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  1. What new users say about E17 Bodhy

    fixed my problem by approx 30 restarts of the macintosh router returns to factory resettings, some voodoo. still not exactly sure what worked. is it just me or is networking horribly complicated and opaque? apache- dns- ip blah blah i really struggle with it I'm a biologist and I do a little perl stuff for work- it seems rational and straightforward..
  2. What new users say about E17 Bodhy

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I think we have to hang on the child for a while- a local law or something Anyyway, I chose the Desktop Profile. Guess I'd missed the gadget-ness of the network manager. I'll check it out this evening. All the best
  3. What new users say about E17 Bodhy

    Just got Bodhi linux with enlightenment- fantastic. I was running Arch Linux with fluxbox, but didn't have a net connection for a while, updated when I reconnected, don't have the time to fix everything again. Stuck on Bodhi- hte only lightwieght distro I tried which caught the wireless connection first time really great. Quick Q- network manager error everytime I try to start it for everyone, or just me? my wee child yanked the wireless router from its power source, now I can find the network but no webpages- I guess this is DNS issue? but how to solve it?