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  2. Quackers

    (SOLVED) Cannot run Gimp in v1.3.0

    Excellent! I don't know what caused the incomplete installation though
  3. Quackers

    Share your Conky configuration

    I've fixed it now. The weather details were over-writing the images so I changed their positions in the output and re-spaced things so the calendar now appears ok.
  4. Quackers

    (SOLVED) Cannot run Gimp in v1.3.0

    Hmm, can you open a terminal and enter gimp and press enter. What errors come up in the terminal screen?
  5. Quackers

    (SOLVED) Cannot run Gimp in v1.3.0

    I just installed a fresh 1.3.0 and installed gimp via synaptic and it's working well. That doesn't solve your problem (to which I don't know the answer) but it may offer a workaround for the moment.
  6. Quackers

    Share your Conky configuration

    Here's mine which is a version of VinDSL's scripts adapted to my taste and to my screen's resolution. I don't know why the last week of the calendar has disappeared - I'll do some mooching about in the conkyrc. If anyone wants the scripts I can oblige - but it's not just that simple, really (ie you'll need to install all VinDSL's fonts and adapt both the conkyrc and the accuw eather scripts for your file placing and your location). EDIT a bit of a dodgy screenshot as well, but you get the picture - I hope. Here's a better picture, I hope!
  7. Quackers

    No. 4 on DistroWatch for the week!

    It's very impressive!
  8. Quackers

    Dual Boot Grub/MBR Problem

    There are a few Windows compatible programs that write to the mbr of the drive every time Windows is booted. They are supposedly all fixed now but you never know. FlexNet was one of them but there were several. They actually write data to the "free space" after the first 512 bytes of the mbr which used to be unused. However grub2 uses some of that space itself and the two can conflict. I don't know whether that is your problem, but it may be worth looking into it.
  9. Quackers

    Installing Bodhi, partitioning issue

    Strangely, if my memory is correct, this problem showed up in Ubuntu 10-10's installer (ubiquity) - which is odd, because I was under the impression that Bodhi uses the 10-04 installer. Anyway, a few of us fought long and hard to get the devs to change this abomination and eventually they did - in time for 11-04. There were many warnings posted in the Ubuntuforums pages about the installer being able to "trash" your Windows installation. The general consensus was that it was not safe to allow the Ubuntu installer to resize/alter your Windows partitions (which is always good advice anyway). In fact, it ended up that the "install side by side" option should not be used at all. As I said earlier this was with the Ubuntu 10-10 installer - not 10-04, which Bodhi uses (unless something has now changed). The specifics are below https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/655950
  10. Quackers

    Need Help Testing Nvidia Automated Installer

    The installer script work fine here. It pegs both processors at 100% for a few minutes but completes ok. Sadly, as has happened previously when the Nvidia driver is installed in Bodhi on my system all the font sizes go too big and small windows (like the terminal) open up twice as big as before - even though the resolution is reported at 1920x1200, as it should be. The only way to keep things manageable is to go through all the font sizes changing them to suit. It's odd! It only happened previously with one other distro - openSUSE. All others are fine. Anyway, the upshot is that the installer worked fine here on a Sony Vaio AR51SU with Nvidia 8600M GT.
  11. Quackers

    Customizing the GRUB menu

    Editing grub.cfg is not normally the best way to do things as any changes will be over-written when update-grub is run, or when grub's files are updated. It is preferrable to edit the scripts which go towards making that grub.cfg file. For grub2 menu editing I have always used these 2 guides by drs305 at UbuntuForums. Whether you follow these guides or not they will give you an idea of what is possible and how to do it. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1287602 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275
  12. Quackers

    To install Nvidia, or Not? [SOLVED]

    I have found that if I install the Nvidia driver everything works ok but my screen resolution is all wrong. It states that it is set at 1920x1200 but everything is too big. It just doesn't look like other systems with the same driver installed so I uninstalled it again. Desktop effects work well enough without it and I'm not a big 3D user so I don't really miss it.
  13. Quackers

    Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 Released

    Good news indeed Thanks all!
  14. Quackers


    gulogulo, what happens when you try to boot Bodhi with no boot option? What do you see? What is it that makes you think acpi=off is the boot option that you need? acpi-off is a serious limit on your system and can cause other problems, whereas other boot options may be a little kinder to your system (like noapic or nolapic).