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  1. Hello JohnD, First and foremost, welcome to the forums! Thank you for promoting Bodhi! Please have a look at this link... https://www.bodhilinux.com/w/switching-keyboard-layouts/ ...near the bottom is information about keyboard layouts. There are a zillion keyboard layouts supported by Linux; I would be completely shocked if there wasn't a setting somewhere that could be integrated (unless the keyboard is a prototype or homemade...). Are you able to take a picture of the keyboard? Is it a Dvorak or some sort of ergonomic custom? Please let us know - thank you and cheers!
  2. How to disable screensaver only for Kodi?

    Interesting! That sort of reminds me of working with a Raspberry Pi...due to energy savings settings the screen will blank all the time and there isn't an easy way (or at least initially there wasn't) to get rid of it. The workaround the community used in that instance was installing xscreensaver and then setting it to no screen saver and no blanking. Is there anything in your BIOS that is setting power savings? I apologize, I'm sort of grasping at straws at this point. I know it's a manual solution, but have you thought about doing a key binding to blanking/screen saver? I manually lock my workstation at home and physically turn of my monitor every time I walk away from it...sort of a habit from work. This is even if I have the system set to do this automatically. Not a bad habit to have...but certainly not elegant. Not sure if this is helpful at all or not... https://www.bodhilinux.com/w/key-bindings-and-edge-bindings/
  3. The cake is a lie...

  4. How to install Moksha on Arch Linux and derivatives

    Hello _bc, Welcome to the forums and to Bodhi Linux! As a friendly tip, you may want to open a new thread for this as this post started a few years ago...you'll likely have better luck with assistance. Good luck, thank you and cheers!
  5. How to disable screensaver only for Kodi?

    Hey Centauri39, I it sounds like you have some power settings enabled - these would over-ride presentation mode. I don't use these settings, but I'm sure someone else one the forums will pipe up. I'm sorry I don't know about custom scripting to just enable presentation mode when Kodi is running/on battery/etc...I would suspect it can be accomplished however. Regarding your settings on battery vs. non...you may want to have a look in: Main Menu -> Settings -> Settings Panel -> Advanced -> Battery Meter -> Advanced Button. Again, I don't use a laptop/netbook (well, I sometimes do, but my batteries are 100 year old toast, so I'm always on AC mains) so I can offer little assistance. Sorry I cannot be more help. Hopefully someone more script savvy will help you out. Cheers.
  6. Forum Login Issue

    Hello Team, I just wanted to let you know that under "News" on our landing page (and our "Blog" page - I'm suspecting the two are linked...), it still states that the forum is experiencing login issues...I know we normally maintain the news section without removing entries... but we may want to remove that bit. Cheers!
  7. Linux on Lennox

    graywizardlinux, no more sitting Buddha? I was shocked when the forum went through changes and your profile pic did - it thought your account had been hi-jacked! So many changes at once I like it!
  8. How to disable screensaver only for Kodi?

    I'm not sure if you are asking about key bindings or just entering presentation mode... That said, presentation mode is persistent...once you activate it, it will stay activated until you de-activate it...it survives reboots, etc. Please let me know if that makes sense and/or helps.
  9. How to disable screensaver only for Kodi?

    Hello Centauri39, If I understand, you may be looking to enable presentation mode, which turns off screen blanking. Main menu ("start" button) -> Settings -> Modes -> check the box next to "Presentation". Alternatively, when the screen blanks, a dialog box should pop up offering to "enter presentation mode", "increase the amount of time before blanking", etc....you may also use that method. To manually adjust the amount of time... Main menu -> Settings -> Settings Panel -> Screen -> Blanking - from here adjust settings to your heart's desires! Good luck and cheers!
  10. Linux on Lennox

    Metal does tend to make everything all better.
  11. Server Maintenance Part Deux

  12. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    It's lookin' sharp! Nice work! Please note: girls are never truly impressed. Impossible goal.
  13. If I want to buy Products

    Paypal or money order would likely work.
  14. Enjoying the new forum look!

    1. vvkozmenko


      This morning I thought I visited a wrong web page. The forum looks very different but I like it so far even though I liked the old one too.

    2. Oblio


      It's taking me some getting used to but I think in the long run it will be much nicer!

    3. vvkozmenko


      I agree, and I like the green color.

      I feel like a grasshopper.

  15. Server Maintenance Part Deux

    New forum board (site?) is pretty snazzy! Nice work Tristam! Curious, instead of the blue color (which does look nice), will the forum/site be changing to our Bodhi green? You alluded that it may, I was just wondering how much effort it would be, if it is in the works, etc. This is already awesome - thank you, thank you, thank you!! Cheers!