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  1. aeonius

    Server Maintenance Part Deux

    Been messing with the looks and will push the changes live. It's by no means perfect, but at least it's Bodhi coloring. Will put more effort into it when I am less busy impressing some girl.
  2. Hi Oblio, I've updated your account. Could you try again?
  3. aeonius

    Bodhi website update

    Some may have noticed the website was offline for a couple of minutes today to run a major update. All should be as it's supposed to be now, but if anyone runs into weirdness, please let me know. Have a great day!
  4. aeonius

    Wiki Authors/Editors

    herculeesjr, you should be getting a mail with login info any time now. Welcome to the wonderful world of Bodhi wiki authoring! =)
  5. Changed the abbreviation as per your request. And about the title, having the abbreviations there would suggest it's meant for people speaking those languages/living there. Pretty sure that's enough for people who do not speak (enough) English to click it and discover the content. Also, the tile is simple enough for anyone with a lower than average grasp of the English language to understand. Furthermore, without having at least some understanding of the English language, you cannot register on this forum, and thus can't post. The reason for this thread is to let people know that if they have trouble explaining themselves in English, they can do so in another language as Linux terminology, or computer related terminology, can be hard to use if you don't know the right English words.
  6. aeonius

    Wiki Authors/Editors

    Ben, You already have a wiki account and should have gotten an email with login information. If you don't have said email anymore, please email me so I can set you up with a new password. --Joris
  7. aeonius

    Wiki Authors/Editors

    Welcome to the team, Reuben. You should have an email with login information in your inbox. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. aeonius

    Bodhi/Forum milestones

    We're heading for 100,000 posts as we just passed the 90,000 mark with 6251 users.
  9. aeonius

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    Apologies. Force of habit to assume everyone is a dude. I personally prefer the M to be the other way around. Flows more I think. I do like the M facing this way on the icon, though.
  10. aeonius

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    I think what Mr. Fox meant was a version of the logo which can be used as an icon, like the Bodhi leaf (without the text). Something that will fit in a 100x100px box for example... like the single 'O' Sef had in his post. Actually... that's pretty much exactly what Mr. Fox meant.
  11. aeonius

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

  12. aeonius

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    So I'd have to convert to png for each size I'd like to use if I want to use the image on a site? That kinda sucks. No way of fixing it?
  13. aeonius

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    Hey Duma, There's a slight issue with this file. The shadows are cut off by invisible boxes. If I view the image in Gimp, there's no issue.
  14. aeonius

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    This, but with the 'classic drop shadow' from your previous post. And just out of curiosity, how does this look on colored backdrops?