT. and looking back at my post it looks like I like to look at things, and this board I can't wait to look at
  8. Trace McVear

    Server Migration

    DNS record has been changed. A lookup on packages.bodhilinux.com should point to aura.bodhilinux.com ( The time-to-live on the previous record was 1 hour. If after 24 to 48 hours your records still point to atlas.bodhilinux.com please check your networks DNS settings.
  9. Trace McVear

    Server Migration

    Bodhi will be upgrading to a new server, 'aura', for the package repository (packages.bodhilinux.com). The DNS will be changed to the new server on Tuesday morning, 2012-02-21 03:00 UTC. during this time our current server, 'atlas', will remain running while the DNS propagates. Atlas will discontinue hosting packages.bodhilinux.com on 2012-02-24 03:00 UTC. We do not expect service outages during this time for the package repository. If you run into difficulties related to repository access during this time please make a post including: the error you are encountering, the time of access, and the output results of 'ping -c5 packages.bodhilinux.com' 'nslookup packages.bodhilinux.com'
  10. Trace McVear

    IRC Stats Page just for kicks...

    It's data, you can do a lot of things with data. and I'm all for the free and open use of data as well. I do have one concern though: people. Even extraordinarily bright people do stupid things, like talking, and sometimes when people talk they give up information they may not have intended to. This information may be harmful if taken out of context, or beyond certain time-frames. Stating that I must say I'm ok with the stat tracking(and even like it, being a numbers kinda guy), but the random quotes are bordering carelessness in their current state. One could possibly add a filter to remove lines that contain url, or url like phrases, email addresses, and the like. A bit hypocritical coming from someone who keeps logs of his logs, but even these have time-frames where they become more dangerous than useful. Also I learned to respect the virtue of integrity a while ago ... others on the internet, well not so much.
  11. Trace McVear

    Your Top Anime list

    Been out of the scene for a while, But I also tend to be a fan of the shorter runs. I must say of course Cowboy Bebop goes on my list, there are few series that have as much staying power and style as that one. I've been meaning to for the longest time to pick up wolf's rain if simple because Yoko Kanno wrote the music for it. brining up Yoko, I almost forgot another good movie which you might enjoy: Jin-Roh. It's a bit of alternate history set a bit after the war with a lot of rebellion/military intrigue between police forces. Also liked much of the work from studio Clamp; their Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles got me interested in them. But what I think fits most perfectly with the type of works I enjoy today is 5 Centimeters per Second, a short(barely over an hour) movie in three parts by artist 'Makoto Shinkai'. It has a slow paced feeling to it, and maybe a bit of a tear jerker. Oh, and the art is absolutely amazing, with a musical score that is just as good. And if 5cm/s is a bit too sappy for your taste, another by the same artist and composer is The Place Promised in Our Early Days. It has the same great art style and a great score, but with quite a bit more action to it. attaching a few images from those two, because they are beautiful.
  12. Trace McVear

    [Notice] - Websites/Forums Server Migration

    It was recently brought to my attention that we had a brief period of interruption of the forum's email services. This has been fixed and the forum is sending email as usual now. Any activation emails from the past 24 hours will need to be resent. If you tried to register to the forums during this time and are still having trouble please contact me or forum administrator for assistance. Please continue to report any issuse/quirks with the operation of the site to me or a member of the development team.
  13. Trace McVear

    Light-speed result stuns scientists

    Took a look at the preprint article from cern. They've done some good work there and also have quite a good history. In reading their analysis the scientists seem much more cautious about their findings than the journalist's headlines poping up, I find it interesting that FNAL, who are running a very similar neutrino experiment on generally the same scale for quite some time before cern, did not come across an observation like this. As the scientists from cern state in their conclusions they are continually looking for unknown sources of systematic errors that may have skewed this result. aside from that. the measurement techniques for the accuracy of time and distance is pretty amazing ... 20cm uncertainty in a distance of about 750Km track and only 2ns timing uncertainty between the two clocks ... simply amazing
  14. Trace McVear

    An Amateur Radio thing

    The chip seems aimed at small embedded solutions for low power FM analog and digital communications. We'll just have to see what the device manufacturers decide to do with it (or some enterprising hobbyists). Been out of the ham game for a while, but the product summary says the transceiver operates between 60-960MHz which covers a few ham bands. not too familiar with what debian/bodhi look for in their arm devices to work properly, but this chip seems a tad bit underpowered for such an application. This seems great for a radio microcontroller (just check out how little you need to get it running in sec 1.4.1 of the product brief).
  15. Trace McVear


    What about inheritance in css, if a link will inherit all the rules from it's parents class e.g. the link 'manage Topic polls' in embedded in <ul class="topic_buttons"> <li> so it will inherit the rules from that class such as a line like .topic_buttons ul li a{ some_rule: foo; } and since this rule would be 'lower' than the global rule for <a> tags it takes precedence over high instances of some_rule this way the link doesn't need it's own class and rules are still grouped together logically edit ps: also chromium's 'inspect element' tool is great for exploring things like this