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  1. DaveL60

    LibreOffice 6

    I don't think the web version is intended to replace the desktop version. From the 6.0 announcement blog post "LibreOffice 6.0 is immediately available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and for the cloud." Not sure where you find the cloud version. :-) https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2018/01/31/libreoffice-6/
  2. DaveL60

    Bodhi 4.3.1 Released

    @Flymo: I admire your gumption dealing with Win 10 that way and working to persuade users over to Bodhi. Well done. I fear I'm stuck with Windows for the long haul, and while most of the systems I use are currently on Win 7, my wife's new ASUS tablet / transformer is 10 and my work system probably will be soon. From my limited exposure to it, I'm not a fan and not looking forward to the change, but maybe I'll feel differently after in-depth exposure. Right now it seems like it's different enough from 7 that all of my well-trained behaviors don't work right on 10.
  3. DaveL60

    Bodhi 4.x.y in the News

    Also nice that Bodhi is #1 on FOSSBYTES list of lightweight Linux distros: https://fossbytes.com/best-lightweight-linux-distros/ #2 is Puppy, which is cool but seriously non-standard in so many ways.
  4. DaveL60

    Share your Desktop

    I had to backtrack to see how many screens that was. Quite the panorama.
  5. DaveL60

    Will Bodhi 4.2 become more stable

    I've got 2GB RAM on my system, and have much better results with the 32-bit version. IMO, 2GB RAM isn't enough for any 64-bit OS.
  6. DaveL60

    Upgrade procedure when new Ubuntu LTS comes out?

    But Jeff has done all this hard work! Seriously, though, one reason to upgrade is that it appears (based on admittedly limited research) that older versions don't up updates to the latest application versions (e.g., LibreOffice). So the compelling feature for upgrading might be that.
  7. DaveL60

    Hello from old (Linux) new (Bodhi) user.

    Yeah, bookmarking only gets you so far. I make a lot of use of web forums' capabilities to reconnect me to my previous posts. OTOH I wrote a comment to something on FB I'd love to have kept a copy of but all my attempts to re-locate it have gone for naught!
  8. DaveL60

    Hello from old (Linux) new (Bodhi) user.

    Welcome, calinb, hope you find Bodhi to your liking. My one pre-installation recommendation would be to read Jeff's and Charles' material on setting up a separate data partition. It was pretty easy to do and seems likely to be a long-term time saver. You can find the relevant links in this post of mine. http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/13911-re-connecting-data-partition-on-new-installation/ Have fun.
  9. DaveL60

    Difference running Bodhi in VB and actual install

    As birdmun said, the hardware the VM presents looks different than the actual hardware and will be much more generic. My semi-informed speculation would be that you mostly like either have a kernel issue or a driver issue. I'm nowhere near wizard enough to really help diagnose, but the first thing I'd check would be the kernel versions between the Mint that works OK and Bodhi that's glitchy. If they're the same, then it's almost certainly something to do with hardware drivers.
  10. DaveL60

    Why not upgrades between major Bodhi versions?

    Meanwhile, I recently learned about Manjaro Linux, which is a rolling release distribution based on Arch. I'd left an empty partition to let me dual boot Bodhi with another distro, and I think I've finally found one I'd like to play with. I'd been thinking of CentOS because there's lots of RHEL in the work environment, but I just couldn't get too excited about it. This is my play machine, after all.
  11. DaveL60

    Why not upgrades between major Bodhi versions?

    My recent post regarding how to reconnect the data partition after upgrading includes links to the original info in Jeff's blog and from Charles here on the forum: http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/13911-re-connecting-data-partition-on-new-installation/ Hopefully that's what you meant by "the older article I used to partition". Sorry for the radio silence, I've been traveling.
  12. DaveL60

    Why not upgrades between major Bodhi versions?

    GrayWizard: you have my complete sympathy. My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and I watch daily what she has to struggle through. I will take careful notes when I finally get some time to upgrade my 3.x to 4.x. We've spent most of the last year on planning and carrying out fairly significant first floor renovations, so the 'puters are only getting essential attention. But the end is in sight! (to be followed by having family stay for a few months, just to complicate things.)
  13. DaveL60

    Why not upgrades between major Bodhi versions?

    graywizardlinux: your posts suggests there are a lot of computers in your home. Maybe take a "spare" one and work through the partitioning + reinstallation process on a system where there's nothing important to lose? Bonus points for documenting what you learn and sharing it here. I've set up a data partition on my Bodhi 3.x as suggested by Jeff and Charles; it seems an excellent solution (especially as I'd like to set up another Linux variant on the system to play with). I need to go back and refresh my memory on how to restore the links to it before I upgrade to 4.2. But I'm confident it's a solid way to simplify upgrading over time.
  14. I have Win + Spacebar mapped to the Launch Everything tool. That works great for me.
  15. DaveL60

    WPS Office

    I'll have to give this a shot; the idea of a capable but lightweight office suite is definitely appealing (although I like LibreOffice just fine). I am, however, highly suspicious of the description that WPS is "fully compatible with" MS Office file formats. In 30 years or so of office computing I've never seen two applications from different vendors that are 'fully compatible" across file formats.