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  1. Would it be possible to add the latest version of the Nextcloud Desktop client to the App Center? Thank you. Name: Nextcloud desktop client Homepage: https://nextcloud.com/ Package source: https://github.com/nextcloud/client_theming Ubuntu PPA: https://launchpad.net/~nextcloud-devs/+archive/ubuntu/client
  2. I've been happily running Bodhi Linux 2.4 on my Acer C720 for since I originally purchased it. It's long since past time to upgrade. I'm test driving it, trying to make sure I can get everything to work somewhat similar to what it has been. One thing I'm having difficulty with is the top row keys. I can get the mute, volume up, and volume down keys mapped correctly. I can't seem to figure out the correct settings for the brightness up and brightness down keys. Does anyone have experience with this?
  3. biddy

    Skype starting minimised

    I see what you're saying now. That is a pretty annoying bug. I checked the start minimized and see what you mean now.
  4. biddy

    Skype starting minimised

    I've looked into this a little bit more. Skype and ownCloud Client are both Qt applications. I submitted an issue request on the ownCloud Client's github page. I got a response that it should work with sni-qt package installed. After installing sni-qt and then opening the ownCloud Client I do get it to show up in the Shelf. The icon is not the correct icon (it shows up as a missing icon type thing), but it does work as far as functions of the application goes. Edit: I installed and ran Skype, same thing occurs.
  5. biddy

    Bodhi Linux on Toshiba Chromebook

    There isn't a whole lot of info that I've been able to find. I've checked the Ubuntu forums with no luck. There was a forum post in the Bodhi forums here, but I think it was a few months ago and I don't think it went anywhere.
  6. biddy

    Skype starting minimised

    Can you patch the ownCloud Desktop client? I have to run Trayer to use it on Bodhi 3.0 and it is a huge bummer. There are quite a few applications that still use Xembed, I hope you're right and a huge shift will happen soone rather than later.
  7. I'm setting up Bodhi Linux 3.0 on a Toshiba CB30-A3120 Chromebook. The trackpad didn't work with the out-of-the-box kernel. I installed Synaptic, which helped me to get a newer kernel (3.18.5-031805-generic). The trackpad works with this kernel. Unfortunately, there are a couple other things I'm having trouble getting to work. I can't seem to detect any bluetooth devices. I've installed Blueman and tried searching for devices. My C720 sees Bluetooth devices no problem. The other thing that seems to not work properly is the suspending. It appears to suspend just fine, but the computer remains quite hot to the touch and consumes a lot of battery power in the suspend state. When you open the lid to resume, whatever program you have opened with have tried to do a lot of operations. For instance, if I have terminology open it will sometimes do a right-click>Split H and there will be an unreasonable number of split terminals open. If Midori is open, there will be a never-ending number of new tabs opened, etc. Thanks for any help folks may be able to provide. I should note I have also considered installing the John Lewis ROM but have not done it yet. Mostly because I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the bottom cover off (I've removed all the screws, I know it!). It was easy enough to replace the broken LCD screen, but I can't even open the bottom panel what a newb. -biddy
  8. I know there is a special thread for software requests, but I sometimes have a hard time finding it in the forum Pidgin 2.10.10 was released in late October and contains some major security fixes. Any way we could get an updated version in the Bodhi repo? Thanks, biddy
  9. biddy

    Bodhi Linux 3.0 Legacy RC2 Release

    Thanks so much. We all appreciate your efforts.
  10. biddy

    Bodhi Linux 3.0 Legacy RC2 Release

    Charles, I know this It's built wth an Intel processor but the trackpad drivers for that model of Chromebook are not in the mainline kernel yet.
  11. biddy

    Bodhi Linux 3.0 Legacy RC2 Release

    I know for the 2.4 release Jeff made an x86 Chromebook ISO that had the trackpad drivers for the Acer C720 in them. Any idea if those are included in this latest RC2 release?
  12. biddy

    Bodhi Linux 3.0 Legacy RC2 Release

    Thanks! That's cool there will be Bodhi E17 and E19 going forward. I have access to an x86 as well as an ARM Chromebook. With some guidance, I may be able to assist with testing for those platforms.
  13. biddy

    Bodhi Linux 3.0 Legacy RC2 Release

    Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere, but will there or won't there be an E19 release of Bodhi Linux 3.0?
  14. biddy

    Transferring Duties

    I second this! Also, would you be willing to share your Bodhibook graphic? That's also the name with which I affectionately refer to my Acer C720 with Bodhi installed.
  15. biddy

    Bodhi 2.x.y Software Request Thread

    A humble request for TLP, Linux Advanced Power Management. Just want to squeeze more juice out of this Acer C720 Software name: TLP – Linux Advanced Power Management Requested version number: .5 Link to software homepage: linrunner.de: TLP Link to source: GitHub Link to deb: Launchpad