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  1. Bodhi-linux best linux distro

    Bodhi has amazed me also. Solid and reliable. Has put wings on my 7 years old Toshiba! Jeff, I sent you a personal email the other day. Here it is again in public: Awesome job!
  2. Gnumeric

    Sorry it took me so long. Looks like it works like a charm. Thanks a million!
  3. Gnumeric

    I am guessing that is this more of a request than a repo "south turn". The latest version of gnumeric comes with a non linear solver - a VERY POWERFUL tool for problem solving and statistical analysis. Having worked with OO and LibreO nls-extension I can testify that it doesn't even comes close to that of gnumeric's. I am wondering if the software repository can be updated to include the latest version of gnumeric (1.10.5). Thanks, John