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    Received an ATTACK PAGE warning

    I wrote to jeff and he stated that it was only bad java code on the site. No worries, nothing malicious.
  2. thanx, aeonius the added wiki page solves my problem http://wiki.bodhilinux.com/doku.php?id=ati_drivers_and_dualscreen&s[]=dual&s[]=screen the only thing i didn't use was the dual screen line. you might want to sticky a new thread pointing to the wiki page, alot of folks use ati.
  3. josef


    hello e17man. I can't confirm this with Bodhi 1.2.0. providing that i followed your exact method. I get the damned 'corrupted screen'. Dell studio 1535: Video Card: 3400 Mobility Radeon. when I install the .run by executing it directly, I end up with a very sluggish, slow as a turtle UI. and that's with E17 and KDE. i haven't tried another DE. I also tried changing whether to use opengl or the software rendering method in both E17 and KDE. actually I tried almost everything on the web , I think. But thanks , you obviousely thought this through. josef
  4. hmm... For some reason blacklisting this particular driver didn't work for me. It used to work with other distros with wireless drivers (wl, etc). Anyway, the problem itself is solved, because i gave up this pc to a family member, they're gonna format for sure. But i still have bodhi linux on my laptop. by the way, thanks bodhi linux team for the out of the box bcm4312 support. a life saver. , your distro is my main now. Don't know about marking it solved, as the actual problem just went away with the pc.
  5. thank you lead developer and moderator, i'll start looking into the wiki. i also installed the driver from the ATI website. removing that is not gonna be easy for me, i feel like a complete noob, here.
  6. hi, today i installed the ati driver from the website given in jeff's started thread on this topic. this slowed down my windows, for instance when i grab a window it moves very slowly, etc. so, i went to Elementary configuration to see if i can fix the problem from there. next time i tried to open Elementary configuration it crashed with a (Segmentation fault). the problem is: crashing "Elementary configuration" and slow window movement. is there an approcach to fixing this problem ?
  7. josef

    Switching from lxdm to kdm (or gdm) ?

    thank you very much jeff, i see you noticed i joined today. bare in mind i started with bodhi linux about six months ago. very reliable, practical, nice looking, picked up my broadcome 4312 out of the box. it's perfect for me. it's so perfect that only today i needed help with it. i got a pretty good laugh when you typed "Jose" first time anyone ever called me that. thanks, josef
  8. hello, I'm in a situation where I have to switch from lxdm to another display manager with "User list support", such as gdm or kdm. So, how do i go about doing this. I found out that if I have gdm on ubuntu i can easily switch to kdm. but from lxdm,I don't know and i don't want to mess my installation for the millionth time.