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  1. FameWolf

    Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 in the News

    I'm getting a message telling me your first video does not exist.
  2. If you go to the trouble of creating a .desktop file for it you might consider making it generic such as "My Scripts" so later you can add whatever you want to have ran when you first log in....along the lines of a "user level" rc.local. I just grabbed a random .desktop from /usr/share/applications and modded it/renamed it to run my app...then copied it back to /usr/share/applications (this was for stjerm which is a drop down terminal similar to yakuake but memory friendly). It then appeared as an option in the startup section of settings/all/apps.
  3. FameWolf

    Stripping down the 3.2.0 base release image

    While I agree for the most part I'll point out it's a lot easier to educate someone to use gui tools then try to cram the whole command line environment on them at the same time. Most of the win crowd may not even have used dos much. With Win 10 forcing users to accept automated updates with no option to opt out many users will be looking for a new os and especially for those with older hardware I'd like to recommend bodhi but not if it's so minimalistic they don't even have a gui updater or a file manager. This of course won't stop ME from using it but I assume the end goal is for bodhi to grow it's userbase.
  4. FameWolf

    Request Bodhi E17 Green Onix Theme

    I know that all themes modified for moshka are listed but I also saw a post indicating several of the e19 themes worked fine with it..or maybe I misread the post. Have no idea where I saw it. I set mine back to the "default" black theme which is easier on my eyes. Thanks!
  5. FameWolf

    New Moksha Themes

    Is there a way to run the theme with different window borders? I like the normal min,max, close similar to windows but really like the colors of moonlight and sunshine for example. On other DM's the two are separate but from what I can tell they are integrated here?
  6. FameWolf

    Request Bodhi E17 Green Onix Theme

    Is there a version of the Green Onix theme that works correctly with Moksha? I've tried to download the one listed above by agust to check but divshare keeps timing out.
  7. FameWolf

    Ecomorph on Bodhi 3!

    Sorry to revive an old topic...I'm just curious how much resources (memory/cpu) enabling ecomorph adds to a system? I'd like to run some conky scripts that use transparency but some of my pc's are ancient.
  8. FameWolf

    Stripping down the 3.2.0 base release image

    Are you making the automatic assumption that anyone coming in new is going to know the command line? It seems that way where if they prefer gui tools then having eepdater, epad and a file manager become much more important. They need to be able to keep their system updated and basic file/document maintenance. What sort of "newbie" do you want to target? What about a post install shell script that asks the user some basic questions "Do you prefer gui tools? (Y/n)" etc? Just a thought.
  9. FameWolf

    Linux version of Amazon MP3 Downloader??

    The last time I used clamz I downloaded 3 albums....I didn't have to specify each song individually...I think I told amazon I had their downloader..selected what I wanted...downloaded the .amz file or whatever the extension was and then ran that in clamz...I'm sure I could write a simple one liner bash script which would pass the file into it and automate the process but was simple enough. Hope this helps.
  10. FameWolf

    Thank you to the bodhi team.

    You continue to innovate and yet at the same time help us use hardware that would otherwise be useless. I have a minolta 1250W b/w laser printer I've had a long time....why do I keep an old winprinter around when new ones are dirt cheap? I have a couple of toner cartridges that will probably do all the printing I need for the rest of my life...I see no reason to re-invent the wheel...however I got annoyed with having the pc near my printer down for various other projects and not having the printer available....so I dug up one of the ancient $20 laptop's I'd previously acquired...installed a fresh copy of bodhi 3.1.1 and very shortly had the printer up and running on the old laptop..making it a "wifi printer" while I was at it. This dedicated laptop will handle making the printer always available but only a distro like bodhi could make that laptop usable. The new Moksha desktop looks wonderful. I'm sure I'll probably find additional uses for it....I've already considered adding the scanner and a copy of gscan2pdf so I have a "photo copier". Thanks again!
  11. FameWolf

    Stripping down the 3.2.0 base release image

    I just wish to point out on the legacy build that the above defaults with eepdater and a file manager work better. The hardware may not support installing the full app package and in fact on a recent install to an ancient laptop I chose to install a handful of apps rather than bloat the install..especially given I was using a 20gb ssd.
  12. I installed the bodhi "seven" theme on a fresh install of Bodhi 3.1.1. Following the instructions on the theme page I sucessfully enabled the theme however the 2nd part of the instructions indicates for me to run "elementary_config" and select the theme there also..or at least that's how it read to me...did I just misread it because the "seven" theme is not listed in elementary_config.
  13. FameWolf

    Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 in the News

  14. You can also right click most anywhere on desktop and choose the "run everything" option and put the command you want in...it's the equivalent of "alt-f2" with some additional functionality. I personally use stjerm as a drop down quake style console available from anywhere by hotkey. I've created an .Xdefaults that has it basically mimicking yakuake.
  15. FameWolf

    Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 in the News

    http://lxer.com/module/newswire/ext_link.php?rid=214768 [ An About.com Review Of Bodhi Linux ]