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  1. Oblio

    Hello everyone !

    Welcome to the forums and to Bodhi, Pman - glad you are enjoying it! Thank you for the kind words - see you around! Oblio
  2. Oblio

    Annoying spam posts

    Botnets. Grrrr....
  3. Oblio

    Yet More Sysadmin monkeying...

    Just make both forums active images and really mess with everyone 😉
  4. Can't live without 💩, that's for sure....
  5. Oblio

    Yet More Sysadmin monkeying...

    But I want to complain noooooow! 😫😜
  6. Oblio

    avahi-daemon High cpu Usage

    Hey spankmon, Sorry you didn't receive a reply over the weekend, but I'm glad things seem to be working again. Certainly chime back in if you run into any further oddities and we'll see what we can do. Thank you for the praise - we always appreciate kind words! Cheers!
  7. 💩🍗 Glad to see pewp-moji and chicken-drummy are working; how could we live without?!
  8. Hello chauhankiran, First, let me welcome you to the forums and Bodhi Linux. You will likely receive better assistance with your question if you open a new thread - this thread is several years old. Thank you and good luck!
  9. Oblio

    Member Map back from the dead...

    Is this something we could like/display on the Wiki? Sorry, just saw the map has its own tab. Look 'n good.
  10. Oblio

    Member Map back from the dead...

    Got nuked right off the map! Literally!
  11. Oblio

    More Sysadmin monkeying...

    Ha! True, true! I will say, that up until a few years ago, that flashing BIOS was the one reason I had a 3.5 floppy drive in my desk drawer...It's a little better since then but not a lot. Good times!
  12. Oblio

    More Sysadmin monkeying...

    ....and if it fails, your shiny mobo becomes a nice start for a modern art project or bookend. My current BIOS is outdated...and I'm thinking..., "Is it worth it?"...hmmm.