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  1. _bc

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Purrs like a cat now, thank you
  2. _bc

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Ok, in principle everything works now, thank you for having a look for me ;D I'm not on a running clock btw, so take your time I installed moksha-dev, no sweat, I have icons, great Mokhsa btw. seems to use udisks (1). The last remaining problem: I can change my filemanager to rox: Settings->Files->Filemanager Tab 'Behaviour' 'Custom FM to open dirs' This setting is reverted back to "pcmanfm" upon each new session. All the other settings are kept. I also set my fm to rox in Settings->Files->Places and Settings->Applications->Default Application But there it stays, but of course has no impact on desktop icons.
  3. _bc

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Ok, installed Moksha from git, now I have desktop icons, great Last question regarding this: My volumes somehow don't appear on the desktop I set (roughly translated from German): Settings->Files->Filemanager Tab Volumes/Devices [x] Show Device Icons on the desktop [x] Mount Volumes on insertion And Settings->Files->Places [x] Mount Volumes at boot [x] Mount Volumes on insertion But neither my external hdd nor any usb show up. Mounting the volumes otherwise (thunar, terminal) doesn't make them show either.
  4. _bc

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Ok, I shall try it. Talk about wasted effort on my part
  5. It wasn't an enlightenment theme problem, those icons show fine I just didn't get icons for mime-types and some applications, i.e. 'acessoire-calculator' or 'audio-mp3' gave me RuntimeWarning: Setting standard icon failed Regardless of what my enlightenment theme does; the icons are present in my icon theme (I tested with elementary, Oxygen and gnome icon themes) and should show. Nevertheless, looking at the code again I got some ideas to speed it up and make it more compliant Done ✓
  6. Hello there, I'm running moksha 0.2.1, efl 1.20.7 and python-efl 1.20.01, and it seems the Icon function won't really fetch me my icons. It got some applications and actions, but e.g. no mime icons, and efl doesn't really like 'normal' icon themes. Seems efl doesn't exactly read icons as many themes provide them. So I wrote a simply python function to do the job I will probably set up a github for my stuff, but right now I thought I might throw it into the world here, since I figure I'm not the only one struggling with this. Just drop it into your project, import it, and load your Icon with DeepIcon( parent, name, size) Where parent is the widget's parent, name a string identifying the icon (either as found in most themes, i.e. "application-x-script", yes, it expects mimes with dashes, not slashes, a simple name, i.e. "firefox" or "folder" or a path). The function tries to get the icon from your theme, then tries to fallback to the hicolor theme to produce an icon. If it can't, it will try to load the icon 'image-missing', and if it can't do that either, it will show the standard icon 'close' (this will most likely be in your enlightenment theme). Size is the wished icon size in pixels as a single integer, i.e. "32" or "48", not "32x32" or something like that. Returns an elementary Icon object, or None. Update: I set up a github account and dropped the script there. Currently the script will crawl the theme given by the 'E_ICON_THEME' environment, which makes it usable only in Moksha/e, feel free to help with some dconf/gconf detection and such Furthermore it will cache the paths of the theme as well as the found icons (by size) to speed up future requests. I'm no python master, so if you see the need for polish or find some bugs, let me know or feel welcome to fix it Find it here.
  7. _bc

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Hello, I'm currently writing a simple tool to display myself some clickable icons on the desktop with python, and wonder if there is a way for me to get the external volumes. What makes me curious about this .desktop file I found: home.desktop [Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Type=Link Name=Home Comment=The Directory containing all your personal files Icon=user-home NotShowIn=GNOME;KDE;LXDE;ROX;XFCE; URL=file:$HOME X-Enlightenment-Type=Mount The last line makes me wonder, but I have shortly played with e22 before installing Moksha, so this might be a leftover. I know Moksha doesn't show desktop icons, but is there a mechanism which does still create .dektop files? If yes, I might just parse them and be done with it If not, how does Moksha handle volumes? Is there a dbus-signal, a env-variable, any way to tap in? Thanks in advance
  8. Sounds historically grown to me then, interesting. Would be greatly appreciated, I'm not arrogant enough to believe I can provide a quick'n'dirty patch into this codebase, would most likely take at least some hours to even get a rough understanding what's going on in there.
  9. Yepp, that's the thing. I'm just looking at the sources, they are a bit over my head right now, my last patch looked more like this Somtehing I saw making me curious (completely off topic here), it seems moksha/enlightenment do define quite a set of widgets themselves (e_widget_button.c, e_widget_check.c etc), why is that? I assumed these widgets all were already defined in elementary, so why duplicate the effort?
  10. More hacking than coding I'm afraid, but we shall see
  11. But this binding would fire every time I hit the screen edge, not only when dragging a window. Hm, might be that this feature simply doesn't exist, hence the addition of 'On drag only' option in e19+. Hoped there would be another way. If nothing turns out I might just write a patch (and hope for the best ).
  12. My bad, should have been more specific, I can move windows between desktops, another way would be e.g. to just drag it's representation in the pager as desired. I'm looking for a way to enable me moving a window towards the screen edge, drag it over, and switch the desktop with my window.
  13. Hi Just as the title states, I'm wondering how to enable dragging windows between desktops, in a way of moving a window towards the screen edge, drag it over, and switch the desktop with it. Somehow I either can't find the option, or it doesn't work. I set (Might be not exactly the right words, I'm translating the dialog names from german here): Settings -> Screen- > Workspace-Settings [x] Flip workspace when dragging objects [x] Circular arrangement of workspaces On e19 or e20 the problem was solved using a setting Moksha doesn't have, but I assume there must be a way... Thanks in advance
  14. _bc

    [solved] 'e_dbus dependancy / Install on arch

    Yeah, it did To get e_dbus running and installing correctly one needs the right PKGBUILD, which I'll drop here in case someone else might need them. It's a bit hacky, though. e_dbus: pkgname=e_dbus pkgver=1.7.10 pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="e_dbus" arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="https://git.enlightenment.org/legacy/e_dbus.git" license=('Custom') depends=('dbus') provides=('e_dbus') source=("https://git.enlightenment.org/legacy/e_dbus.git/snapshot/e_dbus-$pkgver.tar.gz") sha256sums=('SKIP') build() { cd $pkgname-$pkgver ./autogen.sh \ --prefix=/usr \ --sysconfdir=/etc make } package() { cd $pkgname-$pkgver make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install } So, now I'm off playing with my new toys
  15. _bc

    [solved] 'e_dbus dependancy / Install on arch

    I modified the PKGBUILD to exclude e_dbus. Basically, it just downloads https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha/archive/0.2.1.tar.gz, extracts it and tries to compile, but Moksha itself doesn't catch e_dbus: (...) checking for eina >= 1.7.10 ecore >= 1.7.10 eet >= 1.7.10 efreet >= 1.7.10 ecore-x >= 1.7.10 ... yes configure: WARNING: EFM requirements : ecore >= 1.7.10 ecore-file >= 1.7.10 ecore-ipc >= 1.7.10 eet >= 1.7.10 efreet >= 1.7.10 edbus >= 1.7.10 eina >= 1.7.10 dbus-1 checking for ecore >= 1.7.10 ecore-file >= 1.7.10 ecore-ipc >= 1.7.10 eet >= 1.7.10 efreet >= 1.7.10 edbus >= 1.7.10 eina >= 1.7.10 dbus-1 ... no configure: error: Package requirements (ecore >= 1.7.10 ecore-file >= 1.7.10 ecore-ipc >= 1.7.10 eet >= 1.7.10 efreet >= 1.7.10 edbus >= 1.7.10 eina >= 1.7.10 dbus-1 ) were not met: No package 'edbus' found Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix. Alternatively, you may set the environment variables E_FM_CFLAGS and E_FM_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config. See the pkg-config man page for more details. ==> FEHLER: Ein Fehler geschah in build(). Breche ab... Maybe the new lib in ecore isn't a drop in replacement, here it says: I now try to build e_dbus against efl 1.20.7, hopefully to some avail