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  1. Fossiili

    Midori crash

    Hi! Using these commands: QupZilla is installed And it works with www.iltapulu.fi
  2. Fossiili

    Midori crash

    I have Bodhi 4 running in an over ten years old IBM NetVista. It works reasonable well. Except two problems: - AbiWord must be replaced by Libre Office Writer - sometimes Midori crash happens. Nearly always when the page www.iltapulu.fi is opened. Using Firefox that page produces no problems. Midori.log: Error Signal Information: midori was interrupted by a Segmentation Fault. Output Data: There was no output Error Logs: There was no error message I saved this PC from the "thrash can". So no problem there are some strange things with it
  3. Fossiili

    How do I get Flash working in my browser?

    I installed Chromium. Adobe Flash works in Midori and Firefox but not in Chromium. How to find pepper flash and pipelight ? In Bodhi AppCenter or "apt-get instal ...". I do not terrible need Chromium, but
  4. Fossiili

    How do I get Flash working in my browser?

    O.K., but it's only for 64 bit .deb (For Debian/Ubuntu)
  5. In the Wiki this question is answered by installing bodhi-online-media but unfortunately it do not work: ukki@NetVisvaa:~$ sudo apt-get install bodhi-online-media [sudo] password for ukki: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package bodhi-online-media ukki@NetVisvaa:~$ I do not like at all Adobe Flash But I need it to read my local newspaper http://ekaleva.kaleva.fi/kalevademo/11/
  6. Fossiili

    I can not do the first update ...

    Thank you, I should have understood that. noun, plural terminologies. 1. the system of terms belonging or peculiar to ascience, art, or specialized subject; nomenclature:the terminology of botany. 2.the science of terms, as in particular sciences orarts.
  7. I just downloaded and installed the 4.0 32b version. The small one, about 750 Kb. I can log in using the password I gave during the installation. I can start Midori and use it for ex. to write this topic. But when I start System Updater it does not recognize my password. Although the system accepted it recently when signing in Then I started to use the terminal and sudo apt-get update - but there is not any ... and for some strange reason I can not get Bodhi AppCenter to install xterm or any other terminal. Or do I not ques the right name I have an Bodhi 3 installation in an other computer about 100 km away and it works well. How to proceed?
  8. Fossiili

    I need a terminal ....

    Thank you, now I can live with Bodhi. Because "terminology" commonly means: The study of terms and their use., I did not try that application.
  9. Fossiili

    I need a terminal ....

    I installed Bodhi 3.1.0 from LINUX FORMAT' s DVD. Bodhi seems to work well, but I have not found any terminal in the installation. Then I used Synaptic Package Manager to install eterm. Now I see that the version 0.9.6-1 is installed. But Run Everything does not start eterm. How can I get some kind of terminal to my Bodhi installation. Am I already too old (81 years) for Bodhi Linux
  10. Fossiili

    Network Manager Issues - Master Thread

    Gentlemen, I have a very slow Internet here on an island on the Gulf of Finland. So I apologize not to have read through this discussion, only those on the page 3. And from them I only understood that some others also had the same problem as I while starting the Network Manager: . I understand that I have it already running, but let me explain my problem: Just now I have the Internet through my TW-3G Router but I sometimes have only my mobile Huawei E160 modem. How can I configure it to work? In other common linux's like Ubuntu it's only a snap but how to do it in Bodhi 1.1.0 ? Can I install a suitable tool: SOLVED: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=4460885#post4460885