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  1. Moved to xubuntu - works like a charm, full disk and home dir encryption, updates enabled during installation process as well. May be I'll give Bodhi 5 another try in the future. Thanks and cheerio.
  2. Thanks a lot for your replies, I'm always happy learning something new. But, next issue... I've entered a passphrase with special characters, and neither with a German nor English keyboard it'll be accepted. Error message "no key with this passphrase" is displayed every time I'm trying to enter it. So I've re-installed another instance without special characters and it worked, finally. For security reasons and in my opinion, special characters are state of the art and I'm really surprised that it seems to be, they can't be used in an encryption passphrase in this operating system. As I see, there is much work to do for it. Will it be safe upgrading from version 4.5.0 to 5 or will I've to install it all new?
  3. I've re-downloaded the image, MD5 summ checked and tried a fresh install with a combination of your both suggestions. Updates and encrypted home dir disabled, whole disk encryption enabled - the installer seemed to get frozen, but finished after a while of no activity successfully. All other combinations did not work properly. For my use case I need to encrypt the whole disk and the separated home dir itself - each with a different passphrase. @Jeff - When it'll be fixed? Update: After reboot, I'm not able to unlock the encrypted disk.
  4. Sorry, forgot to add that information. I've tried with and without internet connection, updates, 3rd party drivers and software. Without encryption enabled, all is fine. As I've selected encryption independend from all other options, it froze.
  5. Hi there, I found Bodhi and was very surprised by the desktop and its fast acceleration even on low performance hardware. But... then I've tried to encrypt a new clean install by using LVM and in addition an encrypted home dir. The installer of version 4.5.0 got stucked while adding the new user with encrypted home dir and that's it - nothing more happens, no activity on hard drive, install media nor RAM. As I've tried several times, the installer got stucked every time if encrypted LVM and/ or/ both with encrypted home dir were selected. So, everything having to do with encryption lets get the installer freeze while adding the new user... I've searched for this issue a while, but wasn't able to find anything useful. So I thought, you're my be able to help me with or provide a fixed version of the installer. Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Stargazer