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  1. Flymo

    Upgrading Bodhi 3.0.0 to E22?

    Hello Amerigena, Happy New Year to you too! This is not something I have tried - but back in the days of 3.x one of my (former) Bodhi n00bs in the posse went with E19 et seq, and reported (some 3 months ago) that he was still pretty happy with it. A n00b no longer, it seems! That was on a hand-optimised AMD APU-based low-budget Steam gaming box that was (for a while) the envy of his friends at school. Back when the APU was a new thing. If you like I'll ask him for an update? Don't worry about people frowning on things you want to try. Try them anyway! No big loss if it fails, but the grin when you win is priceless! Good luck with it - and let us know how it goes - all the best, Ben
  2. Flymo

    Bodhi ranking

    Bless you Jeff! May you and yours prosper mightily. Just had a look at those DistroWatch rankings which do seem to be even more anomalous today than they were the last time I looked. We are indeed at #40 in the list, but there are a goodly number of worthy distributions even further down - like Kubuntu at #49, the ever-useful Knoppix at #56, the perennially artistic Ubuntu Studio at #65, the backup-friendly Clonezilla at #70, Valve's SteamOS at #82, FreeNAS at #86, and bringing up the rear is Raspbian (with its many milliards of users) at #100! Raspbian teetering at the bottom of the top 100? That says everything. As you say Jeff, no meaning worth mentioning. I'd speculate that all those zillions of known RasPi users just don't visit DistroWatch much since their own raspbian.org and raspberrypi.org do such a good job . . . Aha . . . <lightbulb> Maybe that is why Bodhi is not getting that many clicks? The immaculate bodhilinux.com draws surfers away from DW? Seriously impressive web presence. So professional.
  3. Flymo

    Bodhi ranking

    Around Bodhi 1.1 launch (iirc) Bodhi did briefly hit the top of Distrowatch! I have the screenshot somewhere, but where? Yes, it is a click-thing. And an established stable Bodhi/Moksha is prob'ly not as exciting or clickworthy as shiny new Bodhi 1 was back in the day. Keep doing what you like to do, Jeff. We love it!
  4. Flymo

    Bodhi 4.3.1 Released

    Thanks for that, Sef. We bought a bargain price Win8.0 box when they announced Win10, just so as to have the experience of installing Win10. I must be a masochist. After a couple of days of downloads it eventually installed, rebooted, rebooted, rebooted and we then wrestled with all of the above to dual-boot Bodhi. <grumble> @ Jayan Tashi - You have our sympathies! Win10 was about as grim as we feared. Kept it on there for most of a year so we could watch it struggle to update itself and show it to the gullible who were planning to "upgrade" their Win boxen. Then we'd show them Bodhi, with a selection of demo user accounts to quickly showcase the configurable nature of Moksha. The box has been wiped and as a reward it now has a new SSD with nothing but Bodhi installed. Goes llike a hose! @ Sef Thanks for those useful pointers, will be taking a look at "Rufus"
  5. Flymo

    [L5d] Hello From france also

    Bienvenu! Welcome to Bodhi Linux - from Ben
  6. @The_waiter Nice work, Stefan, thanks to you and to Jeff for doing that. Feels much better than the old one, and does the job for me. Had to use : sudo apt-get install screenshot-moksha ... since the Appcenter page trips up on : W: The repository 'http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi xenial Release' is not signed. ... this is also triggered by: sudo apt-get update But hey, this is still an alpha release! Do like the screenshot! Ben
  7. First - thanks to Jeff and the team! Marvellous job. Alpha 2 (64) is now installed and running well on two different machines. One is a fairly new HP 455 laptop (AMD A10-7300 quad-core APU with integrated Radeon R6 graphics, 10 compute cores, upgraded to SSD), the other is a six-year-old Acer Aspire Revo (Intel Atom 330, dual core, dual thread, Nvidia ION graphics). So, about as different as we could arrange. The Revo is (I think) the original machine on which we first tested Bodhi Linux 1.0, and then installed it alongside Xubuntu LTS, back in the day. We bought so many of the Revos we got a quantity discount. Live testing and installations were done using CD and DVD - the latter runs faster on our hardware, the media were burned using K3B on the HP 455. We tried using the only spare USB stick in our bag, but the connector is a bit flaky, hence the optical media. The USB stick mostly booted to Live OK, but did not want to risk using it for installation. So the installations took longer than we are used to nowadays, especially on the snail-like Atom with its original spinning rust hard drive and external USB DVD/CD drive! But I'm using it now to write this, and Bodhi 4.0.0 64 Alpha 2 is just as nippy as the (updated) Bodhi 2 installation that happens to still be on the Revo. Starts up a bit faster and the desktop feels slicker - we've not done any benchmarking but it is clearly superior in our use case. Brilliant! Once up and running we ran eepdater - and it objected - we discovered on running "apt-get update" that : W: The repository 'http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi xenial Release' is not signed. ....so we then had to do this to get a successful upgrade : sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y --allow-unauthenticated Been downloading and installing assorted software via Synaptic and" apt-get install stuff" that seemingly Just Works. Great! The Appcenter is still (unsurprisingly, this is an Alpha release!) a bit patchy - themes seem to disappear after a suspiciously short download and the need to click on the "Refresh" button before it actually happens, but the "Chromium" Browser worked perfectly first time. The Revo with its puny Atom and spinning rust drive is still fully usable for our simple use case. It has yet to be tested doing musical instrument synthesis (using AMS etc) or CAD, and it still clogs up if I have 27 Amazon tabs open in Firefox - the page data eats up the available RAM on this small machine that shares video RAM with its Nvidia ION. The HP 455 on the other hand with its multiple cores, 8GB RAM and SSD eats up the interwebs (and everything else) with great aplomb, so we'll expect it to synthesise music without a glitch, and all that. Will try to keep you posted! PS Want to try this elegant new "Screenshot" being discussed by Jeff and The Waiter here
  8. Flymo

    Bodhi 4.0.0 Repositories now Live

    Hi folks! Bodhi 4.0.0 Alpha 2 64-bit runs very smoothly when installed (or live) on our bargain deal HP 455 laptop (AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6 APU, 10 compute cores, upgraded to SSD) with no obvious problems. Speedy? Oh yes ... Bodhi 4.0.0 Alpha 2 64-bit (Live USB or CD) also runs well on our ancient (unmodified) Acer Aspire Revo (Intel Atom 330 - Nvidia Ion), but the installer hung up and quibbled soon after reporting on the filesystem. I'm about to re-run that attempt now that our install media have been fully verified - same CD was used to install it successfully on this HP 455. On the Revo, Bodhi 4.0.0 Alpha 2 32-bit works well live from DVD or USB, but the installer hangs on the page with the option to download updates and/or install the proprietary stuff from Fraunhoefer etc. Tried all available options, with/without network etc, but not gone past that point, yet. Interesting. Will report in the appropriate place (or yell for help) when we know more. Might take a few days. Historical note: this is the original (bargain price, of course) puny Revo on which we first loaded Bodhi 1.0 alongside Xubuntu... Thanks so much, Jeff - and thanks to all who contribute to Bodhi. Ben
  9. Good thinking, Jeff... thank you! I feel as you do about the menu, and would appreciate your proposed screenshot dialog. The Everything Launcher is an excellent tool, when pre-configured as to size and content. The EL defaults put us off at first. Our newcomers get to like it more quickly if it opens up all the way by default, and most of them prefer the List option for everything. Me too. The standard Settings sub menu is helpful for our newcomers, they tell me. I still find it handy when sorting out Shelves, saves a couple of clicks each time, and it is often useful to be able to go : Menu -> Settings -> All -> <something> If it's easily (re)configurable then I'm good either way. Thanks for your continuing efforts! Looking forward to checking out 4.0.0 Alpha 2 when it downloads.... The Alpha was very good indeed on our hardware. All the best, Ben
  10. Flymo

    Bodhi Linux 3.2.0 Released

    Thank you Jeff! Either my eyes are failing or the MD5 file for the 64-bit Apppack is missing....? No biggie, I've grabbed the SHA256 file which will do fine. All the best to you from Australia! Ben
  11. Flymo

    Additional Moksha Modules

    Well done, Waiter! eepDater picked up your improved "Forecasts" today, and our desktop now rejoices in multiple weather forecasts. Cannot see any problems - the text is correctly placed, the slider selects different values for 'days', so we are happy bunnies and impressed by your skills and effort. Our best regards to your wife and our thanks, too. NB It is entirely normal for a minute (or two) to pass when awaiting new weather data after moving the slider. It always comes good for us. Thank you, one and all! Ben
  12. Flymo

    Additional Moksha Modules

    Thank you Waiter, very well done! I agree with Jeff, a slider for the days would be awesome indeed. Let us know how you get on, please? @ Jeff - the imgur link shows a similar view to my previous post, but with the text problem corrected and the pop-up displaying a 5-day forecast ! #impressed!
  13. Flymo

    Additional Moksha Modules

    Some text seems to be in an unexpected place - the legend "Partly Cloudy" is overlapping the 9C temperature for the next day. Think that the "Partly Cloudy" belongs higher up on the left - nearer the "15C" and "Bedford". Looks like we may have lost some pixels from the descenders in "Partly Cloudy", too. I've tried expanding and contracting the widget, but no significant change. Other locations tried have a similar problem. Otherwise, it works very well, thank you! Ben
  14. Flymo

    Additional Moksha Modules

    Thanks, folks! Have 'CPU Usage' (via Appcenter) on the desktop, it 'Just Worked' out-of-the-box - tried it in a shelf first, then moved it to Desktop where it works fine on current fully-updated Moksha 0.1.0 Used Synaptic to install 'Weather-Forecasts', put it in a shelf, configured it for the local town, and it works fine too. Weather itself has not improved much, but that's normal for here. Now for some others... [Edit] ...aaand here they are! (some of them) 'Penguins' is excellent. I usually avoid CPU-consuming bling, but they acquire extra charm when transparency is enabled, and they do not seem to impact the CPU enough to prevent normal day-to-day use, like typing this. This is on a puny AMD K325 with antique nVidia 9200M shared graphics driving a 32" TV screen - it's the the eMachines (Acer budget label) ER1401, in all its glory.... with a Bodhi sticker! *** There is a minor 'unexpected event' when setting Penguin transparency - something overflows when that value is greater than 99 - the box displays '...'. Widget still works fine though. 'Flame' `is also good. It's more configurable than when I last tried it, and surprisingly enjoyable. Makes me feel warmer! Works fine, too. Rain reminds me too much of the weather here ... but it works well too. Does burn 100% CPU at full downpour level, but response is still snappy enough, so it plays nice. I've moved 'Weather-Forecasts' to my desktop and found a minor unrexpected item. Will start a new post with a screen shot when I have one. Will try the new 'Screenshot-Advanced' and 'Engage' later on. Thanks again, all the best from Ben.
  15. Flymo

    nm-applet and virtual desktops

    That worked for me too... Been loading software and reconfiguring another AMD A10-7300 (HP 455 G2) laptop for a friend - it has Bodhi 3.0.0 32-bit for some reason, with Enlightenment 0.17.6 and all working well until I tried moving the Systray to another shelf whilst Synaptic was grinding away at the repositories. Yes, I probably should have been less impatient! I removed the KDE; added the dbus-launch, powered down, restarted, and all was good. I can't be certain whence this arose - but it's good to have nm-applet back on the desktop for him. Thank you! Ben