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    But my second question for Midori and storing passwords, i think it's really strange, i'm sure there s a lot a users having the same problem Storing passwords is bad for sensible websites (banks accounts and so on) but usefull for others :) Thanks Lucio
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    Works fine, thanks for help and for my old eyes :)
  3. Lucio

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    Thanks for your answers, il will try... Or wait :)
  4. Lucio

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    Hello and thanks for answer... I tried a lot of searches on the web, but unfortunately found no answer! I'm sure theres a solution? Someone can help? Other, i leave Midori for firefox (quantum is faster than older versions so not a real problem, but i wanted to give a chance to Midori!) Thanks in advance Lucio
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    Hello guys, please allow me to introduce myself I'm Luc from France (so excuses for my bad english) :) 57 Years old, working on computers as developper since more than years... And linux user since 5 years (first Ubuntu, second Mint and now Bodhi). And thanks for your work. I'm a new (happy) Bodhi user since 3 days. I'm really pleased with Bodhi i find more customizable. The first thing important for me was that with Bodhi, my old Lenovo Thinkpad X200S goes from 4,30 hours to more than 7 hours in battery mode!!! Just 2 little problems: first I want to use midori as browser, but impossible to find how to automatically store my logins and passwords (i don't store for sensible websites, but working on internet all the day, you understand what i mean :) ). I'm actually using keepassx to remember passwords, but i would prefer to store passwords automatically in midori! I actually have to retype passwords at every login on some sites! I found some tips on internet, but using user scripts, and links to scripts pages are broken, and tips are from 2010 or 2012 second: a little problem with battery indicator, too small for my old eyes. I have put it on the destop, but impossible to manage the size of indicator So Is it possible to have just the battery percentage and time remaining in task bar? Thanks in advance for help Lucio