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  1. Bodhi 2.40 and 3.2.1 System requirements

    Another stupid/intelligent question? Other than a "live" CD, is the other version available where you are allowed to setup right from the beginning from a bootable CD or USB? Some like Q4OS give this option that allows you do set things up without an OS on the drive and NOT live where the OS has to be loaded into the RAM first.
  2. Bodhi 2.40 and 3.2.1 System requirements

    Many thanks and it is downloading as I type! Hopefully I will get a Penguin to hatch
  3. Bodhi 2.40 and 3.2.1 System requirements

    Forgot to mention or should I say ask, is there a simple boot floppy or bootable USB program suitable for properly partitioning and formatting Linux partitions and prepping a hard drive for a Linux install other than Fdisk? In other words start at the beginning and set it all up properly instead of using "automatic" installation? Yes this is more steps perhaps needless to some but it is a good way of learning. The Hackintosh got me started at partitions needing to be set up and particular partitions as well. Russian Linux XP Desktop, from 2006 had no driver issues so something simple to get the ball rolling shouldn't be too big of a problem and if need be a bit of CLI help etc. as well.
  4. Bodhi 2.40 and 3.2.1 System requirements

    Many thanks and like I mentioned I have to start from scratch! I was Hackintoshing for a while getting a Dell Dimension 4600 or as I call it a Dull Dementia to work on it and got up to 10.5 but I realized this is a total waste of time!! First of all a simple upgrade wasn't in the option due to additional patches or patched software being required and this in reality is a waste of time begging for software or spending many hours researching especially if one doesn't know the BS Crapple commands! Secondly and a big secondly I might add is learning proprietary commands for a proprietary bastardized Unix system!! I find it simply amazing to the point of being asinine how to "keep things legal" you are forced to pay 3-4 times more for "their" hardware leads me to feel they deserve to be Hackintoshed! Now my feeling is instead of wasting time on Crapple, time would be better and wiser spent learning CLI instead. Sad to say this turns many off and I can count on one hand how many I know running Linux with perhaps fingers left over. It is coming to the point where I feel I have no choice. If you really want a surprise but actually no surprise is do a google on how many systems are running in the background on Win 10 as well as information about the user always being sent. Top it all off with updates coming from other computers like bit torrent as well for perpetual updates and the bad thing is if you have bandwidth caps or limits on data as per your provider. Also because it is so totally different making my computer look "Appy or smart phonish" means there is a learning curve as well and this is an upgrade from resource hog 7 or as I call it a sweeter tasting lemon than the dreaded Vista! Ah yes the constant spinning blue circles even on my Athlon 4800+x2 processor!! Anyway this is my off topic rant for today but back to the HP! My HP is a bit of a juggling act starting with the BIOS boot where it only gives the option for HDD, Floppy, or CD ROM and I had issues with my buggy Win7 and burning CD/DVD so how do we get around this? Well as it ended up PLoP works great but oops it is Linux on a Windoze puter so another discovery was RawWrite which got me around this. This got me to a USB boot but then resulted in initramfs being didplayed but the Chat group informed me 1 GIG ram was required for the live version loading into other than the swap partition. This is not a problem on my IBM Thinkpad with enough RAM but I don't want to erase the HDD yet due to the recovery partition! Otherwise it loaded very well on the 1.5 gig of RAM and the 1500 MHz processor and was even raring to install but knowing RAM is the issue led me to discontinue knowing things are possible. This Laptop has a slide out swap-able HDD but i don't have a 2.5 inch spare yet to commit to a full install. This is all experimental for learning as well as finding a distro that will fly like an eagle on my Acer Aspire One AO533. Soar like an eagle instead of circle like a vulture being the comparison of the blue circle of sloth! I have even tried Linpus Lite that was offered by Acer in prior models to this AO533 but was discontinued and I procrastinated too long when they were for sale and ended up with Win 7 Starter. That distro is full simple GUI for a GUI Slave or you could toggle between simple GUI or a more conventional desktop. Difficult to find, including an original 1.0.7, 1.0.9, or 1.4 which were versions placed on the Acer Aspire One's and other models of Acer. I guess again pick a better bloat free, upgradable, resource friendly version and here I am today. For light versions Bodhi was one the best for low resource use like my needs.
  5. After doing a fair amount of searching I cannot find the system requirements for these two versions of Bodhi. From what I have read 3.0 (of which I cannot find a source) requires a minimum of 128 megs of RAM and a Processor speed of 500 MHz.I am presently attempting to install a very light version on my old HP OmniBook XE3 with 128 megs and a PIII800 MHz processor. I have additional RAM ordered and due to sketchy info this laptop will accept either 2x256 for a total of 512 megs?? or possibly it might accept a max of 512 megs per slot??, I don't know so I ordered a pair of 256 and a single 512 to experiment with. RAM is cheap for this laptop so I will give it a try. From what I was told getting the latest to work live for installation requires 1 gig of ram for the system to load into or creating a swap partition. I have been out of the loop for a number of years and knew how to create these partitions in the past but that was a long time ago. The CLI sent me running away at 90 miles per hour with my hair on fire and I also HAVE to learn Linux commands to escape from Windoze! BTW this laptop originally intended for either Win 98 or Win 2000 has a Russian distro Version of Linux XP Desktop 2006 created to mimic XP right down to the same Start Icon and same menu layout with identical desktop GUI Icons but requires an activation key nobody can seem to find and is limited to 60 boots and or 3 months of use. This was an attempt to escape from Windoze with Linux looking like Windoze. This HP isn't my only computer I have but it is expendable for erasing the hard drive of it's recovery partition due to Windoze 2000 now being extinct and my intention is to find something that will work amazingly well on this old laptop so I will have something performing very fast on my Acer Aspire One AO533 with 2 gigs of RAM and an Intel Atom 455 1.66 GHz processor with Win7 converted to 10. Win 10 is filled with much Crapware, Bloatware and is designed to make your damn computer look like a smart phone!!