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  1. find theme images

    thank you for the info! Will definitely read.
  2. find theme images

    Hi, I downloaded a couple of bodhi themes. I don't want to use the themes but would like to use the wallpaper of the themes. I looked in all the traditional places but could not find images. Greped the name of the theme and found only a file with .efg at the end, but no images. Is there a way to extract the wallpager image of a theme? I know this is trivial but I really like the wallpaper of bodhi-vice-versa. Very peaceful and I can use peaceful :-) thanks
  3. Issues w/terminology lxterminal browsers

    I have not listed all the issues that I have been experiencing. Like you I have started to suspect that the install might be bad. So, I am going to re-install. I really should give you detail about the issues in the future. I really like bodhi and want it to be successful. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  4. Hi, Using 64bit on Toshiba notebook. Here are a few things that I am having problems with: 1. shift+pageup does not work in terminology. I've tried alot of combinations but none work. 2. lxterminal will unexpectedly close while using it. This is annoying when in an ssh session. 3. Firefox and Chromium run really slow. It is fairly tedious to resize windows. 4. Profiles will change when selected but various things break. The notebook profile quit showing what apps were open on top bar. Desktop displays windows at full scale. Fancy will not display or add gadgets most of the time. 5. Downloaded icons themes from your site, but they will not display. The gui lxappearance seems to be buggy. Sometimes it shows themes that are added and sometimes not. Anyway, not expecting help here, just letting you know what issues I am having. I am happy you now have a 64bit release. Really the most annoying issue is the stability of the terminals. I have to use ssh alot, so terminals are important. Keep up the good work. Really like how you make it easy to install initial packages. thanks
  5. games crash on startup

    I didn't have tuxracer installed, so installed it. It runs just fine. No problems. any thoughts?
  6. games crash on startup

    the exact same thing happens whether its ./prboom from cli or prboom or from menu. here is output from dpkg -l prboom: dpkg -l prboom Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name Version Description +++-==============-==============-============================================ ii prboom 2:2.5.0+dfsg1- clone of the legendary first person shooter I appreciate your help, thanks for replying.
  7. games crash on startup

    I did all that before installing. I used synaptic package manager to install games. any other ideas? thanks for replying.
  8. games crash on startup

    I have a 64 bit notebook with integrated Intel graphics card. Prior to running Bodhi I was using ubuntu 10.04. I never had any problems with running Doom, prboom, and freedoom. When I launch any of those games the main menu comes up, and then I select 'Options' and app crashes. I've started them from the command line and the output is not that informative but I am enclosing it: ./prboom prboom v2.5.0 (http://prboom.sourceforge.net/) I_SetAffinityMask: manual affinity mask is 1 M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults. default file: /home/baboo/.prboom/prboom.cfg found /usr/share/games/doom/doom1.wad IWAD found: /usr/share/games/doom/doom1.wad PrBoom (built Nov 7 2009), playing: DOOM Shareware PrBoom is released under the GNU General Public license v2.0. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the file COPYING for details. V_Init: allocate screens. found /usr/share/games/doom/prboom.wad D_InitNetGame: Checking for network game. W_Init: Init WADfiles. adding /usr/share/games/doom/doom1.wad adding /usr/share/games/doom/prboom.wad W_InitCache M_Init: Init miscellaneous info. R_Init: Init DOOM refresh daemon - R_LoadTrigTables: Endianness...ok. R_InitData: Textures Flats Sprites R_Init: R_InitPlanes R_InitLightTables R_InitSkyMap R_InitTranslationsTables R_InitPatches P_Init: Init Playloop state. I_Init: Setting up machine state. I_InitSound: configured audio device with 1024 samples/slice I_InitSound: sound module ready S_Init: Setting up sound. S_Init: default sfx volume 8 HU_Init: Setting up heads up display. I_InitGraphics: 640x480 I_UpdateVideoMode: 640x480 (nofullscreen) V_InitMode: using 8 bit video mode I_SetRes: Using resolution 640x480 I_UpdateVideoMode: 0x60000000, SDL buffer, direct access ST_Init: Init status bar. ALSA lib pcm.c:7316:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred G_DoPlayDemo: playing demo with doom/doom2 v1.9 compatibility P_GetNodesVersion: using normal BSP nodes I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: signal 8 I_ShutdownMusic: removing /tmp/prboom-music-ets4pD I_ShutdownSound: If there is any other info you need please let me know. BTW: I am very impressed overall with Bodhi. I became frustrated with the bloat of Gnome and like how fast Enlightenment is. Thanks for creating this distrolet.